I am so excited you are visiting my website! I’m a wedding and family photographer based out of Nashville, TN. I was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana but grew up between Montana and India for the first 15 years of my life. I came to Nashville in 2007 to pursue a graduate degree in professional counseling, but along the way I ended up learning (and falling in love with) photography. Over a decade later, I now pursue this passion full-time by helping brides, grooms, families, and friends remember life’s most meaningful moments.

My goal is to capture the real, raw, and joyful emotions of your big day, and to preserve the sweet milestones of your family for generations to come. You will receive high quality photos in a bright, fun, and energetic style.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me hanging out with my little growing family. I am a wife to a super cute nerd and a mom to my sweet baby boy (and my fur baby, Bella). I just adore my little family! For fun I love working out, hiking, reading, dorky humor, napping, and of course, eating lots of donuts. Speaking of donuts, are you interested in taking this quiz to find out what type of donut you are? 

Hi, I'm Dolly! 

I cannot wait to chat with you about your wedding day or family portraits! If you live in Middle TN, let's grab a cup of coffee (and a donut) and discuss your vision. Please fill out the Contact Me form below so we can start talking (and if you are from out of town, let's set up a day to FaceTime so we can discuss your Big Day!) 

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I am from Big Sky Country

 I grew up in Bozeman, Montana (aka Big Sky Country). I had an adventurous upbringing and because of that I love hiking, exploring, and being outdoors. My love for Montana is deep, and that is why I offer destination wedding packages to Montana because it is a picture-perfect place to get married. 

I am married to my best friend

I am married to the love of my life, Ty, and I love referring to him as my sweet husband bear. We have one of the best how-we-met stories (which I love making Ty share since he is concise and to the point-because I can be a bit...wordy!) 
Also, I cannot wait to have my son get to know Ty (his father) and be just like him! 

I Have been bringing the cheer since 1984

In college, (aka the early 2000s), my sorority voted me as a  "Sunshine Girl" because one of my favorite activities in life is to smile and encourage others (and when I went to college, other people picked up on that highly energetic trait and the vote stuck). I was highly honored, of course, and I always want to live to a standard of being kind & joyful towards other people. 

I am an introvert

I am an introverted-extrovert. I love people BUT I also love being quiet and having lots of alone time to recharge. I especially enjoy lots of quiet time so that I can work more on my photography business either from a local coffee shop OR from my home. A lot of my days are spent emailing clients, booking weddings or family photography events, and building my little business. Now that I have a son, I am learning the magic of time management so that I can spend quality time with him!

I want to honor God with my family

One of my biggest goals in life is to shepherd my son well and to show him the love of God on a daily basis. I am a firm believer that my son is on loan from God (a blessing) so I want to make sure to treat him as a blessing and a gift everyday.
My husband and I are so thrilled we get to be his parents, and we are loving getting to watch him grow and develop into such a cool little human! 

Give Me All the Sugar

I have a major sweet tooth (I am surprised my teeth haven’t rotted and fallen out of my mouth yet). If I could, I would live off of donuts, cookies, and pie. That is why I have created this “What type of Donut are you quiz” so that you too, can start loving donuts, or just think more about donuts like I do.

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