My Top 3 Tips For How To Grow Your Email List Organically During A Launch Period

The Impact of Email Marketing on Launch Success

Launching a new service, membership, or digital product can be a very fun process because you as a business owner have so much to offer to your audience and your audience may have asked you to create something really specific for you to better serve them. AND…if you have listened to your audience well (ahem with market research which is a different blog post on its own), and have mapped out how you want to launch this new offer, then continue to read on because in this video, I am going to be sharing three tips on how you can  significantly impact its success (hint, these tips are all about email marketing!)

Email Marketing: The Launch Catalyst

Before we dive into the top three tips for organic email list growth during your launching period,  I want to stress the pivotal role of email marketing in determining the success trajectory of your business launch. Beyond being a communication tool, email marketing should be the backbone of your launch strategy, paving the way for heightened engagement and conversions. Yes, it’s fine to utilize other platforms (like social media) for your pre-launch runway, but email marketing should always be at the forefront of your mind because this is where your warmest leads are going to be!

Email Marketing Has a High ROI

This point should come as no surprise to you if you have been in business for more than a year (and are active online because this is a very popular message that everyone is told…that Email Marketing is NOT dead and that Email Marketing has a high ROI). But seriously though, email marketing brings a high Return On Investment (ROI) to the pre-launch table. Unlike other marketing channels, email marketing offers a direct line to your audience, resulting in a substantial return on investment. In this video, I emphasize the financial efficiency of email marketing, making it a cornerstone for businesses gearing up for launch. And yes, I do share the stats with you because I am not just going to rely on my feelings with email marketing, I want you to know the actual numbers. Period.

Okay so now that we have set the stage, let’s talk about the 3 strategies you should dig into when growing out your email list during a pre-launch period.

3 Tips for Growing Your Email List During A Pre-Launch Period

Tip 1. Borrow Audiences Strategically

Collaborate, cross-promote, and tap into existing communities to expand your reach. Leveraging established audiences not only boosts your credibility but also introduces your brand to potential subscribers who are genuinely interested in what you offer. This involves you working with other businesses that may serve similar audiences that you serve. Make sure that the business owner you are partnering up with during this collab knows that they are valued and that their audience will be served well. This is not a one-sided relationship. Make sure that you are treating people the way you want to be treated. I know it’s silly to state this, but just because a person is behind a screen and you cannot see them, that doesn’t make it “alright” and justify ghosting another person’s audience or to product sloppy content for the collaboration. Be present. Be professional. Leave a good impression.

Tip 2. Harness the Power of Content Marketing

Your content is your currency. Dig into your content marketing as a robust tool for list growth. Consistent, purposeful content not only attracts your target audience but also positions you as an authority in your niche. Optimize your content to capture email leads, turning casual visitors into dedicated subscribers. Make sure you are not creating content just to mark it off on your to-do list. Optimize your content from top to bottom to be SEO friendly, to help your viewers (or readers) take the next critical action step (which ideally would be to join your email list). Your long-form content should be working for you 24/7 and should be the best employee of your small business.

If you already have a vault of juicy content marketing, how can you repurpose it and make it even more optimized to fit your launch runway? Dig through your data and your analytics and study your content.

Tip 3. Master Classes: A Promotional Powerhouse

Introduce a promotional period featuring master classes to fuel your email list growth. Position yourself as an expert by offering valuable insights and knowledge. This not only entices potential subscribers but also sets the stage for a successful launch. Weekly masterclasses (or webinars) can truly provide real value during this period to build trust and anticipation. Your webinars don’t need to be an hour long, they could be a quick 30-minute class and give your viewers ONE main action item that they can build on every week leading up to your cart open date! Remember to build anticipation and excitement about the product or program you have coming.

Establishing Authority for Long-Term Success

Consistent Content Marketing: The Authority Builder

I truly want you to remember that developing authority through your long-form content is not just a pre-launch necessity but a long-term strategy. Consistency and purpose in content marketing are key. I want you to become the go-to source in your industry, ensuring sustained success beyond the initial launch phase. But, this takes time. This takes patience. This takes a lot of reps. Remember to show up when no one else is showing up. Consistency will pay off, but again, it takes time.

I believe in the long game and looking ahead as a business owner. So if you want to continue to fine-tune your launches year after year, continue to fine-tune the way you show up with your content marketing because it will have a ripple effect during your launching periods.

Remember,  by embracing these shared tips and insights, your business can not only supercharge its pre-launch email marketing but also lay the groundwork for enduring success. Email marketing isn’t just a tool; it’s the linchpin that can turn a business launch into a triumph. Start building your email list strategically and watch your business soar to new heights (yes, even if it’s a small trickle of subscribers over time, this trickle will become a mighty stream later down the line! Please be patient with yourself and enjoy the process of learning how to establish yourself as an authority in your field!)

Happy launching!

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