The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast is a podcast for creative business owners who are ready to understand how to find the magic in systems, workflows and automation in order to streamline their own business. 

It's a combination of both solo episodes + interviews which comes out every Monday morning which helps you kick start your week with systems strategy & encouragement!

I’m Dolly, Podcast Host and your new Systems + Workflow BFF

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"Dolly knows A LOT about systems, automations, and workflows-and she shares her knowledge in a super fun, engaging way! She asks smart questions, helps her guests explain the way they use systems in their own. niche or industry, and makes sure you walk away from every episode with an action to implement. Each episode feels like a chat with your biz bestie"
— Emily Writes Well

"Dolly is insightful and does a fantastic job of helping me understand everything! I love her variety of guests who bring their genius to the show. Thanks, Dolly, for making a great podcast that allows me to propel my business forward."
-Baker Extraordinaire II

"When we talk about systems, there can be a lot of unknown and overwhelm surrounding them, and it’s often easier to put off creating our own because of it. But Dolly makes understanding and implementing your own so simple that it’s a no brainer! If you want to create processes that will allow your business to work for you, this podcast is a can’t miss!"
-Amanda Warfield

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