116: Unlocking the Potential of Email Marketing Using the Abandoned Cart Sequence featuring Monica Snyder (The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast)

In this episode of the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast, I welcome Monica Snyder to discuss the benefits and process of setting up an abandoned cart sequence for businesses. She shares how this automated system can not only contribute to increasing sales but also provide insights into why potential customers did not complete a purchase. We will also illustrate how integrating various tech platforms can enhance the effectiveness of such a system.

Meet Monica Snyder

Monica Snyder, the founder of Birdsong.Co is on a mission to help creators build systemized income stacks that strengthen relationships and generate revenue.

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Dolly DeLong:  Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the systems and Workflow Magic podcast. I am your systems and workflow BFF and guide Dolly DeLong. And today I am so thrilled to get to share another contributor of the upcoming systems and workflow magic bundle. The launch edition is with you all today. So if you’re brand new to the podcast, I just want to say welcome and thank you for being here, by the way. but just to let you know, just for clarification, I have been doing a little mini-series featuring a lot of the different contributors and business owners who are impacting and influencing. aka contributing to this bundle that is coming up so soon. Now, I truly want this bundle to help creative-minded business owners see the power of launching, the importance of launching well, and even strategically, and to Take it a step further to showcase the different puzzle pieces a business owner could use and utilize in their launches. Now, I don’t want you to hear me say that I believe launching is a one-size-fits-all method. I don’t believe that. otherwise, everyone would be using the same roadmap, but there are so many different moving puzzle pieces of launching. And so my guest today is going to share a major moving puzzle piece. Many business owners are not taking advantage of this, not necessarily, not only for their launches but also if they have a digital product or even a service that they want to sell. So my guest today is Monica Snyder, and I am just so excited to have her on the show, a little professional bio about Monica is Monica. Snyder is the founder of Birdsong Co and she’s on a mission to help creators build systematized income stacks that strengthen relationships and generate revenue. So Monica, welcome.
Monica Snyder: Thank you. I am so excited to be here because this little system is one of my favorite ways to build an income stack. 
Dolly DeLong: Yes, it’s so true. And I, in just in full disclosure to listeners, the system that we’re talking about, I’ve purchased this from Monica and was trained by her. And I’m so excited to share this with you all. So I, we’re going to get started, but before we do, Monica, I know I gave a more formal introduction to who you are, but do you mind giving the listeners like, let them know who you are, what you do, and who you serve specifically.
Monica Snyder: Absolutely. So I love to help women people solo or tiny teams build systems in their business so that they run on autopilot and they can make money from them. And the reason for this is I am a software developer that turned into a marketer. So I have built software for companies like Macy’s, AAA, like, you know, big names. And I came into this digital world. And what I realized is that people don’t think in systems, except for obvious people like you, Dolly, and your listeners. And then even when they do think in systems, sometimes they don’t think of how they can be hands-off. Some people think you have to work through a system or it has to be manual. So the automated way to do your abandoned cart series is one of my absolute favorites because this is when you do it through the workshop, it’s three hours and now I can do it in 90 minutes. The workshop has teaching elements and all that stuff. But once you get it down, you can do this for about 90 minutes. And then it’s just it’s like a little salesperson in there 
Dolly DeLong: working behind the scenes
 Monica Snyder: Hey did you leave your cart? and not in an annoying way but in a way that feels authentic. That’s not, silly. So the first thing that we start with is. Assuming that there was a tech problem and because a lot of times there are we can talk about why people abandon their carts and why the series works so well because it’s using data because the other thing I love is data and right using data to drive these series and that’s why it is. A series that is not annoying people. Some people are like, I don’t want to do an abandoned car. It annoys people. 
Dolly DeLong: That’s why I’m glad that you’re on. And I just want to like Monica’s horn. I know she won’t do this, but I’ll toot her horn for her, I’ve been following her for several years now. And I think she is smart as a whip, very business and system savvy. And. I recently found out that we will not recently in the last year, I found out we live in the same city. So I’m like, Monica, we were gonna, we’re going to make it happen to have coffee one day when either our kids are not sick or my kids are not like crawling all over the place. So I’m so excited to meet her in person as well, but you all are, what I’m trying to say is you all are in for a treat because this is, we’ll be Like a coffee shop meeting with Monica, cause she’s good at being approachable and very good at breaking a very advanced strategy down. And distill it down to make it easy to digest. So, Monica, that’s what I like about your training. You’re good at that. let me preface this by saying that we, yes, we are talking about email marketing, like an aspect of email marketing and listeners, you know, how much I love talking about email marketing And the importance of incorporating it in your business because you, like you all, heard me say this and you hear other people say this, but you don’t own social media. You cannot just depend on building out your audience on the borrowed land of Instagram or TikTok or whatever other social media platform you love. And again, hear me when I say this. There’s nothing wrong with social media. I love it. I use it, but you also need to have that automated system of your email marketing set up for working for you, even while you’re sleeping while you’re on vacation, while you’re taking care of your little ones or your loved ones. So we are going to talk about a more advanced topic of email marketing. And that is again. setting up abandoned cart sequences. So let’s say that you have this amazing digital product in your online shop and that someone is eyeing it and that someone really wants to purchase it and they even add it to their cart. But then this happens, they talk themselves out of it, or one of their kids comes in screaming because they’re running around naked or whatever. I mean, we’ve all had little kids do that wild thing in the house and then we have to abandon. Like literally the phone or the desktop or whatever to, put out the fires in the household or something distracts you from buying and not making that final purchase, and then you forget, but this is the power of, email marketing, and you can set up a sequence called an abandoned cart sequence with your email service provider. And again, Monica is going to walk you through the advantages of setting this up, For the benefit of your business. So, Monica, I will let you take over. I just wanted to do this like a very long-winded introduction to you and also like to lead up to the importance of, okay, why people should consider abandoned cart sequences, but yeah, I know you have a lot of juicy tips to share with us today.
Monica Snyder: Yes. So like you were saying, people abandon carts for all kinds of reasons. and so if you set up an abandoned cart sequence, it will pull them back in sometimes 10 to 20 to even 40%. But as you were saying, if you have a digital product, or if you’re in the middle of a launch, let’s focus on launching here. I launched a bundle myself Last spring, fall, and winter, at some point last year, and I had Set up my abandoned cart sequence, and it pulled back 43 percent of people to buy. So people who had abandoned their cart, 43 percent of them came back because of the sequence that I put into place. That is, four emails long, okay? We’re asking for emails, right? And the reason that we do four emails is because the reasons people leave checkouts are different, right? It could be that they got distracted. a lot of times there are some sort of technical issues. So that’s why we start the sequence by saying, Hey, was there a problem with checkout? Now, when somebody abandoned the cart, there is, that’s where you have to work with your software, whatever it is that you’re using to know when that is. And there are different ways to set this up. And that’s probably the trickiest part of this automation. It’s figuring out how to define the moment of cart abandonment. And so a lot of times, I know Thrivecart has, an ability to add a tag on that. And I know that, but ClickFunnels doesn’t, right, or GoHighLevel, I don’t think has like a, hey, if they abandon cart, apply this tag in your autoresponder so that you can Set up the sequence. So sometimes you’ve got to work with the tech that you have to figure out when the cart was abandoned. And, so that’s the first part of it. And a lot of times people do leave because of technical difficulties. So that’s why we ask the first question, like, hey, was there a problem? And you would be surprised at the responses that I have personally gotten to this. It’s oh, yes, it wouldn’t take my credit card. Or, do you have a PayPal option? Or. Something along those lines of, Oh no, I just got distracted. I finished now a lot of times I don’t hear anything back from that first email and people just go to Dubai. Like I put a link in there, Hey, if there wasn’t a problem, go finish your checkout. And so then a lot of people just stop there. And so I don’t know if you want to talk more about, the automation, but in a launch, I think it’s really important to get this set up. It only takes again, between 90 minutes, depending on how skilled you are at it. 
Dolly DeLong: Yeah. for me, it was good for like, when you were teaching this, when I was watching the workshop you led, it was good for me to assess my tech stack. so I could see what would work together. And yeah, I do use thrive cart, but then I thrive cart. I don’t know if they do this yet or not, but the Thrive still doesn’t. When I’m saying this in quotes, talk to the flow desk. And so I had fFlow Deskis my email service provider. So I’m sure Monica is going to get into this, but you have to assess your tech stack and what email service provider you use, what, part checkout system you use, do they, talk to each other. And if not, then utilize a program or a tool called Zapier. And that bridges that communication of, okay, if they abandoned it. Then set up, like I had to set up a certain zap and it’s segmented to an abandoned cart sequence and flow desk. So that’s how was my work around with that. 
Monica Snyder: That’s such a great workaround And what I love about that is that you figured out how to bridge that gap. What happens with technologies when they have to talk to each other, some of them do it natively because they’re. Back-end systems talk through what’s called an application programming interface, API, and some don’t. And so what Zapier does is Zapier connect the APIs that don’t connect natively, or most of them. Oh, they don’t do all of them, but most of them they do. So we love Zapier and There’s a free plan on Zapier, which is great to get started with, but once you get more advanced, a lot of people will have a lot of Z and pay for that. And I’ll say that, that is if you are evaluating a tech stack, make sure to see if you’re, if your techs talk to each other, yes, that can save a lot of headaches. But I use, I now use the Thrive part. I’ve done this in my systems. And my client systems, so I’ve used a lot of different techs, but I now use Thrivecart and I use Drip as my email autoresponder, 
Dolly DeLong: and they do talk to each other, so that’s nice. Oh, that’s very nice. Yeah. Wait, what was your, email service provider again? Drip? Drip? Yeah, like, like, water faucet drips, Drip. Oh, I’ve never heard of that. I need to look more into I just know like flow desk, you know, like because half of my world is photography. And so everybody all the photographers use I feel like a convert kit. And champ. 
Monica Snyder: do not recommend MailChimp, but it’s the only one I don’t recommend. I mean, listen, I’ve been around the block. Yes. Yes. Since 2008. Yes. So I have used them all and I’ve integrated with them all. And the. There are very few, I like straight up just say, please don’t go there and MailChimp is one of them. only because especially you can’t even really do this automation in MailChimp because they don’t do, so workflows or automations or different. So that’s the other thing I want to say is if you’re looking at this, you can generally go to your ESP or your email service provider and Google for their help. I say Google in their help, but what I mean is go to their knowledge base and search within their knowledge.
Dolly DeLong: base. Yes. Yes. And 
Monica Snyder: see how to search, an abandoned car and see what they say, because each one of them calls an automation, a workflow. It’s slightly different. Some of them call them. There’s another word, but automation, the workflow is generally true, but they all have their language. They all have their own thing. And listen, here’s what I’ll say about tech. is that, yeah, there are limitations on some of them, but for the most part, if you know how to work your tech, then it’s going to work better for you. Because knowing how to maximize it, just like you just said, I was like, okay, I know flow desk and ThriveCorp don’t talk, so I’m going to have to use Zapier, but understanding how to maximize that will make all your business run better. 
Dolly DeLong: Yeah. Yeah. I love that. no, I love it. And I love that you are coming in from a perspective of Hey guys, I’ve used a lot of these email service providers. Like I, But you should also like, look, and see what works for you. Like you’re also communicating, you need to research what works for you and what works for your business. what works for me may not work for another person. So I love it, I always appreciate when business centers bring that point up.
Monica Snyder: Yes. And I, so I’ve built a lot of software and I’ve used a lot of software. And so I know that every software has its quirks and its flaws. And if you’re expecting perfection from any software, then you’re going to be sad and disappointed. So I would rather you just expect it to have its quirks and flaws and how to work with those. I feel like every software that we have to use as marketers is like a car that’s got you to push the key in the right way. And then we went on, but you got to jiggle it just the right way. Or like the window has a certain way you got to touch it. Yes. that’s how I feel like marketing software is you got to know. 
Dolly DeLong: That’s a good analogy, Monica. I love that. Oh man, if only there was like one perfect software, but that’s, I’m sure you think of that a lot, but anyways, the little rabbit hole right there, bunny trail, whatever you want to call it, but okay, so technical, you spoke about technical difficulties being the first thing to think through.
Monica Snyder: Yes. So in the first email, we say, are there technical difficulties? The second email I recommend is that you write back and say, Hey, let’s talk about the benefits. And here’s what I’m going to say. There are features of your product, and then there are the benefits of the features. And what I see so, so much with people who are new to marketing, or maybe haven’t figured out their messaging is that there are even some people who are experts and then they just forget it. they will try to sell using the features. And so you, and what I mean by that is, this is a good example. A feature of an active campaign or flow desk is that it can do workflows. The benefit of that workflow is that you get to build an automated salesperson in your business that works for you. So the feature, the thing that it is and does is not generally what will sell your product or service. It’s the result of that, or the thing that’s the benefit to the person reading the email or reading the marketing message. So that is the difference between features and benefits. And then if you can go one level deeper, which is the benefit of the benefit is so feature is that they can, you can build workflows. The benefit is that you have a 24-hour salesperson working in your business. The benefit of that is that frees you up to make more money while you’re handling your sick kiddos. 
Dolly DeLong: Yeah. 
Monica Snyder: Yes. So generally time-saving and money-saving are two very classic benefits, which is why. When you have a sophisticated audience, you have to go one level deeper. And that’s where I’m sure you’ve heard marketers talk about knowing your audience. So know your audience to know the benefit of their benefit. So the benefit is time-saving, but why do they care about saving time? 
Dolly DeLong: Yeah. So my audience, for example, or I would say the majority of the listeners of the podcast, are in between years. Two to five of building out their business. They are creative-minded, but they also are doing a lot of the business aspect by themselves. They don’t have a big team, but they want to be smart about the back end of their business. So I think like the benefit. I could be wrong. Maybe I’m reading into this wrong, but the benefit of having an abandoned cart sequence set up for your business, if you’re listening in, you’re listening in creative-minded business owners, and you’re like, okay, what does the benefit would be like? Yes. There is that time aspect of setting up the abandoned cart sequence that will take a little bit of time, but the benefit is on the back end, you’re going to save time, from convincing someone, I don’t want to say convincing someone, but like manually emailing a person, Hey. I noticed that you like left something in your car. I don’t know. You want somebody to be working for like a little tech genie to work for you, which is the abandoned cart sequence. Would that be a good analogy?
Monica Snyder: Okay, yes, I would add that the abandoned card sequence in my mind. It is a time saver, but it’s more of a revenue driver.
Dolly DeLong: So I like to think of it as a tiny little income stack.
Monica Snyder: So when I think of building my backend systems, I like to think of Lego bricks. And each one is like a stack towards what I want an income, right? So an abandoned card sequence actively brings more revenue. In that, it works, and the way I teach it is four emails, three that ask people to come back and sell, come back and make, complete the purchase, sorry. And then the last one is hey, why didn’t you buy it? So that you can use that for more ways to increase other people’s stuff. And so then, that is what I like to think of it as these little Lego bricks that stack up, and that’s why I call them income stacks because once you stack so many, you hit your goal. automatically in the back, like in the back end of your business. So that’s how I think of email marketing. It’s like tiny little bricks that you get to stack when you do the sequences. 
Dolly DeLong: So I love that. you have younger ones. Yeah. Did you ever watch the Lego movie? 
Monica Snyder: with, Lego Movies.
Dolly DeLong: It was like the main song was Everything Awesome. Anyways, that is just, I don’t know, tangent. Monica? I do a lot of tangents. you like. When you were like, when I create these stacks and make a thing, make me think of Lego bricks. And I was like, yeah, like everything is awesome because you’re making money. And anyways, tangent. Yeah. So the benefit of an 
Monica Snyder: abandoned card sequence to me is that it brings back money. Yeah. 
Dolly DeLong: And which is awesome. Yeah. 
Monica Snyder: People have already said, they’ve already raised their hands. They said I’m interested in this. So they want it. You just have to overcome whatever. The final hurdle they have, and sometimes it’s just that they forgot, again, their kid walked up, grabbed their phone, whatever. Yeah. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes it’s that they do truly have an objection, and you can find that out if a system goes and asks them. Now, does everyone respond? No. But do some people respond? Yes. And then you get that information, and it’s really, 
Dolly DeLong: great. So the first part, you said in the first email, you asked about tech technical difficulties. In the second email you write back and you talk about the benefits of your product, not the features, but the benefits. And then do you also include a link to purchase? 
Monica Snyder: Yes. So the first two emails have a link to purchase. 
Dolly DeLong: So what about this third email then?
Monica Snyder: The third email is what I call the proof. So the other thing that I know that you probably don’t know is that there are four different kinds of buyers and you want to hit all four with a sequence. So one is somebody that, in this sequence did have a problem, but they were excited to buy. So they are going to jump back at the chance. The second is more of the person who is a factual person that needs data and analytics and proof or not proof, but proof in that step, proof in that way to be able to finish the purchase. There’s another kind of person that needs stories. So the third email covers this, and that is when you send testimonials or some sort of other story-based thing. If you don’t have testimonials yet, you can use numbers as stories. You know, like 43% of people came back to my abandoned cart sequence, right? So that’s more of a proof, but you could say. That you love setting this up because of X, Y, Z, just some sort of story that gets them to do it. It doesn’t have to be about you. to be proof. It could be like a celebrity story about a man in cards might be a bit of a stretch, but this is where you get to get creative with your marketing. But I bet I could find an abandoned cart story about a celebrity if I tried hard enough. So that’s where, that’s where we’re coming in for that third buyer, which is the proof. And also the last one is sort of the deadline dancer. So if you have any sort of urgency on your funnel, like you’re launching, then you’re going to want to put this in the third email to also push over those people who are the ones who just wait for a deadline. They need a deadline. So that’s what that third email is about. The proof and the deadline. If you have a deadline, if you don’t have a deadline, you just leave it out. It’s like an evergreen thing, but if you do, like during a launch, you put that in there. 
Dolly DeLong: That’s good. I’ll take note of that. and then finally, Monica, what? Is the fourth email that you would recommend? 
Monica Snyder: The fourth email is not asking them to come back and buy the fourth email is asking them why they did not buy So people will respond to this and let you know I didn’t buy because the price was too high or I didn’t buy because I don’t want to spend money on that right now or I didn’t buy because I didn’t know it had xyz thing in it. And then what could happen is if I’ll give you an example. People told me that they didn’t buy the abandoned cart workshop because they weren’t sure what they were going to get. And so I put a picture of the actual workbook that they get like scrolling through on a computer screen so that they could see something tangible that they were getting because when I built the sales page for it, I just put like a ticket to the workshop. After all, I hadn’t built. The course materials are yet. So there wasn’t anything visual for people to see. And they let me know that they didn’t buy it because of that. So I fixed it. 
Dolly DeLong: I love it. And, can you share, I don’t know if it’s off the top of your head. Sorry. I’m like asking you a question just off the cuff, but I’m on your email list and I love your tip Tuesdays that you do. but you shared the stat about, how you looked at the back of what’s it active. It was like really cute how you put it. You said goodbye to the active campaign, but you looked at the stats of your abandoned cart sequence and it was like something like 43%.
Monica Snyder: Yes, so I just moved from ActiveCampaign to Drip, and so as I was leaving ActiveCampaign and I pulled all my data because I’m very data-driven, and I looked, and I was like, holy Mackinollie, because my, so those, the last two were both 43%, which I was like, is that real? Like, I double-checked because they were the same percentage, and I was like, that’s odd. So I checked, and they were both accurate. The one that is on my longer-running evergreen funnel that’s had more traffic come through It’s like 20. 83 percent the last time. So 20 percent to 43 percent is the results that I have personally had with this. I know other people have implemented it into their systems and had really good results too. And I would just say, that anybody that I’ve talked to that’s put in an automated abandoned cart sequence has had some results. It’s never been zero. So even if you don’t do everything that I’m saying, like just one email will bring back some people.
Dolly DeLong: that’s so true. That’s very encouraging. And like Monica was sharing earlier in this episode, if you decide to listen, re-listen to this, I highly recommend you re-listen to this, cause this is a little bit more advanced and Monica is sharing a lot of good nuggets of wisdom, but, you can Google. Like how to set up, how to make these two different platforms, your cart checkup out system talk with your email service provider. I know that there is that’s what YouTube is for. A lot of people look up YouTube videos, or you can even go within your email service provider and ask the help desk. do you have any tutorials or videos to help me through an abandoned cart sequence? So they are out there and. I just wanted to share that. Yeah. 
Monica Snyder: I will also share that if you do Google abandoned cart sequences, a lot of them are very specific to e-commerce physical products.
Dolly DeLong: Gotcha. 
Monica Snyder: So search for digital products along with that, because it’ll just be slightly different. That is all like the language and the stuff that we use are slightly different now in the abandoned cart workshop I do cover a physical e-commerce product. It’s a trucker hat from Tractor Supply an example. because people are always like, well, you can’t, you know, you can’t sell a trucker hat without I’m like, I can sell a trucker hat. and I had a friend, one of my dear friends works at tractor supply. she was going to be on the call. So I was like, let’s write her series for her. and so you definitely can use it. They use the abandoned cart workshop for that, but I’m just letting you know if you’re googling a lot of them are e-commerce, and their one great email, but people generally need more touch points in the way that it’s structured with the first email, is there a problem? The second email failure is the benefits. The third email is the proof that gets more people to come back. And that’s why the conversion rate on the sequence is so high. 
Dolly DeLong: Awesome. Monica, I know you have shared so much with us already. And, I just wanted to remind everyone. first of all, before we wrap everything up, I want to say thank you so much, Monica, for taking out your time today and for talking to my audience and sharing, Again, a more advanced strategy that I believe a lot of creative business centers need to take advantage of, especially like you were saying, to stack in their benefit for income purposes. And then I wanted to remind everyone again, that Monica is going to be one of the amazing contributors workflow magic bundle. And what she’s contributing. I’ll let her share what she’s contributing. 
Monica Snyder: Well, as you might imagine, I’m the abandoned car workshop, 
Dolly DeLong: this is perfect, especially if you want to plan out a launch and learn about launching strategies and learn about different puzzle pieces. So this will be a really good puzzle piece to put in place. And so, Monica, thank you so much again for coming. Do you mind reminding everyone how they can find you, work with you, and connect with you, just like all the things? 
Monica Snyder: Absolutely. So my company is Birdsong. co. Birdsong is my maiden name. That’s where that comes from. And if you go to birdsong. com, you’ll find this beautiful resort here in Tennessee, but that is not me. Birdsong. co and find me there. You can also find me on Instagram at Monica Birdsong or on Facebook at Monica Birdsong. 
Dolly DeLong: And you all, Monica, like I said, she’s very kind, approachable. Distills everything down so you can understand things. And so that’s something I appreciate about you, Monica. Thanks. And if you, I 
Monica Snyder: should have said this, if you want to join the newsletter that Dolly mentioned earlier, that it’s the two two thingamabob Tuesday. And it’s the number two, the letter X, the number two, Tuesday. com. So two XS, two Tuesdays. com. And then I’ll get you on the email list. So you can see all these fun things. And on there, I just share. Interesting. Things that are interesting to me that I think would be interesting to people like you. 
Dolly DeLong: Yeah. And y’all, I put this in the resources of the show notes and it’ll also be in the blog post that corresponds with this podcast episode. And that way you can get. Even further connected with Monica and as a reminder to everyone, don’t forget that the systems and workflow magic bundle is opening up so soon. Um, it’s coming up either, like I’m getting lost in all the episodes. It’s either next week or the week after it’s coming up. And please be sure to get on the waitlist and sign up so you can be notified when it opens, cause it’s a very limited amount of time of days it’s open. And. Everything else. again, we’ll be in the show notes and until then, I hope you have a streamlined and magical week. You amazing muggle. Stay tuned for another systems workflow and SOP-related podcast episode that will help you streamline the backend of your business. I will talk to you all later. Bye. 

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