117: The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle: The Launch Edition Is Now LIVE!

Why Launching Is Important

It’s officially the launch of The Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle: The Launch Edition! Check out this off-the-cuff episode where I discuss the online business landscape and what you need to consider when you are planning your next (or first) launch in 2024. Launching is so much more than selling, it is learning how to truly promote yourself and market yourself in strategic and fun ways! 

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(Solo episode) Dolly DeLong: Hey everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast. I am your Systems and Workflow BFF and Guide, Dolly DeLong, and I have some really exciting news I want to share with you. It is officially bundle launch week, meaning the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle, the launch edition is out! Isn’t that so exciting?

I feel like I’ve been talking about this for a very long time. Specifically, I started hinting very heavily about this bundle in episode 105, featuring Emily Conley. And ever since episode 105, I have just been introducing the different contributors of this bundle and just different. puzzle pieces you might want to consider when you are planning out your first or your next launch, especially for 2024.

Since we are in 2024, I want you to be and feel better equipped. So in full transparency, All right, I haven’t outlined this episode because I wanted to do a very raw and off-the-cuff episode because I feel like I’ve been so planned and meticulous this entire time leading up to this week, I just wanted to go back to the basics of why I am placing Bye!

So much importance on launching in 2024. Like really, honestly, it’s not that I am placing importance on myself for launching in 2024. I want to help you, the listener to see the importance of launching this topic. And there are so many reasons why, but. The first reason why I’m placing so much importance on launching, especially as you are looking ahead this year, is because the online space is changing drastically. I mean, we all know this, it’s constantly changing. I feel like everything’s moving at, The speed of sound, or like light, lightning speed, whatever the phrase is, things are changing a lot.

what has worked in the past is not working anymore, which might be a great thing, might be a good thing, or might be a very daunting thing. And with, in terms of launching, I want to encourage listeners to reshape The way you think about launching, you might think about launching, from a perspective of, I don’t have a team of 20 people working for me, therefore I can’t launch or I.

Launching is so complicated. There are so many moving puzzle pieces. It’s just me. I don’t know how to launch or I don’t want to learn how to launch or it is too overwhelming to launch. I just got to get by today. And so I want you to reframe launching and think of it as promoting yourself because If you’re in a business, which if you’re listening to this podcast, you most likely have some sort of small business, either you are running your business full time or you are taking the steps you want to take to run your business full time.

One of the things about running your business is promoting yourself, marketing yourself, really letting people know, and showcasing your expertise. And you do that again, honestly, You market yourself and you have to have periods of promotions of your services, of your products, of your group program, whatever you sell.

Like, you, you have to let people know what you sell. And that’s how I look at launching. I look at launching as promoting myself in different ways throughout the year. Now, I’m not going full head-on, or what’s the term? I’m not going full-on, hardcore launching every single day of the year. That would be draining.

I don’t have that type of energy. And I applaud, I admire people who do. that’s cool for them, but for me, I Work in phases. I have to have some slower seasons. I, for my personality, I, but I still, in the slower seasons, I need to promote myself, and in the very busy seasons, I’m still promoting myself, and in the seasons where I have, I feel like I have more energy, I’m promoting myself, and so I am learning, or have learned, through the years of being a service provider and an online educator, that my year or Every month looks very different, of course, but I’ve been able to gauge like when my busiest times of the year are and I’ve been able to gauge, okay, how can I implement promoting promotional phases into my marketing and try to sell out certain services or sell products and just reframe the way I look at launching.

And that has been very transformational for me. And that’s one of the reasons why I have been really like heavily talking about launching for the past several months because I want to help make a positive impact for a lot of small business owners who feel like they’re alone not just on the online space, but who may feel alone in operating their own business.

they’re discouraged. Like, how do I even promote myself? How do I market myself? I want people to know what I do. Yet, I don’t know how to tell people what I do. I don’t know when to tell people how I do things. And just, it’s just like a never-ending cycle. I’m always rooting for the small business owner daily because I’m a small business owner and I am wearing all the hats and I understand that can be lonely.

And so I want to be as encouraging as possible to you, the listener. I want you to know that you can. Take baby steps. I know I say this every week, but you can take baby steps in your business to apply systems workflows and SOPs to better impact the way you run the back end of your business. And this also means you can take baby steps to apply to launch.

to the back end of your business because it will directly impact the way you promote yourself and sell your services how you look at how you are marketing yourself and when you’re marketing yourself and how you’re applying this to the promotional periods of your business. So again, this bundle was created for the small business owner, who again, might be running the show on their own and they need to learn how to apply the methods of launching to their business so that it could impact the way they promote themselves, the way they show up in marketing, the way.

The message themselves, their services, and their products. This also is for the small business owner who maybe you may have a successful product or a group program already. It’s you, it’s been tested and you know that you’re really good at something very specific, but you just.

understand how to continue to prime your audience to get your audience ready to buy again and again because it’s multiple times a year you offer this or you want to open the doors to it multiple times of the year and you’re like, how do I wrap my head around this? And this is for both types of business owners.

the brand new business owner who wants help with learning how to market themselves, and how to incorporate launches into their business, and then also for that business owner who may be in the messy middle of growing their business. They have proven services and proven digital products, and they want to relearn how to re-promote this over and over again.

as a launching period. I also want to showcase that launching is not a one-size-fits-all roadmap. I know that in this online space, there are a lot of people and sometimes you, people look shiny and they look like they have all the answers and I’m telling you, it’s, sometimes it can be hard to know who to trust, who not to trust, who’s actually gone before you, or who is just, making it up as they go, and they’re just presenting it in a very big, shiny bow.

It’s really hard to know, okay, what’s legit, what’s not legit? And, I wanted to create a resource full. of experts, business owners, who have gone for you and are experts in very specific parts of the launch. they might not necessarily say, I’m an expert in launching, but they’re an expert in, like for example, copywriting because copywriting does impact a certain aspect of launching.

Or there might be an expert in metrics, measuring data, and that impacts And so I purposefully reached out to these 28 different contributors because I knew and I know that there are so many different puzzle pieces of launching and that I literally cannot do it all. As much, as I always say this to people, I wish I could do it all.

I wish I could just be a know-it and share all the things and do all the things on my own, but I can’t. And, so I have been very fortunate to have teamed up with these 28 other business owners who are experts in their field. And they have graciously given such amazing resources to this bundle that really And I’m going to show you how to apply it to your own unique business.

Again, I shared this earlier, launching is not a one-size-fits-all roadmap. when you dig into this bundle, you’re going to see So, I’m going to be talking about how to see certain things, certain puzzle pieces that are going to stick out to you and you’re like, Oh, I need to focus on, for example, measuring out my data, learning the importance of measuring my data before a launch, during a launch and after a launch, or I need to dig into, to Learning how to sell through stories, like how to create messaging that connects with my audience at different phases of their client journey with me.

And so these again, many different puzzle pieces and I’m so in one puzzle piece might impact your business versus somebody else may be digging into this bundle, and they are impacted by another resource that is in this bundle. And so again, I never want to present This resources bundle, because this is my fourth time leading the systems and workflow magic bundle.

And I never want it to be like, oh, this is your one-size-all-all road map. This will solve all of your problems. I don’t believe it’s gonna solve all your problems. But what I do believe is that it is a very powerful resource. At a very low price. What I do know is that this bundle Is going to help you uncomplicate your next launch with the power of systems and workflows, like showcasing different puzzle pieces of how you can take the steps you need to be more confident to launch for the first time or launch for the 10th time and be more like confident in these steps.

And I’m excited about the fact that These are experts from so many different walks of life, from so many different seasons of life. We have business owners who are starting at years 5 to 6, they are seasoned. They’re going to years 5 then we have business owners who Have been in this game for well over two decades.

And so we are coming at this from so many different walks of life. And I’m just like, so excited to help build more connections using this bundle and helping you, the user of this bundle be connected with the contributors, because that’s one of my, one of my goals. Every time I lead the systems and workflow magic bundle is not only to create a really good systems and workflow-related resource that will impact the back end of your business, but to create a resource that you are connected with the business owner.

And that way you have someone new to learn from to impact your business from here on out. I love building those connection points. And I’m excited for you all to dive into this bundle.

Again, why now? Why February of 2024, if you are listening to this live? It’s, I shared this a little bit earlier, but I’ll share it again. The online space is constantly changing. it takes a lot to get a person’s attention. That’s partly the reason why I started promoting this early on in November. Huh?

I could have started promoting it technically in January, but I wanted to get more people’s attention in November, because, again, we live in a very fast-paced online space, and people need to be reminded over and over about what you do, who you serve, how you can help them, how you can get them from point A to point B, and You will need to learn how to incorporate these lessons, into your own promotional, marketing, and launching plans.

And learn how to incorporate it in a very fast-paced environment. Yes, you might, decide to launch A specific program, a digital course, a group program, or a service, but this is a very different space than ever, what we had last year. Things are changing. People need more reminders than ever before.

People will continue to need more reminders. And instead of just throwing in the towel, why not up your game? Learn from 29 different experts who can help teach you different facets of these launch puzzle pieces.

So starting today, as on February 5th of 2024, when this episode goes live, you will have the opportunity to get this bundle for 97 from February 5th through February 10th, and then after February 10th through June 1st, the price will go up, but you get 3, 700 of resources, These resources are all designed to help you understand like a different facet of launching, of promoting yourself, of promoting your business, of learning how to market yourself.

This all goes hand in hand with launching so you get it this week. If you’re listening to this live, you get it for 97. Now, let’s say you’re listening to this after February the 10th, and you’re interested In learning how to apply launching to your marketing calendar and you want to learn how to promote yourself, promote your services, and promote your digital products.

You just want to learn how to launch well for your business. You can still get everything for one 97. So even though the price does go up, you still get over 3, 700 resources for an insanely low I want to remind everyone, that this is a very limited-time offer because it will go away starting June 1st of 2024 and I want to remind everyone that everything in this bundle is paid products like you would have to pay to receive these products from these contributors. And the fact that it’s at such a low price for such a limited amount of time still blows my mind. I am blown away as a host of the bundle because These contributors a way like entrusting me with their time and resources and they are allowing me to share this with you I feel honored and I’m excited for you to dive into these resources.

I’ve been diving into them since like ever since I started putting together the bundle and getting these resources in from the contributors. I’ve even been DMing them and saying, Hey, you need a raise. Your prices for these products in your shop. I’m just saying that these are really good Amazing great resources again.

You will get it for an all-time low offer

You’re probably wondering okay, like how do I access it? Where do I get it? All you have to do is head on over to the show notes I made sure to make it very clear how to purchase The systems and workflow magic bundle the launch edition. Now, I will say everything is hosted in Kajabi, so once you purchase you will need to create a username and password in Kajabi and then you will have access to everything meaning you will be given time until August the first to access all the resources because again there is a limited time coupon to use again I’m not going to share the coupon right now you have to purchase the bundle and then once you purchase the bundle You will be given special access codes here, special access codes to every single resource within the bundle, but you have to take action until August the 1st to get everything and then I would say, just start consuming Thank you for This launch bundle as soon as possible so that you can apply it to quarter two, to quarter three, to quarter four, you can start applying it immediately to this year and see results because you’re taking action.

The last thing I would want you to do is to purchase this bundle and then just forget about it or see something else that’s shiny and just. go after that. Buy it. Forget about it. I want you to know it’s time to make your ideal launch happen. I want action. I want you to take serious action.

And so once you receive the product, I want you to go through and start organizing everything you want to learn and consume. This quarter then start making a plan of action for how you’re going to apply it to your business So don’t just buy it and then forget about it because then you’re gonna miss You know the deadline of actually accessing everything within this bundle.

So please If you decide, Hey, after this episode, I’m going to purchase this. I am just asking you business owner To take action and start applying it to your business if you need to I would say Carve out at least one day a week This year after purchasing the bundle to start applying Those action steps to the back end of your business because remember things take time to apply to the back end of your business.

You can’t just purchase something and then expect everything to happen magically over time. You all know I don’t sugarcoat things. You all know I am all about taking action, taking baby steps, and carving out the time to make, progress happen. So, Again, let me stress to you, the last thing I would want for this year, for 2024 for you to experience is like staring at your blinking cursor, staring at your computer, not knowing how to map out and how to plan out your launch launch. Launch. Or how to map out and plan out how to repromote your services and your digital products again.

because you feel stuck not knowing what to write, not knowing the tech behind launching, not knowing how to look at a marketing calendar, not knowing how to understand data points. You feel chaotic. You are filled with frustration and also you are filled with self-doubt and dread. You don’t understand how to promote yourself because something might, I don’t know what is holding you back.

I want you to finally take the steps you need to take action to implement a launch plan in your business. So this year, 2024, I don’t want you to have any more feelings of dread when it comes to Where to begin when it comes to launching, I want you to understand the value of having a well-thought-out launch plan, regardless of you’re selling to a list of 10, regardless if you’re selling to a list of 500 or 50, 000, I want you.

To take the action steps to be more intentional for the back end of your business. When it comes to launching, mapping out a launch plan, mapping out a promotional plan, even if it’s not for the full year. Okay. You don’t have to be intense, at least be intentional for the next 90 days. Like how are you going to promote?

Your services, your digital products, your group program, or even yourself for the next 90 days so that you can be at the top of people’s minds as they make their buying decisions. Because you have to meet people at different phases of the client journey. you need to take those action steps, especially if you’re running a business.

All right, So as we wrap up this very unscripted and very raw and real episode, I just, I don’t want you to leave with the feeling that I’m telling you that if I did it, so can you, I’m not trying to leave that message for you. The message I’m trying to leave with you is this, is I want you to just start.

Even if you don’t. Take the next step in purchasing the bundle No that is not The point is I want you to just start taking baby steps to plan out your next launch and stop dragging your feet Because the ball is in your court to run your business, especially if you are a solo business owner like you need to promote yourself.

You need to learn how to market yourself promote yourself sell your services and weave it through your content and weave it like. During different seasons of the year at varying client journey points. And again, I’m not trying to say this to overwhelm you. this is the reality of running a business.

You don’t have a team member that’s doing this for you. You’re doing it for yourself. And so again, like I’m not saying again, this is a one-size-fits-all thing. Like you just. Just follow point A, point B, and point C. It’ll be a successful launch for you. No, all I’m saying is, I just want you to take the first step after listening to this.

Regardless if you purchase the bundle or not, your first step is to start remapping in your mind, rewiring your mind, like how you look at promoting yourself and promoting your services, promoting your products. It’s Look at it as marketing yourself. Look at it as showcasing how you can help.

Your ideal clients be transformed in some way through X, Y, ZThat’s’s the first step I want to encourage you to take. All right. I want you to know that you are in your small business for a reason. You started this business for a reason you’re good and talented at something amazing.

And I heard this quote the other day, and I want to remind you of this. Because the world needs what you have. And I believe that. I believe that. I believe that not all of us are gifted with the same gifts, with the same abilities, with the same capabilities. Like everybody’s uniquely gifted and talented.

And it’s just like really up to you to take those steps to figure out what the gifts that you have are. Like hopefully you understand the gifts you have. And now It’s time to, take those gifts and showcase them, to bring in the right people to serve and to help transform their lives.


I want you to just start, alright? Just start. And if you decide I’m going to start with purchasing this bundle. Then remember you have until technically June the 1st to get the bundle. But if you want the bundle for that, that first all-time low price of 97, take action you have until February 10th.

of 2024, to get access to it. Otherwise, it will go up to 197, which I still think it’s a great deal because you’re getting over 3, 700 of launching resources until, again, June the 1st. So, if you have any questions about the bundle, feel free to DM me on Instagram at dolliedelongeducation. Also, if you follow any of these contributors who are a part of the bundle, feel free to DM them and ask them about the bundle.

And if you want to, I would encourage you to check out systemsandworkflowmagic. com. There is a section on. On that website, I’ll link it in the show notes, where you can meet all the contributors, and the contributors have gone the extra mile, and they have gifted, a free resource on the Meet the Contributors page.

So if you just want to meet the contributors and see what they’re contributing, What they’re experts in, what makes them amazing, and then also, sign up for their gift. Even if you don’t get the bundle, sign up for the gift and get to know them. Alright? And build a new connection for yourself.

Alright, so I will talk to you all next week. I still have one more It’s a launching-related episode to share with you. It’s next week and I’m excited about the guest who is coming on. She has launched hundreds. I’m not even joking. this is not me being sarcastic. She has launched hundreds of times.

And so she. Is going to bring a different level of expertise that I certainly cannot bring because she has been at this game for a very long time. So I’m excited to have her on the show next week. So stick around for that. until then you have a streamlined and magical week. You amazing muggle. I look forward to hearing from you either in my DMs, or I just look forward to showcasing a new episode with you next week. Bye.

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