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The frustration is real, and it's enough to make you procrastinate working on your website, social media, and marketing all together. 

Personal branding photography with Dolly DeLong Photo is for the small business owner who wants to attract their dream clients and show off their personality with fun, vibrant & joy-filled photos. No more boring, vanilla headshots. Your personal branding photos should represent your unique brand voice and communicate your message to your ideal clients. 

It's time to ditch the boring vanilla headshots. Let me help you elevate your brand with some strategic & MARKET-WORTHY  branding portraits.

The Nashville Branding Photography Experience

I help you create visuals which marry strategy and marketing together seamlessly to powerfully impact your business

But more importantly...

For me, photography is not a trend, I’m honestly at home with a camera in my hand. Working with small business owners is a joy because I have also experienced the ups and downs of owning a small business. Also, I want to help capture the message and voice behind your brand so that you attract the best clients! There are a lot of hobby photographers out there, but with ten years of experience and over 500 hours of professional training, you can rest at ease knowing the caliber of experience you will receive. 
Every part of what I do is intentional to ensure I can take the time to understand your vision and build trust. I believe your business is not your hobby or side hustle, and it needs to be treated professionally and it should have some strategic photos to reflect your business!


I'm Dolly.

Hi  business owner!

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You deserve to finally have strategic (& bold)
Brand photos that tell your unique brand story and showcase your business in its best light.

I want to "marry" both the visuals and the strategy of marketing for you!

Let me guess..you want to make a great first impression on social media & your website… but you don’t have professional images that show off your personality & skill. 

Your social media images typically consist of a selfie you snapped on your iPhone with a weird filter. Maybe you have an old headshot and a lot of filler stock photos on your website. I get it – I’ve been there! But your brand photos should communicate your values, voice, and skills to your dream clients. You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right? Without updated, professional brand photos, your pictures aren’t saying any of the words your dream clients want to hear. 

The problem isn't your business.
It's actually the lack of strategic photos that you could be using to market to your future client!






BLURRY IPHONE SELFIES in horrible light


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"I've had SUCH great results! After working with Dolly I designed and launched my website and released my paid products and services. Within 24 hours of my first release, a low-cost PDF, I made MORE than enough money to cover the cost of the branding photos! They paid for themselves in just one day! In just two weeks with my website up I've had over 1,500 page views and 450 opt-ins for my lead magnet. Without Dolly's photos, this would not have been possible! If you're thinking of legitimizing your business through branding photos, stop waiting and commit!" 

Kind words from past clients like you


"Find a brand photographer who can dig deep into your business, motivation & values...and then somehow communicate those things in beautiful images! Dolly amazed me with her ability to not only showcase my personality BUT my core values of my business. To top it all,  I became a 6-figure business owner once I started using my branding photos in a strategic & bold way (which Dolly teaches you in the planning process)!"

Kind words from past clients like you


This is the initial get-to-know-you process where you fill out my contact form, you'll receive an automated message from me with my scheduler so that you can book a 30-minute Zoom call with me (my branding photography packages are personalized for your business, thus that's why we hop on a call)!

Step 1: 


After your Zoom call is scheduled, we will have a 30-minute meeting together to discuss what your branding photography wants + needs are!
This is a perfect way for us to create a realistic and strategic package that will  benefit your marketing needs for your business!

Step 2: 


I will send over your personalized proposal based on our Zoom call and you will decide which package is the best fit for you and your small business! This process takes 5 minutes and is the FASTEST step because we have already discussed so much in your Zoom call! 

Step 3: 


Step 4 is the most fun (well outside of taking your photos of course) because this is the PLANNING process of strategically mapping out the storylines and marketing images for your branding photography session! This is why I am booked out 2-3 months in advance (*and I highly recommend you don't assume this step takes 1 day to plan-this is the strategic step)

Step 4: 


After your session, I will send over a quick sneak peek of your branding session to you! Then my post editing process normally takes around 6-8 weeks (depending on what package you selected in the initial proposal). 

Step 5: 


Within 6-8 weeks you will receive your images with a license to use them to market your business! This the fun part for you because you can now visually showcase HOW others can work with you and BOOK you! 
So are ya interested in a personal branding session? Contact me today!

Step 6: 

About my process

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My personal branding photography packages begin at $1250 (+tax) and they include a hair and makeup artist for your session! These are priced for ONE business owner, so if you were wanting to do a team, I would need to create a personal package based on your team's needs! But I mostly tend to work 1:1 with solo business owners! 

Note: I tend to only take 1 personal branding photography client per month, so please plan ahead! 
Note: I will not trade for services (please do not ask that)! 

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"Loved working with Dolly for my branding shoot! She helped to make me feel more comfortable in front of the camera and ensured that I got plenty of good options for my website updates! Her editing style definitely helped elevate my marketing presence in that I was looking for a film-vibe and I found that with her visuals! I am so happy I worked with Dolly!"

Kind words from past clients like you

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 I offer mini sessions too! (These are offered ONE time per quarter and are on a designated date). 

On a budget and you only need a quarterly fix of branding photos?

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Finally represent your brand in its best light.

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