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In today’s blog post I am featuring Mallory Whitmore and her personal branding session for The Formula Mom! The Formula Mom’s Mission is to help empower other moms not to have guilt about feeding formula to their little ones. Scroll below to read about her personal branding session with Dolly DeLong Photography and read how her business was impacted with branding photos!

What was your experience like while working with Dolly DeLong Photography?

Dolly is the ultimate professional! This was my first time doing branding photos and at first, I felt a bit awkward– I haven’t had photos of myself done like this since my senior year of high school! Dolly’s professional and personable demeanor really helped me feel comfortable and natural throughout our shoot. She is able to hit just the right mix of offering direction while allowing the shoot to evolve in a way that feels natural and authentic.

What struggles did you experience in your business before working together?

Before working with Dolly I struggled with how to present myself as both a mom and a professional. I want my ideal customer to know that I’m both, and I certainly had the mom-content handled before working with Dolly, but I needed something to elevate my brand and show that my business is legitimate. These branding photos did just that!

What goals did you have for your business before working together?

I wanted my photos to reflect the “tone” of my business, which is light, supportive, and stress-free. I waited to create a website until after our branding session (previously directing people to a landing page with stock photos) because I really wanted to get the website “right” in terms of creating a visual for the brand that reflected my voice and my mission. I wanted people to see my website, and Dolly’s photos, and breathe a sigh of relief, like “yes, this is what I’ve been looking for.”

What results did you receive after working with me? I would love to hear your results, the goals you met, and how your business grew.

I’ve had SUCH great results! After working with Dolly I designed and launched my website and released my paid products and services. Within 24 hours of my first release, a low-cost PDF, I made MORE than enough money to cover the cost of the branding photos! They paid for themselves in just one day! In just two weeks with my website up I’ve had over 1,500 page views and 450 opt-ins for my lead magnet. Without Dolly’s photos, this would not have been possible! If you’re thinking of legitimizing your business through branding photos, stop waiting, and commit!

In Summary

If you would like to take a deeper look at Mallory’s business please check out her information here: Mallory is an educator, mom of two, and certified infant feeding technician. As The Formula Mom, Mallory empowers parents with the tools they need for successful and stress-free formula feeding– without guilt or shame. You can find her online at or on social media @theformulamom.

Thank you so much Mallory for investing in some branding photos with Dolly DeLong Photography! I am so excited that you have already had such positive results in less than 1 month! WHOA! Still blown away!

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