It's no secret that I love systems and if you are visiting my website you will see that I can help you create streamlined systems for Dubsado, Digital Funnels, Your Financial Business Goals & so much more! Scroll down to shop!

Because even Creative Business Owners can find the Magic in Systems!

there is a system for that!


10 bite-sized lessons designed with the creative business owner in mind who needs help with the backend puzzle pieces of their opt-in, offer or bundle (but they cannot hire out an integrator quite yet). This course comes with a private podcast training as well!


Templates & courses to help you automate + create systems for the backend of your creative business!

An easy-to-use template that will help you take control of your finances because you will have clarity and confidence in knowing where your money is going!
Develop a system and workflow that works FOR your finances (and one that isn't confusing)!

The bookkeeping template for creatives


The Systems & Workflow Magic Shop


If you are a family (or portrait) photographer who wants an actual step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your minis using Dubsado, this was created with you in mind! This is the exact framework and rinse & repeat system I use for my own family photography business! And I'm sharing the playbook (and bonuses) with you!

The Dubsado mini session roadmap

Dubsado products designed to help you automate + create systems for your family photography business!

Automate & streamline your family photography business to save time, serve your clients better, and let your business work for you. Designed to help you learn the foundations of Dubsado in 1 week using the same framework I teach to my 1:1 VIP clients!


The Dubsado
One-click Proposal Template

If you are a family (or portrait) photographer who uses Dubsado and you want an easy-to-follow proposal template that is customizable to fit your branding, check out this one-click proposal template which will help streamline more parts of your business!


Need more diy options for y our Dubsado journey?

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Coming soon: the Dolly DeLong Education Mastermind. A 4 month mastermind where I will walk you through how to strategically grow your email list with the systems and workflows of a BUNDLE. I have over two years of experience with list growth because of Bundle strategies, and I am so excited to be your guide in this high-touch program that can boost your email list by 100s within days. 

coming soon: the dolly delong mastermind

Are you a creative business owner who needs help setting up Dubsado for your business? This VIP experience is
2 weeks in length and I guide you to set up your Dubsado account, set up 2 workflows AND you get three bonuses!
By the end of this experience you will not only have 2 streamlined workflows,  but you will have more confidence in using Dubsado. 

vip dubsado experience with dolly delong

A 1:1 Funnel Strategy Session Where I will guide you through funnel optimization of your offers and how to strategize your current offerings with a very simple Evergreen funnel. 
This is best for the creative business owner who has at least 1-2 services or products and you are ready to put it in "funnel form" to work FOR you!

Vip funnel session day with dolly delong

Would you rather have 1-on-1 systems time with me? I’m available for:

The frustration is real, and it's enough to make you procrastinate working on your actual business because (let me guess) you may not have started your business to become a systems and workflow started your business because you are an ambitious creative who wants to CREATE! 

It's time to go from scattered to streamlined in your business. If you are ready to learn the foundational steps you need to take in order to feel more calm & organized as a small business owner, you are in the right place! Because even creative-minded people CAN learn automation magic too! So let's dive into automating your small biz today!

It's so time consuming to and frustrating to understand all the backend puzzle pieces you need to streamline the backend of your creative business.

Meet Your Favorite Systems & Workflow BFF