How To Use Your Podcast Strategically During A Pre-Launch Phase

How To Use Your Podcast Strategically During A Pre-Launch Phase

Launching anything within your own small business is a monumental task, and leveraging every available tool is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll explore the strategic use of podcasts during the pre-launch stage, drawing insights from a past YouTube video from Dolly DeLong Education. Learn how to make your podcast a powerful asset that not only builds anticipation but also establishes your brand before your cart even opens during a pre-launch period promotion.

Tip #1 A Pre pre-launch period does matter

Before diving into the podcast strategy, let’s understand the significance of the pre-launch phase. It’s the time to build anticipation, create a buzz, and position your business (your brand authority) strategically in the minds of your audience. A podcast can be a key player in achieving these objectives. Why? Well because your podcast audience is some of the warmest leads you will have.

These are your true fans who are listening to you every single week and are choosing to subscribe to your podcast. What you educate on matters to your listeners, and they want to learn from you. So when mapping out a pre-launch calendar that promotes your new (or updated) membership, service, or digital product, please keep your warmest leads in mind and see how you can create content that serves your audience AND naturally leads them on a journey in building up a lot of anticipation to want to pull out their wallets to purchase from you!

Tip #2 Create compelling content that is in alignment with your podcast 

Don’t forget this very crucial point: your podcast listeners are most likely choosing to subscribe (or follow) your podcast because you are delivering content that they want to learn or be entertained by every week.  So make sure to start aligning your podcast’s pre-launch content with your brand message (most likely you started this podcast to serve a very specific listener group, so don’t forget to serve your main audience)!  In other words, don’t go off the rails and create random content that is just promoting and selling your products or services without weaving the main themes of your podcast. Yes, during your launching periods, your content should be intentional in introducing your upcoming products, services, or brand ethos. But you should create a narrative in these episodes that resonates with your target audience and leaves them eagerly awaiting more.

Believe me, when you show up to SERVE through your podcast, your true fans (your true listeners) will appreciate that so much and they will not be bothered by the fact that you have something to sell.

⭐️An example I used in the YouTube video was this: if you want to re-launch a group program, why not have past students who have been a part of your program as guests on your show for 4-5 episodes (for example) and in each episode, your interviews can highlight not only what the program is, but how the program transformed their lives/businesses/etc.

Invite industry experts for interviews or share your expertise. Positioning yourself or your brand as an authority in your field enhances trust. As your audience trusts your insights, they become more receptive to your upcoming offerings. I do this within my podcast during any launch periods that involve collaborations. I know that I cannot be an expert in ALL THE THINGS (I mean, I wish I could be, but as a human, I will humbly admit I am not an all-knowing expert). So that is why I invite actual experts in specific fields to speak about topics that I know my audience would appreciate AND topics that would naturally go hand in hand with my pre-launch content.

Tip #3 Direct your listeners to your launch with strategic calls to action to grow your email list

You may think you are being 100% clear about your content in your podcast, but sometimes your listeners need those extra CTAs to be more aware of your upcoming launch. These CTAs can be in the form of:

  • a reminder to join your email list to be notified of announcements in your community
  • a reminder via an AD in the middle of the podcast about your new offer and how listeners can access this new offer
  • a reminder to download any freebies that are in alignment with the new offers

Again, strategically placing calls to action in your podcast episodes directs listeners to sign up for newsletters, follow your social media accounts, or visit a landing page dedicated to the upcoming launch. This ensures that your podcast serves as a conversion tool, not just a form of entertainment (yes, you want to entertain, yes you want to educate, but you also want to convert your listeners to get on your email list!)

Tip #4 Remember consistency is key with podcasting 

Stick to a regular release schedule when creating podcast episodes. This not only keeps your listeners and audience engaged, but it also establishes a routine of listenership and it shows you as an authority in their mind on a specific topic.

Now I am not going to sugarcoat this point, but I will say that staying consistent is like repping a muscle. You cannot expect this to magically happen overnight. You must put in the hard work of being dedicated to this audio form of content creation.

Will it take time? Yes.

Is it worth it? Yes (but only if you see that this is in alignment with your business).

Remember, don’t get stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation, and don’t create content just to create content. You should be creating content with the sole purpose of leading people closer to your business (closer to working with you!) But again, this all takes time!

A Free Resource For Podcast Hosts

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Establishing Authority for Long-Term Success

Consistent Content Marketing: The Authority Builder

As you approach the official launch, your podcast becomes a powerful tool that has primed your audience for what’s to come. The strategic use of podcasts during the pre-launch stage not only builds anticipation but also establishes a connection with your audience. Start crafting compelling content, building authority, leveraging CTAs, optimizing for discoverability, and maintaining consistency. Your podcast isn’t just a medium for communication; it’s a strategic asset paving the way for a successful launch. You’ve got this, my friend! I know you can develop a system and a workflow that WORKS for you and your podcast!

I truly want you to remember that developing authority through your long-form content is not just a pre-launch necessity but a long-term strategy. Consistency and purpose in content marketing are key. I want you to become the go-to source in your industry, ensuring sustained success beyond the initial launch phase. But, this takes time. This takes patience. This takes a lot of reps. Remember to show up when no one else is showing up. Consistency will pay off, but again, it takes time.

I believe in the long game and looking ahead as a business owner. So if you want to continue to fine-tune your launches year after year, continue to fine-tune the way you show up with your content marketing because it will have a ripple effect during your launching periods.

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