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Finally getting around to sharing Part 5 of our Baby Moon this evening! Have you ever heard of The Craters of The Moon National Preserve & Monument? Well to be honest, I never even knew there was such a place in Idaho, but Ty had done some research and decided we should stop at this […]

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The Dolly DeLong: Baby Moon Adventures with Ty (Part 5) (Craters of the Moon)

You all. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my husband? Because I totally do! For our Two year anniversary we planned a trip out to Denver, CO because he knows how much my heart craves/desires the mountains (I am NOT a Beach girl in any way, shape or form and just thinking about the […]

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The Dolly DeLong: Adventures in Colorado (2 year anniversary trip)

Something I would highly recommend: Goat Yoga with your Bestie! Something I would NOT highly recommend: going to Goat Yoga the day you move into your new house in Nashville! Something else I would recommend: doing ALL the things with your bestie even in the midst of the busiest and most stressful season of your […]

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TheDollyDeLong: Goat Yoga Adventures with my Bestie Lindsay!

Forgot to share our Savannah, GA adventure in June of 2017! Boy oh boy was it hot! But, Savannah has some amazing places to eat + beautiful places to see so I highly recommend it for a quick get-away trip!  

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TheDollyDeLong: Adventures in Savannah, GA

Ty planned the perfect honeymoon! My only requests for him were: please no beach resorts (b/c I’m not a beach-type of woman + I didn’t want to wear a swimsuit and feel awful about my donut-loving body), please no humid/hot climate destinations (because living in the south is killing me in the summers), and please […]

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Dolly DeLong: Our Honeymoon in Vancouver, B.C. + Victoria, B.C.

June 18th, 2016 was one of the happiest days of my life because I not only got to marry my love and best friend, Ty, but I also got to celebrate with all the most important people in my (and Ty’s) life! Being with the people I love the most on this earth was probably […]

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Dolly DeLong: My Wedding Day June 18th, 2016 (#DollyTysTheKnot)