Every part of what I do is intentional to ensure I can take the time to understand your vision and build trust. I believe your life does not happen on accident, and neither should your beautiful photos. Whether we are chronicling your family's story, photographing your intimate elopement, or capturing the message behind your brand, every click of my shutter is done so with anticipation and purpose. 
Childhood fades into memories and kids are consistently changing. Yet the magic of a photograph is the ability to relive that moment. I love spending time with each client, so when their session rolls around, I have a deep understanding of how to capture the inside jokes, the warmth of their handhold, the joy in their love for one another. Creating thoughtful heirlooms is a joy that I’m honored to help you curate. 

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My name is Dolly, and I am a fine art digital and film photographer who loves to capture the radiant moments of family milestones. Although I am based in Nashville, I also enjoy traveling near and far to capture your special day. I’m leaning into this wild and wonderful journey God has me on, and along the way, I would love to partner with you to capture life’s milestones both big and small.
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A Nashville based family photographer

Business Tools, Resources & Education

I’m a Nashville-based family, elopement, & branding photographer. In addition to my photography business, I’m also a business educator & encourager.

While wearing "ten thousand" hats for my photography business, I have discovered that I have a heart for serving the larger business community. 

I love sharing my knowledge of tools like social media marketing, email marketing, time management, and business systems with fellow business owners in an encouraging and supportive way.

Teaching lights me up and I’m so excited to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated while building a successful business over the years.

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