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I'm Dolly — a Nashville based branding photographer for small business owners & a systems + workflow educator (and Podcast Host) for creatives who want to be more streamlined and organized with System, Workflows & Dubsado. I'm here to help you look awesome (for your photos) & feel great about workflows!

All of my blog posts are written to help the reader find clarity in the areas of branding photography, systems/workflow education, and I even have peppered some of my own personal life in several blogs so you can get to know me! The most important thing is: I want you to walk away with tangible next step resources! Thank you again for being here!

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  Can you believe it has been a year since I started The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast? Maybe you have been listening for most of the year, or maybe you just stumbled across this podcast today. If you are a behind-the-scenes junkie and love getting the inside scoop on what goes on behind the […]

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  Is your website complete with all the things, including a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions? Maybe you know these legal pages hold some kind of value, but hey, who looks at those tiny links at the bottom of your website anyways? If you are ready to protect all the hours and money you […]

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  Does the very mention of Zapier make you feel like you need to get a Bachelor’s degree to use it? Maybe you’ve heard how great and useful it is, but once you open the site and start looking around, you immediately close the tab due to intimidation. If you are ready to have your […]

51: Week 8 of the series How to Automate & Streamline the Backend of your Lead Magnets (and Offers) - All about Zapier
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  Does creating an opt-in or bundle seem daunting? Maybe know what you want to offer your audience, but you don’t know how to put together all the pieces. If you are ready to start thinking through the puzzle pieces on the back end of your opt-ins, offers, and bundles, this episode is for you. […]

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  Is your opt-in ready for subscribers, but you aren’t sure how to get it out there? Maybe you know what the experts say to do next, but you want new, creative ways to promote your lead magnet. If you are ready for fresh ideas, five ideas to be exact, on creative ways you can […]

49: Week 6 of the series How to Automate & Streamline the Backend of your Lead Magnets (and Offers) - My Top 5 Favorite Ways to Grow my Email List
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Do you still feel like your business is visually homeless? You may have an idea of how you want to display your business, freebies, or opt-ins, but you can’t figure out how to get it right on the screen. If you find yourself scrolling other landing pages, websites and Pinterest for inspiration but are ready […]

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  Do you look at email marketing as a monster you don’t want to tackle? Maybe you want to dive into it someday, but today is not the day. This episode is for you if you need a little more hand-holding on setting up your nurture sequence and understanding why it can be so powerful […]

The Ultimate Crash Course to Setting Up Your First Nurture Sequence with Amanda Stores
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  Do you love having an engaged following on your social media accounts? Maybe social media is the only form of communicating with your audience which works for you. This episode is for you if you understand social media platforms are just borrowed land and want to learn how to dive into the magic of […]

46: Week 3 of the series how to automate and streamline the backend of your lead magnets and offers- The Perfect Guide to making your way into your subscriber’s inbox
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  Are you providing value to your audience on the fly? If you are holding back on creating opt-ins, this episode is for you because you don’t know how to create the email automation ball rolling. In this episode, I share the next puzzle piece in automating your offers. If you are ready to create […]

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  Is your landing page selling for you? If you are ready to turn your landing page into a converting machine, this episode is for you. Ashlyn Carter shares how you can create and optimize a high-converting landing page for your opt-ins and challenges. If you are starting to doubt your offer and want to […]

The Importance of Copy & Having A High Converting Landing Page Featuring Ashlyn Carter
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