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67: Recap of the systems and Workflow Magic Bundle 2.0 Funnel Edition | Stats and data of how this bundle generated $28,000 with no paid ads


Are you wondering how my Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle 2.0 generated $28,000? Maybe you’ve never heard of a bundle but are looking for new opportunities to grow your email list. 

In this week’s episode, I’m doing a complete recap of the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle 2.0 Funnel Edition. I’ll break down the numbers and data, and share helpful facts and resources if you decide to lead a bundle within your own business. So consider me your case study; I hope you take loads of notes!

The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast is brought to you by Dolly DeLong Education. This podcast is for creative business owners who want to learn tangible steps to automate their business through workflows, systems, tools, and strategies to go from scattered to streamlined with purpose because even muggles can become automated wizards.

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Review the Show Notes

What a bundle is, how it can work as a lead magnet, and how it differs from a virtual summit

How to determine the theme of your bundle

Three ways to find contributors and the importance of finding the right business owners for your bundle

The importance of planning and the secret to designing a successful bundle

The surprising lead magnet I used to build out my email list and the results that will blow your mind

How I delivered my bundle to customers and why I decided to make it a paid bundle 

A technical breakdown of the numbers and my thoughts on what worked and what didn’t


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Dolly Delong
Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the systems and workflow magic podcast. I am your systems and workflow BFF dolly DeLong. And in this week’s episode, Episode 67, we are going to be doing a full-on recap of the systems and workflow magic bundle 2.0 funnel edition. Now if you clicked over here because of the title, yes, as a matter of fact, this bundle did generate over $28,000 in sales with no Facebook or any type of paid marketing. So I will be sure to get into all of the nitty-gritty details of this bundle very, very soon. Okay, I promise. But first things first, if you are visiting this podcast for the first time, I just want to say hello and welcome. And you’re probably wondering what the systems and workflow magic bundle is. The short answer is this. It’s a bundle dedicated to helping business owners, especially creative business owners understand the back-end puzzle pieces of how to run their business using, you guessed it systems and workflows to help in various areas of their business. Now, why did I decide on that theme? Well, I am a Systems and workflow educator for creatives. And I love helping business owners experience those aha lightbulb moments with systems, it really really truly is so much fun for me. So a big impactful way outside of recording this podcast was to do a big bundle. And the first bundle I ever led was called, you guessed it, the systems and workflow magic bundle. And it was led in January 2022. And if you want to scroll back to Episode 19, I talked about how I grew my email list to over 4000 subscribers Yes, in one week with a strategic bundle method and the theme of the bundle featured systems and workflows that would help business owners on the back end their businesses. Now it was a huge success. So I decided to do a 2.0 version of this type of bundle and to do it once again at the beginning of the year. But I would change a few more things, I decided when I was making the 2.0 iteration. And that’s where the systems and workflow magic bundle 2.0 funnel edition was born. So now that you know the origin story of what the systems and workflow magic bundle is, let me break down some numbers, data, and helpful facts and resources to share with you, the listener, just in case you decide that you too want to lead a bundle within your own business, and you probably want a good case study to observe. So consider me your case study and I hope you take loads of notes. Plus, I had done a poll with my audience on Instagram and these are the literal questions that some of my Instagram followers were very, very curious about. So first things first, let me answer the question of what a bundle is. Essentially, a bundle is a creative way to strategically grow your email list with other contributors who align with your services or products. So let me break that down even more, you can think of a bundle as a lead magnet. Now this specific lead magnet (aka the bundle) is called a bundle because it is a bundle of products that you pre-collect from other contributors who are in alignment with the theme of your events. Now bundles are a great way to strategically and exponentially grow your email list which would normally take you months and years to grow, you can grow your list by hundreds, if not 1000s within a few days with a very well-planned bundle. And you can do this without the need to use any Facebook or Instagram Ads, all organic marketing if you choose to do that. Now you may have heard of summits, but this is very different from a summit. One of my new online biz friends Krista Miller, the queen of virtual summits, and she was actually a part of my last bundle. She teaches business owners how to grow their email list exponentially with an online Virtual Summit. But a bundle is very different from a summit. So a Virtual Summit is an event that brings together business leaders, industry experts, and speakers to discuss a very specific topic and normally it is in video form versus a bundle. A bundle can be anything from templates to mini-courses to resources, again that are all in alignment with one theme, like the summit is one theme but you don’t necessarily have to show up at a certain time to watch and consume a video live like you would a summit. So I hope I did not butcher both definitions. But I just wanted to give clarity between what a bundle is and what a summit is, I do want to point out that summits are a great way to grow your email list as well. And again, with the caveat, when you plan it out well, you have to plan it out well, because so many people don’t know how to strategically plan out summits well, and so I have linked Krista’s program Summit in a Box to the shownotes. So that you can check out more information on summits and I get absolutely no affiliate credit from that, for mentioning that I just really believe in Krista’s education. And so I want you to check it out, just in case, you would rather be more interested in the summit over a bundle. And I do want to give a huge shout-out to Kate Doster, the podcast host of Do the Brave Thing, who introduced me to the concept of growing your email list with the strategy of bundles. So two years ago, I purchased a DIY course from her, which I’ve linked in the show notes helping me understand how to get started with bundles. It is an incredible resource for any business owner who wants to take the more DIY route in creating a successful system and laying out a foundation for a bundle. It is such a fun course to consume, I believe, and it is one of my most favorite courses I’ve ever taken. I’ve actually rewatched it at least four times because it has helped me out so much since I lead my own bundles independently with no team. Alright, so I’ve linked Kate Doster’s bundle program in the shownotes as well. And I have to add, I am an affiliate of that program, so it is a special affiliate link. So now that you know what a bundle is, how it can work as a lead magnet, and growing your email list, and also how it differs from an online virtual Summit, let’s talk about how to determine the theme of your bundle because a lot of people have that question for me. Now, I believe this is a hard thing for many business owners who want to grow their email list again exponentially, but they forget the essential fact of honing in on one theme that is in alignment with their business. And so the theme of the bundle they may put together makes no sense and it’s everywhere, meaning it’s pretty scattered. So example, if you let’s say are a Showit website designer, and one of your primary services is you want to lead people to your website templates, and you want to build out your email list with warmer leads to get to know you more so that down the line, they would either buy a template from you or even work with you in a one to one capacity. So you may decide to create a bundle that hones in on the theme of let’s say the theme is how to have a website that converts, it would be very foolish to open it up to any business owner who doesn’t serve your ideal client. So let’s dig into that. Let’s say you just blast out an email excitedly to your other business-owning friends. Let’s say one business owner friend is a jewelry business and another friend owns a dog walking business, and you invite them to be part of the bundle because you want everybody to grow their email list, which is awesome but it makes no sense. And you invite them to be a part of the bundle yet none of their ideal client avatars wants to use a show-it website or even has a website. So when you start collecting items and resources for your bundle, yes, you may get an amazing amount of subscribers, but they won’t make sense to the theme, and the subscribers won’t be in alignment with who you want to sell to down the line. So instead, I would say look for other business owners who serve similar clients that you serve, and bonus, who offer services or digital products that would amplify the scene to be a great holistic learning bundle for the new subscriber to learn different aspects of like going back to the theme of how to have a website that converts, remember the example of the bundle theme I threw out. Now a great theme for a bundle helps your new subscriber or new lead in multifaceted ways with all the resources you and the contributors provide. And I believe it all should flow well together and it should make sense.

So another question I want to answer is this, how to find contributors for your bundle? This can be both tricky and hard. Tricky in the sense you don’t want to reach out to your competitor vendors who offer the same services you do, because essentially you will be competing for the new subscribers when you start warming them up in the nurture sequences after they download your resource in the bundle. But you definitely need to do research and you need to find business owners who are in alignment with your services and who offer services again, that complement what you do not compete with what you do. Now, I wouldn’t recommend going into Facebook groups and blasting out a question of who wants to be in my bundle. Because literally, you don’t know who is going to answer. But maybe you can start off by reaching out to your business friends and inquiring with them about who they would know of any other business owners who would be a good fit for your bundle. So think about this, like networking. You can also do some keyword research online and do some Googling on your end. Now, this is an example I thought of as I was writing up the notes for this episode. Now that TikTok is officially seen as more of a search engine-optimized platform, maybe you can type in some keywords and TikTok and find business owners that way. Again, that’s just a thought. But I remember learning about TikTok being more of a search engine-optimized platform and you can definitely utilize keywords in TikTok, so, try that method.

Now finding contributors can seem daunting but I have discovered in the past two years of leading successful bundles that one, if you send personalized videos to each person you are pitching to it humanizes the pitch. And people actually respond back to pitches when you use their name in the video. Now keep in mind, I have sent out personalized pitches via video to several contributors who I wanted to collaborate with and they ghosted me. So I share that to say it should be a priority on your end to be professional, and not be a ghost. Also, keep in mind, even if you also send out personalized videos, you may not get a response right away, and you might get ghosted, but the priority of this point is to again humanize the pitch to the contributor you want to reach out to and also to be professional. And also just keep in mind, they might ghost you. So stay professional is what I’m trying to say point two, is if you have a concise email template, talking about your bundle’s theme, the goal of the bundle, and all the essentials a potential contributor needs to know in order to make a well-informed decision, this is also key. And this helps you seem more organized and professional for the contributor to make a well-informed decision. And finally, a third way to stand out and find contributors is this, how can this bundle serve that contributor? Remember, this is not about you building out brand awareness, these contributors are also going to potentially be a part of this. So how can this be of service to them? This is a key point where many business owners who rush with bundle planning fall flat on their faces because they make it about them and their goals. Remember, this is also about the contributors as well.

Another question I want to help answer about bundles is this. How far in advance should you plan a bundle? Now I think this is a great question. And I am going to answer this in a very intense way because again, I have a very intense personality. So my last bundle was released in February of 2023. And I had actually started planning this bundle in July of 2022. So essentially I gave myself a six to seven-month runway of strategic planning. And I mentioned the phrase intensive because I am pretty intense with planning. Plus, I am running the show on my own at Dolly DeLong Education with the help of a VA who helps me three to four hours per week. But essentially it’s just me and don’t forget I am also a family and branding photographer. So I am wearing those two different hats of my business. Also now I have two littles at home, so I wanted to give myself a realistic planning period. Again, I believe this is where a lot of business owners fail because they don’t give themselves an ample amount of time to plan. They have an idea and then they want to execute it right away with no planning, no prepping, and no priming of their audience. Hopefully, if you are listening to this podcast, please make it your goal to give yourself an ample time to plan, to prep, and to prime for any type of launch event, and yes, I treated this bundle like a launch event. So what I did was I worked backwards. That’s my secret. I worked backward. I knew the timeframe, I wanted to release the bundle. And then I counted eight to ten weeks backward. So why did I do this? Well, it’s a little something I’ve learned from my online best friend and copywriting mentor, Ashlyn Carter in her program Primed to Launch which I have linked in the show notes, but Ashlyn likes to remind her students that no one cares about your launch unless you give them a reason to. So I knew that I wanted to give everyone a reason to get amped up and excited about this bundle. So I had in my mind, I had to be very loud about it. But I knew it wasn’t going to be extremely loud. Because Ashlyn also says, and I know I quote her a lot, but she also likes to remind her students, which I appreciate, that you think you may be screaming about your, let’s say, your service, or your digital product all the time, but yet, only 30% or less of your list or followers may be hearing you. So you really have to amp up and get everyone excited about what is happening for your business and give yourself plenty of runway time to prime your audience. How did I do this? Well, after I decided the dates of the bundle, as mentioned, I worked backward, and I decided that in December of 2022, I would start priming my audience and listeners of this podcast to learn more about the different parts of the digital funnel. Because the topic and past theme of my past bundle of February 2023, was all about the systems and workflows of funnels and I wanted to create different content pieces that lead naturally to the release of the bundle, I did a nine to ten-week lead-up to the bundle because I wanted to create a lot of anticipation and excitement for the release of the 2.0 version of the systems and workflow magic bundle. Now I didn’t want to assume that just because people loved it, meaning bundle from last year, the first iteration, that everyone would drop everything the week this bundle was released in February of 2023 because again, the online space is loud and as a small business owner, I need to be strategic with my voice. So I decided I would lead up to the event with, again, tiny mastermind-like classes and weekly podcast episodes featuring the different contributors of the bundle. So I wasn’t just going to be talking into the mic, I would be interviewing the actual contributors so that my audience could meet them. This took a lot of planning and putting it together while pregnant, which was no small feat. I had to actually batch record all of those episodes before November of 2022 because I had a high-risk pregnancy and I didn’t want to do everything last minute just in case my newborn, aka Jack made his appearance earlier in the planning process. So when I say work backwards, I literally worked backwards by six to seven months. So yes, the content was mapped out to go to start going out in December, mid-December, but I had to work backwards from December, and determine when I was going to batch record all of those podcast episodes and then I had to align my schedule with the contributors who wanted to be on the podcast and make sure that they could record episodes with me by mid-October of 2022. And on top of that, I was also collecting everyone’s resources and designing the landing pages, the sales pages, the thank you pages, all the email sequences, and literally all the things that would go into this bundle. And yes, I did this by myself. And I was going I was doing all of that prep work from August to December in one to two-hour increments every week. So specifically every Friday was my designated office time to work on the bundle. Because remember, I’m also a photographer so I was serving one-to-one clients in a photography setting and I was also serving my one-to-one clients with my systems and workflow education. Now I had actually pitched to all the contributors in July and August of 2022 and I had secured 99% of them. I had given them all a deadline, I think it was September 1, I’m trying to remember I’m so sorry. But I believe it was September 1, was their deadline, and to let me know if they were in or out, and then I gave the contributors who wanted to be in who told me, okay, I want to be a part of this bundle, a deadline of December 1, to turn everything into me. So I could essentially test out everything in December, and have everything set up by mid-December so that I can enjoy the holidays, enjoy my maternity leave, because I had Jack in late December, and so that the contributors can enjoy the holidays and not have me bugging them about turning in their resources. That was a long-winded answer. But to put it precisely plan, I played backwards. And then I had milestone deadlines of when certain things needed to be turned in for testing purposes. And then I planned out certain content pieces needed in order to build up anticipation in my pillar content, which is this podcast. So all in all, you need to build anticipation with your pillar content.

Another question I have gotten is this. What was the lead magnet you use to build out your email list during this timeframe? Again, to get more eyes on the bundle? Now, I think this is a great question. Because remember the bundle, yes, although it is essentially a lead magnet of sorts to grow one’s email list, I had to get eyes on this bundle, on the signups for this bundle. So instead of doing a traditional lead magnet, like a PDF or a checklist, I decided to utilize a private podcast, I turned that podcast into four episodes that worked as a hype piece to get people excited to purchase the bundle. Now you’re probably wondering, now what is a private podcast, Dolly? And isn’t this a podcast? I am confused. Okay. Let’s break that down even more, I purchased the pop-up podcast system from one of my business friends Magan Ward, who created this system, by the way, who created the pop-up podcast system, and we actually spoke about it in last week’s episode, so please, please tune into Episode 66 and refer back to that episode to hear about her pop up podcast system because we break it down even more in that episode. But essentially, I followed that system step by step with a little Dolly DeLong flair added to it and I created a private four-episode podcast, which featured the different contributors of the bundle. Again, the theme of the bundle was focused on funnels. So I decided to do each episode to be dedicated to a different part of the funnel. So day one was top-of-funnel training, day two, was middle-of-funnel training, day three, was bottom-of-funnel training, and day four was a continuation of the funnel training. So again, four days, and it was all in private podcast form. So a person had to sign up to get access to this private pop-up podcast. Now let’s get into some numbers and I believe these numbers will blow your mind. So if you’re wondering, okay, well, how many people signed up for your actual lead magnet, the hype piece, which was the pop-up podcast, I had a total of 303 people sign up. And again, this was all organic marketing, no Facebook Ads. I didn’t spend any money on Facebook ads or Instagram ads. So I had 303 people sign up the pop-up podcast listeners that actually consumed the episodes, that percentage was 93.7%, which is wild, and of the pop-up podcast listeners that actually consumed, guess how many downloaded the actual podcast, guess how many purchased the bundle? 79 out of 297 people who purchase, so let me break that down anymore. When I opened up the systems and workflow magic bundle 2.0 funnel edition 297 people purchase that week out, of 297 people 79 of those people had listened to the private pop-up podcast. And so the conversion of listeners that purchased was 26.07%. So you’re probably thinking why is it stellar? So on average webinars see an attendance rate between 20 to 30% of people who signed up and some see upwards of 50 to 60%. And some see as low as 15% who show up, which is where the average of the 20 to the 30% comes in. But my private pop-up podcast had 93.7% of people show up and actually consume the podcast. And that is the mind-blowing part to me, essentially, my private podcast worked in favor of actually hyping people up, even more, to get their hands on the bundle. Now I know I had episodes on my public podcast, which is this podcast, the systems and workflow magic podcast, which you’re listening to right now. But I wanted to hype people up even more, with even more mastermind-like classes from the contributors themselves highlighting what they were teaching in the funnel bundle. Okay, so highlighting the mini-courses, their templates, their trainings, and resources a person could have access to if they purchased the bundle but I wanted to give them an appetizer by listening to the private podcast. And again, I looked at this lead magnet as the appetizer. And overall, it was, I believe, a smashing success. So the private pop-up podcast was my lead magnet, aka my hype piece. And yes, I had to work backwards to work on that piece as well. And yes, I did this all while I was pregnant. And yes, I had to work on this during my busy season, too, because my busy season, historically is August to December every year, that is my busy season as a creative business owner. And so I shaved out time or carved out time every week to work on this, in addition to also working on my creative business. And I have to give a huge shout-out to my husband, Ty, who helps me edit these pop-up podcast episodes. Because again, this is a lead magnet, this is a free event. And I wanted to keep everything lean financially. And thankfully, he agreed to edit these four episodes for free to help me out. So thank you, Ty, I love you. Thank you so much.

The next thing I want to cover an answer is how I delivered this bundle to paying customers and why I decided to make it a paid bundle versus a free bundle. So let’s answer the question of why paid. So my first round of the systems and workflow magic bundle was free. And it did build out my email list exponentially by over 4000 subscribers in a week. And although that was exciting, I didn’t like doing a free version because I discovered for me that although it did attract business owners who wanted systems and workflow education, it actually attracted some business owners who were only wanting free education. And I had trouble with some of the new subscribers who were demanding so much in my personal time, after they downloaded the free resources, they acted like they were VIP students and demanded I give them more access to additional resources. And I was even harassed essentially. And one or two people who harass you can, it’s just like is so nauseating, and it’s miserable. Thankfully, it was just a handful of subscribers of this 4000. But still, when a person treats you miserably, you tend to focus on them versus focusing on the positive last year, I was pregnant y’all, I was pregnant, and I tried to be kind as much as I can. But it was very, very draining. And when I realized where these subscribers had come from, they had come from that free bundle I’d hosted so I decided to create a paid version of this bundle to amplify it even more and to work as a barrier from the freeloaders who didn’t want to pay. Again. I am not bashing people who enjoy free things, okay, hear me out. I love free resources too. But I would never go out of my way to harass a business owner who has given me access to free resources and then demand that they give me more. That, I think that’s just silly. Okay, so moving on, I just I’m going to get off my soapbox, be kind to everyone. All right. The only downside of doing a paid version of a bundle is this, you don’t grow out your email list as fast as a free bundle. Plus, another reason why I did a paid version of the bundle was that there was literally $6,700 worth of resources in this bundle. And I wanted to showcase how amazing these resources were and where they fit in the digital funnel. Another reason why I did a paid version was because I wanted to make sure that each contributor had their own affiliate link and for everyone who purchased from their link, that specific contributor gets 70%. Yeah, 70% of each sale. So to break that down, the bundle was $97 and if a contributor sold a bundle with their link, they got 70% of $97, which is $69.70. Now that is unheard of in the online space. Normally contributors get 30% of sales but I wanted to be super generous towards these amazing contributors who put in so much work on the back end of their own resources. Plus the fact that they said yes to being in a bundle with me, meant the world to me. And I wanted to shower them with appreciation.

Now to continue to answer the question of how I actually delivered this bundle. So once I collected all the resources templates, and mini-courses from each contributor I had to house these products in one location and I didn’t want them to be housed on my website where a person could potentially figure out the back URL link and access them for free so what I did was put everything into Thrive Cart Learn. Now did I actually have to put the courses into Thrive cart learn? No, I did not do that I had access to each course template and mini-course for the bundle from unique URL landing pages, which in turn the contributors use to grow their email list and that gives access to the new purchasers but Thrive Cart Learn was the way to go for several reasons for me. One, it has a cart system built into it so that I can build out a custom cart to connect it with the purchase. So it was very seamless. So once a person purchased the bundle, they would get an email from Thrive Cart prompting them to create a username and password to access the course, and Thrive Cart automatically sends out an email with proof of purchase which is the receipt to the student. A second reason why I used Thrive Cart Learn is that it has the capability to now house your courses, your mini-courses, and your digital products under one roof and it is a one-time payment which you can get lifetime access too, again to house everything and you don’t have to make monthly payments like you would have to with teaching platforms like Kajabi, Podia, Thinkific, etc. And if you remember my podcast episode with Shanna Skidmore, I really tried to be lean and wise with the finances of my business and have to remind myself like, I can keep things lean with my overhead as well for the education side of my business. And as I do grow and scale if I do grow and scale my business I think I will continue to stick with Thrive Cart Learn. But again, I don’t want you to hear me bash any other teaching platform I don’t like bashing things, this was just a better fit for me both financially and it’s just easy to house everything under Thrive Cart Learn. Point three of why I love Thrive Cart Learn is that I love that you can organize your courses within Thrive Cart Learn to look a certain way meaning there are several different types of layouts to choose from. And I am not a designer by any stretch, okay, so I loved breaking up the funnel bundle into different modules based on top, middle, bottom, and beyond the funnel modules in sections and Thrive Cart Learn had like a fun layout that I could organize that. And then finally point four Thrive Cart is where I housed and handled all the affiliate payments payouts and organize and track the numbers primarily Thrive Cart also connects with PayPal, so you can easily pay out the affiliates once a promotion is over and it’s pretty easy once you’ve figured it out. And I will admit, it took me a while to figure that out. But once I figured it out, I have been able to pay out my affiliates very successfully.

Now let’s chat more numbers. Okay, so I already chatted about the pop-up podcast. So let’s talk about the total bundle numbers. So I shared this before the total bundle sales were 297 people purchasing the bundle at $97, that is where the $28,712 comes from. But after fees like Stripe fees and Pay Pal fees, it was $27,652.15 if we’re gonna get technical. Now email list size overall, I approximated that together all the contributors and myself had 79,000 on our lists. I did ask all the contributors an approximation of their email list size and I’m not ever going to share this with anyone, I never shared specific numbers with anyone, I just wanted to do an approximation of a good, better, and best goal for myself and to share it with the contributors to showcase like, how we can use data to help out with the bundle. And I took that number, and I honed it down to 79,000. Actually, our email list sizes were even more, but I knew that a lot of contributors had similar lists with overlapping audiences. And a lot of contributors, they either did not promote it, or they didn’t have an email list, so that’s why I distilled it down to 79,000. And so estimated conversions from email marketing was .37%. Now let’s talk about Google Analytics numbers. All right, so for the actual sales page, the visitors during the week of the bundle, I had around 2800 visitors. Alright, this is according to Google Analytics, and the bundle sales were again 297 purchasers, so the conversions from the sales page were 10.32%. Now let’s talk about my Thrive Cart analytics number. So from my sales page, it bumped people over to the cart page, which is the Thrive Cart sales cart, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s like a cart, okay? Now let’s chat about Thrive Cart analytics numbers. So I did share my sales page site visitors. So let’s talk about the Thrive Cart site visitors during the week of the bundle was around 1300, visitors or viewers or 1384, to be exact. And again, the bundle sales were 297. So the actual conversions from the cart page were 21.46%. And then finally, my affiliate payouts were a little over $15,000, which is always so exciting. So let’s break down why these numbers are amazing and stellar. Average sales page conversion rates are less than 10% and I had a 10.32% conversion rate from my bundle sales page. And you all I am a very small fish in a big pond. So I will take that as a win. And the average cart conversion rates were honestly a little bit more difficult to locate because I kept on fighting data as it relates to e-commerce and not just digital products. But findings showed anywhere from like on average 2 to 5% cart conversion rate. And I had a cart conversion rate of 21.46%, which means 21.46% of people who made it to the cart page, completed their checkout. So overall, again, I believe this bundle, I did really well again being a small fish in a big pond. And no, it wasn’t a six or seven-figure launch, like all the big names out there. But $28,000 is huge in one week. And also I enjoyed running this bundle and I love planning things out. I love launch planning so much. And I do believe that one of my superpowers is being strategic with launches and content planning. It’s something I thrive doing. And I love teaching others how to do this too.

Which leads me to what went well, I believe planning the execution of this bundle went very well because I had been strategically mapping it out backwards and I was willing to work slowly towards a goal. I also believe finding a theme that people want to learn about, people wanted to learn about funnels and how to apply them to their business. So the theme of this bundle was amazing. I believe that doing a hype piece of the private pop-up podcast went really well because I could have done a challenge a webinar or something else but I’m so happy I went the route of a private pop-up podcast because it gave people time to actually consume the information on their own time. And I just want to say thank you, Magan Ward. In addition to finding the right theme, I believe I also hit the jackpot with all the contributors I got to work with. I am so honored I got to work alongside them and I am so happy I have made so many great connections with some great business owners. I also hired out a funnel and tech expert Angela Tan have the Systems Rx to help me create an air table chart, which would help me analyze the numbers behind the bundle even more, so I was able to be super meticulous and detail oriented for each and every contributor and compare it to my Thrive Cart numbers. And I kept everything organized in my own version of the project management system, which is Trello. And I love Trello.

So let’s talk about what didn’t go well. Honestly, okay, these are things that were out of my control. But I still did not like aspects of what I’m about to share. Sometimes planning a bundle with a longer runway can cause a little bit of fatigue, especially during a busy season, okay. So for example, fall for many business owners can be chaotic. So at times, it was exhausting for me to request the contributors to turn their items in, like, I don’t like being the bad guy, or I shouldn’t, I should say, I don’t like being the bad lady. And I don’t like being annoying. And I was on a very specific timetable with my pregnancy. So I had urgency to make sure everything was turned in on time. And I feel like I was annoying. I know, I was annoying. And so I’m just grateful that the contributors turned everything. But at the same time, there has to be a happy medium. In my mind, it shouldn’t have to be six to seven months. But obviously, you shouldn’t plan a bundle in like a month or two months, there has to be a happy medium. So that long, long runway, I know it caused a little bit of fatigue for some contributors. And the other thing that did not go as well was I did have several people 100% ghost to me on the bundle after they had agreed to be part of the bundle in the beginning. And that was a little disappointing. But I can understand from a human nature perspective, I bet something came up and life came up and they just probably did not even email me back after they had agreed. And so, I am just going to chalk it up as that but I will say that is one aspect that didn’t go so well. There was just a handful of contributors that did that. But I believe it’s just life probably happened, that’s what I’m going to chalk it up as. I also had people agree to be in the bundle. And then when I reminded them about it, they acted like I was being an inconvenience to them, which I was like, am I going crazy? So that’s another thing that didn’t go so well. But it was not in my control in that way. And also now that I’m like talking about it. And now as I was making notes about this, I’m laughing about it, because we’ve all had people in our life that agreed to do something, and then we remind them about it, they act like what are you talking about? My toddler does that to me a lot. So I’m just laughing about that. Another thing that didn’t go so well was, I know that even though I knew the outcome of the bundle blew me out of the water in the best way possible. I know if I had more eyes on the offer, it could have converted more. And I had been promised by again, several contributors that they would promote the bundle but they didn’t show up during the promotional periods and that was kind of a bummer to me and again, I’m just going to take it as like life happened, something else happened. And they probably forgot. And so I’m just going to chalk it up as that. But it would have been very cool to see more organic marketing happen, but it’s okay. I am choosing to look at the bright side and see that this bundle was incredible. And it did blow me out of the water. Now I know that the messaging of the offer was nailed in it was honed in and the conversion rates were high and that the offer itself was amazing. But also I just know I needed more traffic to this bundle. And since I wasn’t using any paid ads, I was depending on the contributors and their audiences to drive traffic to this bundle. But again next time I need to learn more about Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, Meta Ads so that I can get more cold leads to come to the top of the funnel for that type of marketing. And so that’s something also that I need. I’m trying to become brave to face more Facebook Ads in the future. And then this is more of a personal annoyance with PayPal. But when people use PayPal to purchase things, sometimes their PayPal email address doesn’t match their name. And so when I was doing bookkeeping, it was infuriating to not know what matched with what name. And this happened with several purchasers. And I had to do a lot of cross-referencing just to be meticulous. And just to make sure I was checking off everyone according to my, the bundle purchasers and the sales that were coming in from PayPal and from Stripe. And so again, as I was writing this, I was like, well, this isn’t that bad. But I just wanted to share this was a small frustration as well. All right. So honestly, overall, I had so much fun planning out the systems and workflow magic bundle, 2.0, funnel edition. And it was amazing watching it become a five-figure at launch, which is wild to me because when I used to work in private education, $28,000 was close to my salary, my salary people. So this, this was wild for me. And so I am planning on doing and leading a 3.0 version of the systems and workflow magic bundle in 2024. And I have the waitlist in the show notes, but I still don’t know the theme quite yet and it will be centered, you guessed it around the systems and workflows and who knows, it may be a summit. But if you the listener, have a theme suggestion, please DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email and let me know what systems and workflow theme you would like to learn about I am very open to suggestions. Okay, as I wrap up this very, very long episode, I hope it was insightful for you to hear about the bundle and the behind-the-scenes tea of the systems and workflows I put into place for this specific bundle creation. And if you listen to the advertisement in this podcast episode, yes, I am actually leading a group bundle intensive and Co-Leading alongside email marketing expert Magan Ward this Summer of 2023. Now the waitlist to get more information is in the shownotes and it is something we have been chatting about for months because we want to educate others in a mastermind-like setting on how to strategically explode your email list growth. For resources and links mentioned in this episode, please head on over to the show notes. And I know I mentioned and spoke about a lot of different resources and links and people and business owners to check out so overall I hope this was very insightful for you. And I hope this encourages you to take some steps and work out some new systems and workflows for yourself and create your own bundle so that you can continue to grow your email list to better impact your business. So as always, I hope that you have a magical and streamlined week you amazing muggle you, I’ll chat with you later, Bye.

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