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Learn why you need to be concentrating on
5 specific systems and workflows to refine the backend of your business
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Being strategic with your workflows is one of the best ways to streamline and organize your growing creative small business as a solo business owner.
Go from scattered to a more streamlined boss who has clarity, organization, and efficiency in running a business. Because your business should not be a disorganized nightmare!
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*Please note: Some of the companies are affiliate partners, meaning Dolly DeLong  may get a portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you.

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What systems journey do you need help with?

A 4 month mastermind where I will walk you through how to strategically grow your email list with the systems and workflows of a BUNDLE. I have over two years of experience with list growth because of Bundle strategies, and I am so excited to be your guide in this high-touch program that can boost your email list by 100s within days. Click HERE for the waitlist.

the bundle intensive: with magan ward + dolly delong

Are you a creative business owner literally struggles with knowing where to begin in your own systems journey? I have created a 60 minute Systems/Workflow Strategy Session Zoom meeting where we will just meet and chat about what HOLES you see in your business therefore, you can know what road to take (where to actually begin) with implementing systems. 

60 Minute systems/workflow strategy session (brain storm session)

A 1:1 Launch Strategy Session Where I will guide you & help you create a roadmap (complete with content, funnel & email marketing tasks) aka EVERYTHING you need to know in order to have a good runway for your next product (or service) launch!
Because your next launch should be profitable! 

Vip strategic launch strategy session with dolly delong

Want some 1-on-1 systems time with me? I’m available for:

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Did you know I am a podcast host? Yup, I love teaching other creative small business owners how to find the joy (and magic) in automating and streamlining the backend puzzle pieces of their own businesses. And this type of education is totally free to listen to every Monday!

So if you want to be encouraged and learn some new strategies to your own creative small business, well then please subscribe to The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast on your favorite podcast platform! You, too, can become a more streamlined Muggle!

The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast

One of  my  favorite  things...

You one-stop contract shop to help you have ease of mind to legally legit run your biz! 
the Legal Paige
Use code "DOLLYDELONGPHOTO" for 50% off & to get started with email marketing
 Use my exclusive code "dollydelongeducation" to get 30% off your plan!

This is what I use in my own creative business day in and day out. I love talking about them on my podcast, on my blog, and I even share them with other creative business owners who are wanting to set up better systems and workflows for their own business! If you were to peer over my shoulder, these are the tabs which are always open or in my navigation history! Scroll through to see (mostly) everything I love using!

Favorite Business Tools I Recommend

simple showit seo

I not only work as a branding photographer who serves other small business owners with strategic & rich visuals for marketing, but I also guide creative business owners with systems and workflow education. I use various tools and apps to help streamline my business! 
Many of these tools are not connected to an affiliate link so I will not get any benefit,  I simply want you to start off with a win! 

More Tools I Use Within My Creative Business

Visit thrivecart

an all-in-one platform which houses my systems & workflow related products + it includes a seamless check-out system + did I mention, it's only a one-time fee (aka no monthly overhead)? that's a huge financial system win in my head

Thrivecart Learn

Visit Tryinteract

Harness the power of quizzes to grow your email list, segment your leads, and recommend products to increase sales. This isthe exact program I use as one of my quiz lead generators! 

Try Interact (Quizzes)

check it out here

So no joke, I went from having 500(ish) subscribers on my email list in January of 2022 to a little over 4,000(+) subscribers by the end of January of 2022 all because of ONE dynamic system = The Collaboration Cash-In System by Kate Doster.

If it sounds too good to be true,  it's not. It's my literal SYSTEM I use and love to boost my email list in a strategic and fun way by hosting a BUNDLE that aligns with what I teach on...SYSTEMS and WORKFLOWS! 

*the link below is to the collaboration cash-in system & it's my affiliate link

The Collaboration
 Cash-In System

my secret to growing my email list...

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Hands down one of the best investments I have EVER made for my small business was learning how to understand the financial puzzle pieces of how my business can run successfully (and I can even make a profit). 
If this sounds too good to be true, believe me, it's not because Shanna Skidmore has helped transform and impact 1,000s of other creative minded business owners to look at the "frightful" money and numbers side and turn it around for the best! 

the blueprint model

Learn More

Where do I even begin with this awesome resource? If you are a creative business owner who wants to learn how to actually CONVERT viewers into fans and into paying customers, the words you use on your website matter.  Because of Copywriting For Creatives I have more confidence in the way I show up online, and I know exactly who I am talking to, and how to sell and promote with ease. Words are powerful-so learn from Ashlyn!

ashlyn carter's copywriting for creatives

I am always looking for amazing educational resources to further my knowledge about systems and workflows and how to apply it to my own business.  Here are some great classes I’ve taken that I loved and highly recommend!

A Few Favorite Educational Resources

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In this free workshop, I am leading you through my top 5 recommended systems you should dig into to better impact the BACKEND of your creative biz!

getting started with workflows for your business (free class)

coming soon

coming soon- an online personality quiz to help you discover what your harry potter launching personality is

Coming soon (quiz)

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Want help in getting started with growing your email list? There's a system for that, and you can begin with a Lead Magnet!

The Lead Magnet Master idea list

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