112: How to Properly Position Your Pre-Launch Content Using Story-Based Methods in Order to Have an Amazing Launch featuring Hayley Rissler (The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcasts)

In this episode of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast, I chat with guest contributor Hayley Rissler about the importance of understanding your customer journey for successful marketing. We discuss aligning your business’ story with consumer needs and experiences, the importance of Facebook challenges in customer engagement, and the strategic approach of the upcoming Systems and Workflow Magic bundle launch.

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Meet Hayley Rissler

Most online businesses struggle with sales and marketing. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Hayley specializes in creating story-based marketing that looks good, feels good, and makes sales. In 2016 she launched a DIY blog and over the years has assisted online creators with six-figure launches, hosted best-selling workshops, and led an online community of digital creators. She loves diving into marketing strategies and helping creators have their best sales ever.

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Dolly DeLong: Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast. I am your systems BFF and guide, Dolly DeLong. And today I am so excited to share another Systems and Workflow Magic bundle contributor, Hayley Rissler. Hayley, I forgot to confirm how to pronounce your last name. I’m very embarrassed. As I’m talking, I’m going to keep this on the podcast so that people can know how embarrassed I am. but I hope I’m pronouncing your name correctly. And, anyways, like just like going, going into this introduction of Hayley. if you are a brand new listener to the podcast, I just want to say welcome. And if you are an OG listener, welcome back. And. Just quickly as a quick recap, I’m featuring, several of the amazing contributors of the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle, the launch edition, leading up to the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle launch. bundle happening very soon in February. And I’m pumped today to talk to Hayley because I feel like I was just chatting with her a little bit before we hit record. I feel like we’ve known each other forever, but this is our first time meeting face to face thanks to Zoom. And, We both have, I don’t want to, ay newborns. Like they’re both like seven to eight months old. so we both were in the newborn mom stage together earlier this year. So we both have been through the trenches of parenting. So anyway, Hayley, thank you so much for coming on the show. do you mind introducing yourself to the audience? Who you are, what you do, who your Harry Potter house is? If that’s relevant!

Hayley Rissler:  Yeah. Oh my gosh. thanks for having me. First of all. so a little bit about me, I’m Hayley Rissler is my last name. Oh, wow. Yes. like a Twizzler, but with an S S Rissler. yes. And I am the owner, chief marketing, everything of CopyClick Studio, which is my business where I help online business owners create marketing that Looks good, feels good, and makes sales is my old tagline. I only launched this business in June of 2023, but I have been in the online space since 2016. I started as a blogger in the DIY space. I am actually in the process right now of selling that blog, which is a whole nother story, but, really kind of a fun thing to go through. but anyway, for. For so many years, I have just loved all things marketing. I have a bachelor’s in marketing. I have just been in marketing. I grew up in a small family-owned cookie shop and my mom was always instilling in me all of these, ideas of customer service. And just this idea of entrepreneurship and marketing was instilled in me at a very young age. And so when I was thinking about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life I was like, it’s going to be something business because I just have that entrepreneurship in my blood. It’s So, went to college, and studied marketing, and ever since then, I’ve always or, gravitated toward the online space. So I started with blogging. I’ve worked with several creators over the years, and at the end of 2022, I am. became a story brand-certified guide. So that has been on my bucket list. If you will, since 2018, I just always knew I loved the story brand framework. I love story-based marketing because it looks good and feels good. But more so than that, I know so many online business owners feel uncomfortable selling. And when you use story-based principles, it just feels natural for the business owner and the customer. So I used to hate selling. I felt so uncomfortable. I would rather peel my skin off. That’s a terrible metaphor, but I would rather, cry than have to sell someone something. And then. I just kept practicing and I got inspired by a lot of business owners who were doing a great job selling. And I did a complete 360 if you will, whatever. and yeah, now I love selling and I love helping people sell. And, that’s what I do in my business. now. So really right now my business is, service-based. So I work on one with online business owners to help them craft marketing messaging that makes their products easier to sell.

Dolly DeLong: Wow. I love that so much. Hayley. first of all, your childhood sounds delicious. 

Hayley Rissler: It was, my mom used to have to take the cookie case closed. Otherwise, I would go and try and eat the cookies from the cookie. 

Dolly DeLong: was it just you growing up or did you have any siblings? 

Hayley Rissler: I have two older brothers, but I’m the youngest by about five years. So I was, my mom took me to work with her every day. It was my mom and my aunt owned a cookie store. So I grew up in this coffee shop and lunch cafe. And then by the time I was like 12, 13, I started working there. So I was, I like to say I’m a retired barista. Cause I was a barista for a lot of years. and then my. the family eventually sold the business in 2014, I think. So that’s, so it’s sad. I miss it so much. And the business doesn’t exist anymore. But, it was like a pillar of the community for about 20 years. So a cookie pillar. Yes. Yes. Cookie, coffee, all of the good things. So I make a mean cookie. I believe you. 

Dolly DeLong: I love it. that is so interesting. I love hearing people’s background stories and thank you for sharing that. 

Hayley Rissler: Oh, and then I also have to share that my Hogwarts house is Gryffindor because yeah, you would be a Gryffindor. I would be a Gryffindor. It makes a lot of sense. Also, my oldest name is Gryffin and we, sometimes I jokingly call him Gryffindor, but, we are all, I don’t know, just very, good spirited, loving, family-based, I don’t know, all of those Gryffindor kinds of traits, and my oldest is Gryffin, it makes sense.

Dolly DeLong: I love that! I’m From Hufflepuff. So I’m very unintimidating and very just like we will get along with anybody, but I have a theory I married a Slytherin. but he’s like a good Slytherin if there is such a thing. So. Well, thank you so much for being on the show today, Hayley. I am, I’m thrilled you’re here. I know we’ve been following each other for a while. And so when you, when I, you all, I did a pitch to Hayley through a collaboration network that we’re both involved in. And I was excited when Hayley agreed to be a part of this bundle. And then when she also, pitched this idea of what she’s going to be contributing to the bundle, which we’ll talk about, hopefully soon we’ll tease that out. But, what she has to add is so necessary because you do need to weave in a lot of marketing and story messaging. In the pre-launch, it is not just the launch. Okay. Not just for selling your content or your product, your service, but you need to warm up your audience to get to know you and trust you and like you and you do that through story and building connection and being a guide. And so Hayley. I’m so excited that you’re going to be sharing some tactical ways to do this. And yeah, so let’s, get into the meat of this episode. let’s talk about pre-launch creating a story. I don’t even know how to phrase it. That’s why you’re here. 

Hayley Rissler: Yes, exactly. I need to save the day. Yeah. So I guess let’s kick it off by talking about what is pre-launch content. so everyone’s pretty familiar with what a launch is. A launch is, you know, you have a launch mechanism, whether that is a challenge or a webinar or a training, some sort of usually live event that leads into selling a course or a digital product or a service or something like that. group program. Pre-launch content is everything that leads up to that launch mechanism. So, unfortunately, it’s very often overlooked and people will just start promoting a launch without having any pre-launch content ahead of that. But I like to think of it as a book in the pre-launch content in chapter one. You don’t want to start your book at chapter five or people are going to get confused. They are going to feel like they’re coming in halfway through a story. so let’s start with a very juicy chapter one with pre-launch content that not only warms your audience up, gets them ready, positions your course for sale, but also attracts new people in, and gets people talking about your launch. And what they have to look forward to, and why it’s going to benefit them. so yeah, that’s what pre-launch content is and why it’s so important. Because I love story-based marketing methods. And when you’re telling a story, you have to start with the intro. You can’t start halfway through.

Dolly DeLong: That’s so good. I like to also think of pre-launch as kind of like a domino effect, like happening very smoothly. And so you’re right. A person shouldn’t just jump straight into a great story in chapter 10. They should start at the very beginning and lead up to the plot or whatever, the context of the story. That’s, that’s awesome. Yes. okay. So with your, with your clients, with your background, how, how would you recommend a person getting started, with this pre-launch content? Because I know as an outsider looking in as a creative business. owner looking in, this can seem very, very overwhelming and intimidating. And I know a lot of business owners like you were saying, get so excited and want to throw their new program together and then talk about it and expect everyone to see it, but that doesn’t work like 99 percent of the time. So where do you even start with prelaunch content?

Hayley Rissler: Yeah, that’s a great question. So with a launch, usually most people, when they know they’re going to launch, they know what their end goal is, they know the program that they want to get people into, or they know the thing that they want to sell at the end. So it’s really helpful if you back into that. So first think about your course, whatever it is. Let’s, have an example written down. So let’s talk about like someone who wants to do a gardening course. So for your pre-launch content, you need to start asking yourself why, would someone want to join this course. of course, maybe their first response is, that they want a really pretty garden. why would they want a pretty garden? Because they want vegetables in their backyard at their, at their disposal. But why Would they want that? So we keep asking ourselves why. I want fresh produce in my backyard because it’s, I’m busy and it’s a lot easier to get produce from my backyard than it is to have to go all the way to the store to get what I need. Okay, so now instead of just talking about how I’m going to teach you how to plant a garden, let’s start talking about how I’m going to teach you how you can save time by having fresh vegetables at your disposal in your backyard because I know you’re a busy person and you, want this convenience in your life. So when you start asking yourself why it gets you a little bit farther from what you’re teaching, which when you’re getting a little bit farther from what you’re teaching, that’s your prelaunch content. That’s where you want to start. You want to start. At your customers, step one, meet them where they’re at in the story. this whole idea of positioning and getting your customer on the same page as you. So then when you, when you eventually launch your course, they understand the perspective that you’re coming from and you’re on the same page instead of just jumping into selling the course when they’re actually like five steps behind you and not sure why they need the course in the first place.

Dolly DeLong: I love that so much. So I was just like writing notes while you were talking and I wrote asking yourself why like over and over and over that to me sounds like you are helping yourself create weekly content. to lead up to the cart open. Yes, that’s correct. 

Hayley Rissler: Absolutely. So what I recommend is taking you probably have a course outline or the big pillars of the things that you teach in your course or product. Take each of those and do that why exercise with each one of them. okay. Step one is, Figuring out how big your garden should be. Like, why? because fruits and vegetables need so much space to grow. Why? Because if they don’t, then they won’t have the yield or whatever. They won’t have the yield that you want. let’s talk about methods to get the most harvest from your garden. Or whatever. Also, disclaimer, I am not a gardener and this course is for me because I have tomatoes on my back porch that are yellow and my cucumbers keep dying. So if anyone has the course for this, I am your ideal, person. So, um, I love it. So anyway, but you can see how we take something like starting your garden and figuring out where to plant your garden. And we drill that down into the why, and you meet your customer where you’re at, because there may be not thinking through, should I start my garden on the North side or the South side of my house? it can make a huge difference. So let’s back that up. to get on the same page, that very, very, very step one, the opening of the story, so that then you can lead them into understanding why they need your course. 

Dolly DeLong: This is all amazing. can you give, okay, so let’s, again, try to treat every single episode of this podcast? Listeners OG listeners know this, like tactical practical examples, and also like a masterclass that they walk away with, wow, we learned X, Y, Z. So I love that you are encouraging even me and the listeners. Okay, start with a why, dig deeper, dig deeper, dig deeper. Each why you dig into sounds like a piece of content that they can use. Okay. Now I’m sure a, a, a listener is okay. I am asking all these questions of why, but then how do I create this content? How, like, how do I lead into that? What do you mean by creating content? 

Hayley Rissler: Yes. this is where those story-based principles come into play. So, when you’re thinking of a really good story that you’ve heard, I like thinking of sitting around a campfire, and there’s, someone sitting behind the campfire, and they’re like, It was a dark, stormy night, and there was a knock at the door. And you’re like, Oh my gosh, on the edge of my seat. Who was it? I need to know! to know. So the whole idea of that, though, is setting the scene for your customer. So with this, you are painting the picture. So painting the picture of something that your customer or, your participant has experienced or wants to experience. So going back to this garden example, we can say something like It was a hot day in July, and you just wanted a fresh salad. You go out to your backyard, and you see that the leaves are yellowing on your tomato plants, and the tomatoes are half chewed! It is a sad, sad day in history. But could you have done something to prevent this? Maybe, can you save your plants and still have a summer full of delicious produce. Yes, I am going to teach you how in my upcoming training. I want you to sign up. So you can see how we, yeah, yes, we are crafting a story. We’re talking about something that your ideal customer May experience or could see themselves experiencing. Like I just worked with a client last month she teaches people how to make decorating easy for their home. And she talks about creating a home decorating plan that, helps you make decorating decisions easier when you’re at, home goods, trying to pick out your decor. So she’s like, you know, have you ever gone to home goods and. you’re measuring a piece of decor by how big your hands are and you realize that you don’t have your measurements, but you have to guess that, okay, I guess this is about three hands big like we can all relate to that experience. that’s something that she can tell her customers like, you know, when you’re just like unsure about the size of something and you don’t know if it’s going to fit and you’re holding out your hands in front of you or, you’re using hand to elbow lengths trying to see if your home decor is going to fit in the space that you have Like it doesn’t have to be this way, you know, you like, Oh, I’m going to help you create a plan so that you can be confident going into the, the home goods, store or whatever, and picking out your home decor. And it’s the story starts with you first drilling down those why the why is ultimately, what you want. A garden full of fresh vegetables at your disposal. So let’s think about an experience that you’ve had So, maybe then that goes into journaling let’s think about some of my specific memories in this like when I was first starting my garden That I experienced or maybe this is going out and talking to a few of your students or customers or just, friends and family like, Hey, tell me about some experiences that you’ve had gardening and then they just start rattling off like, Oh my gosh, like one time I had these like I had some pests and it was eating all of mine. All of my tomatoes, and I had no idea, what was going on, and, it was so much work to try and figure out what was going wrong. I had to go to the garden center, I had to take a leaf clipping in, to, to them and have them tell me what they thought was wrong with it. And, so it’s trying to get those stories that people can identify with, and using that, then, as the intro to lead people into your launch mechanism.

Dolly DeLong: So it sounds okay. I’m just repeating back what you said, like how I’m perceiving it. So you journal or even you go talking to your friends and family or peers. That sounds to me like you are gathering data. Yes. gathering maybe like their own voices to craft. More craft the client journey closer to your product service, digital course, whatever.

Hayley Rissler: Yep. Yeah. Correct. Because people get so stuck in this mindset of sales mumbo jumbo and, thinking of all the things that they should say about their launch and from a marketing perspective, talk to your customers like they’re your BFF and Hey, I know what it’s like to have a garden that’s being eaten by pests. And that’s what they want to talk about. That’s what they’re going to listen to. They want to listen to someone who feels like their friend rather than to someone who feels like they’re just being sold to who’s someone who’s selling something to them. So that’s this whole idea of being approachable, setting the scene, talking, like telling these stories to, connect with your customers and get them to take action. 

 Dolly DeLong: I love that. if you need to re-listen to this. Podcast episode. I highly recommend you just re-listen to that point. Be approachable, be approachable, with stories and you can infuse not only your personality, but you can infuse just like how, like the whys, the, the tangible different facets of the product of your service into these stories to lead them closer to knowing Hey, I need to buy this without even knowing I need to buy this. Yes. Yes. I love this so much. Okay. Hayley, I know like we’re short on time, but, how would you recommend a creative business center organizing all of this? Because again, the problem is there are so many problems, like a lot of creative business centers have, they get excited. They want to you. Quickly introduce their product or service or digital product. And they want to announce it like next week, but then, so that’s problem number one and then problem number two, okay. Like they see the need for prelaunch, but they don’t know where to start. And so you’re sharing, start with why journal talk with your friends and family, talk with your peers to gather, Those pivotal pillar content pieces that they’ll need to talk about to lead to their product, be being approachable with stories, but then so they know what to do, but how do they organize this or how, how, how do they map this out? Because that’s also another issue. A lot of creatives face. 

Hayley Rissler: Yeah, for sure. So first, the first thing I heard was about the time. Do I have the time? And I know that is the biggest objection for business owners, but I have to say Your people will wait and it’s okay if you know you want to launch next week, just give it two weeks. Like I asked for a minimum of just give it two weeks of pre-launch content before you launch into your, ideally like four would be great, but if you don’t have four, it’s okay, just do two. Um, so with that, like thinking of mapping out, I’m a very visual person. I need to see all of my ideas in front of me. So this can easily be done in any sort of project management tool like ClickUp, Asana, or Trello. So what I would do, I mentioned earlier, taking that kind of three, like three ideas or pillars of your course or whatever, and asking why. I would create a card or a list item or something for each of those. pillars that you have, and then just go through that why exercise. Ask your why, ask yourself why as many times as you can until you get down to that core piece of okay, I can’t get any deeper than this. This is my why. And now plan, like maybe two or three posts, like posts or emails or something about that content. and then go to your next one and you’re hitting all of these different angles to hopefully hit as many, I talk with my hands a lot. 

Dolly DeLong: I love it. Jazz hands.

Hayley Rissler: to hit all of these different, parts of your customer base and hopefully bring them all in. You’re positioning it to, bring them all on the same page for your live launch mechanism. Anyway, I love doing that in some sort of project management tool and then taking those ideas and putting them over to a social media scheduler or, like fully fleshing out the text of what that content is. And then, take it through the rest of your workflow from there.

 Dolly DeLong: I love that so much so that. Oh, and I love that you are so full of grace to the listeners and you’re saying, just give yourself at least. Two weeks, because if it was me, you all know the OG listeners know I’m pretty intense. And I do like for this bundle, for example, I have known to do like a six-month runway, like just lead up and anticipate, but I know not a lot of people have that personality and they want to do something next week or in two weeks. So. Hayley, thank you for being so full of grace towards people. 

Hayley Rissler: I get it. 

Dolly DeLong: Okay, you can do it in two weeks. You can do it in two weeks. it may not be as, maybe not as successful, or maybe it could be successful, but just give yourself some time and space, and I love that. just a little breathing room. I love that. 

Hayley Rissler: Yes, and think, you’re doing it. for your results. this is for your result. It’s not just something that you should do. If you can do this prelaunch content, it’s hopefully going to help you make more sales, which is, what we all want at the end of the day. Yes. 

Dolly DeLong: Yes. I love that so much. All right. Okay. I know that you’ve shared. A lot of wisdom with us. can you give more, I’m putting you on the spot, but can you give more tangible examples of how to share stories and marketing? Because, you are a marketing story, brain guide, and I’m sure my listeners are like, okay, Dolly, we want more. How do we dig more into finding, our stories to share? with our ideal clients? How do we do that? Okay, you, we start with a why, but what else should 

Hayley Rissler: do? Yeah. So StoryBrand teaches seven elements of a story. So it starts with a character and the character is always your customer. So that’s, you know, one thing I love about story-based marketing and StoryBrand is that it’s, like I’m very much a people pleaser and I am a very, I like to think I’m a very selfless person. I like thinking about other people before myself. So it’s let’s. Let’s think about our customers first. So the whole idea of the story is you have a character who encounters a problem. And this whole, character problem is really how I start all of my stories. So before jumping into Hi, my name is Hayley. And I run a marketing studio. And I, like talking about me first, let’s talk about the business owner. So Like a lot of online, when I, whenever I introduce myself and tell my story, it’s a lot of online businesses struggle with sales and marketing. Like an online business owner character, struggling with sales and marketing is the problem. Now you have this, character in the problem. Let’s now see that the next part of the story is that they meet a guide who gives them a plan. So that’s where the business owner then steps in. This is so meta, but that’s where I would then step in and give you a plan to help you with your marketing. So that’s the next stage of the story. So when you’re thinking about it, your whole launch is a story. Your prelaunch content is just the beginning of that story. So you are just getting everybody on the same page of your, of your, the marketing story that you’re telling, so in terms of like tangible examples, or steps, just think about that, like character, what’s the character, what’s the problem. You’re the guide and your course essentially is the plan to help them see success. So that is that whole piece of positioning of we just need to properly position, that plan that you’re giving them with the problem that they’re facing. So that’s then asking those why questions and drilling down to their why and their customer want if you will. ultimately what they want at the end of the day. They want to go to their backyard, pick some tomatoes, and put them in their salad. And, so then throughout your marketing, you’re teasing in that Hey, I know what you want is putting fresh cherry tomatoes on your salad. You want that like easy life if I can just make a salad from what I have in my backyard. How wonderful would that be? But. Now we’re entering the problem, but gardening is really hard, and there are pests, and there are funguses, fungi, and there are diseases, and all these things that can get in the way of keeping you from this customer want, but I have a plan to help you have a gorgeous, delicious garden. And so when you’re telling this story, you can think of these elements of a story. So a character has a problem. But they need a guide, which is your business, who gives them a plan, and the plan is essentially your course. And then we have a few more elements of a story, but that’s, if you can get that much, those four parts for your launch, then you can start weaving in kind of all of those elements too, you can use this in your social media posts, you can use this in your emails, you can use this in your, live training and challenges, all that good stuff.

Dolly DeLong: Hayley, mic drop. This is it. This is it. This is amazing. This is gold. Okay. For the listeners who are, listening in, I am just, I think that Hayley just gave you pretty much a pay, a master, a paid master class version of what she does. And so you need to like, after this episode, you need to find her and thank her. Cause she, this was amazing. Yes. I love it!

Hayley Rissler: This is a really hard thing. Passion. I just get so passionate about it, all of it feels so nerdy, but I just like, I love, I love, because at the end of the day, business owners have. a fiery passion about something and they want to sell their thing. But here’s the problem, like I’m telling the story right now, but somewhere along the way, they just get bombarded with all of this sales mumbo jumbo, lias said earlier, and it’s made it harder to sell. But like when you can get to the core reason of your fiery passion of why you want to sell your thing like you change so many lives. And at the end of the day, your business changes so many lives by the course or product that you sell. And like your message deserves to be heard by those people. It just takes a little bit of tweaking to get your messaging on point so that your message can be like properly absorbed, if you will, by your, core customers, helping you I just, love that. 

Dolly DeLong: I love it. thank you so much, Hayley. And, As we wrap up again because I know like if I could, I would ask you question after question after question, and then you’d be like, I’m going to invoice you, Dolly, because I just gave everything away. But, do you mind teasing out just a little bit to the listeners, like what you are planning on contributing to the bundle and why they should consider purchasing the bundle? Because of how transformational it’s going to be. 

Hayley Rissler: Oh my gosh, yes. Okay. first of all, I am creating this product for the bundle to start with. So it is, I am so excited about it. I am, putting something together around properly positioning your launch, by using Facebook. Challenge and I have done so many Facebook challenges assisted with so many and I have lots of great tips and tricks for making the most of them, like having a pop-up Facebook group or something like that to launch your product service, whatever it is. So I’m excited to contribute that to the bundle more information on that coming soon, but I am above all so excited to take part in the bundle because Dolly has been so thoughtful in sourcing all of the content for it. Like I’ve seen so many bundles and summits that’s just Oh yeah, anybody and everybody can participate. And then you have to weed through hundreds of offers in the bundle. And it’s so overwhelming, but Dolly has been thoughtful about saying like, okay, I want a business owner to contribute this specific thing and I only want one of that topic. And that is really what sets this bundle apart because, she’s being thoughtful about how she’s putting it together and not duplicating resources or, putting in too much and making it just overwhelming. So really I am so thrilled to be part of a thoughtfully sourced bundle and not something that’s just being like thrown together. Like I’ve seen so many other bundles. Be done. 

Dolly DeLong: Well, thank you for that raving review. Yeah. I’m sending you your check in the mail. It’s coming.

Hayley Rissler: you’re too sweet. Thank you. I take coffee money also. Okay. 

Dolly DeLong: or, and, if I am a true Instagram creep like I am Diet Coke, correct? Yes. Your diet. I am a Diet Coke fan. Okay, well I’m a true Instagram creep because I noticed that. I was like, oh, I don’t know. I always notice that. That makes me think of, my grandfather. He used to drink Diet Coke all the time. And, and then he used to give me some, and I drank diet coke because of my grandfather. We’re a breed. Yeah, so and then I told my husband that story and he’s that is disgusting. I’m like, no, it’s not. It’s, it just makes me think of my grandfather.

Hayley Rissler: So a joke that my mom started putting Diet Coke in my bottles after she finished giving me milk and she’s stopped it. I did not. Drinking Diet Coke for as long as I can remember.

 Dolly DeLong: Oh, I associate it with something really good.

Hayley Rissler: something really good. I love it.  

Dolly DeLong: Hayley, can you like let everyone know how people can find you, connect with you, work with you? Because I know after this episode, people are most likely going to want more guidance on how to weave their own stories into their marketing.

Hayley Rissler: Yes. Yeah. my website is copy-click. So that is where you can get a whole idea of my business, my services. I have lots of different options, depending on your, as I say, different price points for different levels of business. lots of options for working with me, but I love to hang out on Instagram. I’m a copy, click. com. I also sit. Send out marketing emails every Tuesday morning and I love my email list so much. I put a lot of thought into my emails, but they’re very quick reads and actionable marketing tips. I always prompt you to reply with, something to help you just get thinking about your marketing a little bit more, especially in those story-based elements. but yeah, so follow me on Instagram and send me a message, please. I love Instagram and, yeah, check out my, check on my website, and sign up for my email list. which is on my website as well. 

Dolly DeLong: And for the listeners Hayley has, provided five critical marketing mistakes. this is a free guide she’s providing for the listeners. And so that, that link will be in the show notes. And so that way, you can learn how to. Fix any mistakes you’re making in your messaging for your marketing. And so Hayley, like I will have that in the show notes so that people, can connect with you even further. And as we wrap up, I want to remind everyone, don’t forget to sign up for the systems and workflow magic bundle, the 4. 0. Launch edition. It’s crazy. This is a fourth edition and remember it goes live the first week of February. And so remember leading up to it, I’m going to be featuring the various, amazing contributors who are a part of this bundle so that you can meet them, and get to know them. Love them and follow them on all the platforms. And also don’t forget to check out the show notes for everything mentioned in this episode. And so until next time, I hope you have a streamlined and very. Magical week. You amazing muggle. You, I will talk to you next week about more systems and workflow magic. Bye!

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