107: The “Not-So-Live-Launching” Method to Use During Busy Seasons of Life To Impact Your Launching featuring Michelle Pontvert (The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast)

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Meet Michelle Pontvert

Michelle is a Life-First Business Strategist and founder of the Business Chic Shop where she sells streamlined solutions to simplify growing a business around your real-life circumstances. She’s also a neurodivergent, multi-passionate entrepreneur juggling running two businesses with being a hands-on Mum while living the expat life in Paris, France.

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Dolly Delong: Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast. I am your Systems and Workflow BFF and Guide, Dolly DeLong, and if you are joining in on YouTube or listening in on the podcast, I’m thrilled and honored that you are here My friend, thank you so much. So if you have been keeping up with the series live, like as these podcasts and YouTube episodes have been launching live, you should know that I am in the middle of a series all centered around the topic.

And the theme of launching specifically just peeling back the curtain of you know, like the different puzzle pieces of what you should consider if you were wanting to launch for the first time. Or let’s say this is your 100th launch and you want to continue to refine your launches. it’s always good.

I believe it’s always good to know how to best refine and how to best. Optimize tweak and strategize for your next launch. Let me just reiterate, no launch is going to be the same. And there’s no blueprint for this, like every single launch. Like you have to play around.

You have to permit yourself to play as Weiss would say. So. Today’s guest is a new online business friend, Michelle Ponvair. I hope I pronounced your name, and last name, right. Michelle is a life-first business strategist and founder of the Business Chic Shop, where she sells streamlined solutions to simplify growing a business around your real-life circumstances.

She’s also a neurodivergent, multi-passionate entrepreneur juggling two businesses with being a hands-on mom while living in France. So Michelle, welcome to the podcast. Did I leave anything out?

Michelle Pontvert: No, thank you so much for having me. I’ve been looking forward to this. This is going to be fun.

Dolly Delong: I’m excited. And I hope I pronounced your last name correctly.

Michelle Pontvert: Beautiful. It’s very tricky because in French we would say Pont Vert. You swallow most of the letters. But Pont Vert is beautiful too because then people know how to spell it.

Dolly Delong: Well, thank you so much for your grace. And everyone who may not be watching, Michelle is reading.

Based in Paris, France. So we are, she it’s most likely the afternoon there for her and it’s morning here for me. And so this is like an international episode. I’m so excited about this, Michelle. yesterday, we recorded an episode for Michelle’s podcast, which I will be sure to link in the show notes to her podcast.

So you all can connect with Michelle. Once you get to know her, you’re just gonna, absolutely love her. so I wanted to just like dive right in. I am so excited that Michelle you’re specifically in this launch series because you’re going to be talking about the concept of not-so-live launching, when you presented that topic and that idea to me, I knew I wanted to dive into that because I listeners who fit the following criteria.

I’m just like going to list it out because I have like Many different types of listeners, but these are the three main types. a lot of my listeners are brand-new business owners who are brand new to the concept of launching. They’ve never launched a digital product or service before. So it’s all new to them or they are in the messy middle.

Of their businesses, they’re figuring out all the puzzle pieces of systems, workloads, and SOPs, and they honestly need help understanding how launching fits into that, because they may want to learn how to optimize a digital pro or create a digital product to launch and market. Well, and Another added layer to all of this, a lot of my listeners are moms and business owners, too.

So the idea of not-so-live launching intrigues me as a mom of two because, you know, being a full-time mom is like a full-time job within a full-time job within a full-time job. And then having a business and like, you know, you have two full-time businesses that you are doing other businesses as well.

Launching within those businesses can be stressful. So just having your expertise on the podcast today, I’m excited to get your perspective and, what you mean about not so live watching.

Michelle Pontvert: Yeah, so it’s, it’s a term I guess I’ve coined myself because launching typically is like a set period where we’re promoting an offer, whether that’s a digital product, a course, or even like a service, just basically putting the word out that we’ve got something available for sale.

And. Typically that’s done live with emails going out that people are writing pretty much the day of, and preparing a lot of those elements live, but also including showing up live to add to that sort of excitement about your promotion. So that can look like hosting a live webinar or challenge, showing up for videos, or doing reels.

Being active and present to help encourage people to engage with your launch. And I think that’s wonderful. I think it’s the norm for a reason because it is effective to show our faces, to show up and show and demonstrate our excitement, our enthusiasm for our offer. But as you said, Dolly, that is not always realistic or possible for a lot of us entrepreneurs, particularly people like me, basically, people who are parents to young kids who have unpredictable schedules, people who are in alternate time zones from their ideal clients.

As you said, I’m in France. A lot of my audience is in Australia, I’m an Aussie originally, so I still get a lot of Aussies, um, or in America, and showing up live for those time zones is tricky sometimes because it’s the middle of the night or the middle of school drop off. So timing can be tricky and then the sort of third layer I found challenging for me and that my audience also really resonates with is I’m neurodivergent.

My brain works a little differently and I don’t show up my best put on the spot to do things live. I do well when I can have some space and some time to get myself into the right. frame of mind and communicate in ways that work best for the way my brain functions. So kind of those three things combined led me to try and think outside of the box of how to still show up and offer my things in an exciting container, that’s relevant, that has All the good parts of launching live, but took away some of those elements that made it kind of inaccessible for me as a human.

And that’s where this concept of not-so-live launching kind of was born, is creating still a launch that is timed, something that is life for my audience, but is prepared and curated in advance. And optimized so that I don’t have to show up at a certain time, specifically live on video or for challenges and webinars at a specific time, which doesn’t work for me and my life and my brain.

Dolly Delong: I love that so much. We have so much to unpack because everything I was like. Wow. Like I want her to unpack this and this and this. is it okay if I ask you a very specific question? Um, okay. So I’m glad that you brought up The different layers because I like to remind my listeners not everything is one-dimensional, everybody is multifaceted and multidimensional we have to consider our personalities as women, and we have to consider our hormones that like, like, like with launching sometimes, I brought that up several times I bet my listeners are sick of me saying, really have to consider your bodies and your hormones, but yeah, the third layer, you, you spoke about how your brain works differently.

Um, you brought up the term neurodivergent. Can you unpack that even more? Like, how did you discover that about yourself? when was that clicking in for you?

Michelle Pontvert: Yeah. So neurodivergence is something that has always been part of my life. It’s basically that my brain functions a different way from quote-unquote, typical brains, But it took me a long time even into adulthood to figure out why it was different and what was different.

So, it was thanks to my son and going through his diagnosis journey that I had words to put to some of the struggles I’ve always had. I finally got my official stamp and diagnosis this year, which I’m very excited about. It is a whole other story, but, For a long time, I’ve realized I didn’t learn the same way as other kids in school.

I don’t process information the same way. I have a lot of sensory sensitivities that make just like living in the world, a higher taxing activity for me. Um, but also means that my brain works in really different ways. Something I talk a lot around, on our podcast, Marketing Like a Mother is the way I process information is kind of.

different than most of the world. I process all the details first and then compile that into a solid idea of what something is while the rest of the world kind of does more top-down thinking. You understand a concept and then you get more granular. There are lots of different sort of components to that but basically, it means just from waking up in the morning my brain functions a little differently and for most of my life I just thought I was Broken or different or there was something wrong, and finding out that that was a thing that there’s words for this as other people like me has opened me up and has been a big journey in my business to not only understand and embrace but accommodate the way that my brain and brains like mine work, which is different than the norm, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


Dolly Delong: just different. Well, I am just. Thank you for letting me ask that question. I know it’s like personal, but, um, I’m hoping listeners, I hope as you’re listening, as you’re watching, you’re hearing, like, if you relate to this as well, if your brain works a different way and you want to learn, like how to let’s, let’s say like how to optimize your personality, how to optimize your brain, I’m so thrilled Michelle is here. Cause she’s going to help like a showcase like it is possible for you.

You just have to think of launching it differently and optimize it to like. Fit your personality, so I just, I just have to reiterate that,

Michelle Pontvert: so, oh yeah. It’s, it’s the key because if it feels difficult if it feels like you are trying to shove a square peg in a round hole, most of the time you avoid doing it.

And it’s hard to be a business without YouTube selling. putting on promotions without launching. So I think it is one of those puzzle pieces that’s important to figure out kind of as early as you can, because it’s something you can’t avoid if you want to be a business owner, but something that isn’t always evident if your brain doesn’t happen to work the way that everybody else’s does, that if the typical way of doing things Isn’t clicking for you.

It doesn’t mean you should just give up. It just, needs to get a little more

Dolly Delong: creative.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And, if you have, sorry, I keep on bringing up other episodes, but this keeps on taking me back to, my interview with Sarah Weiss, who’s also a part of the systems and workflow magic launch bundle, which you are a part of.

She said that her business journey has taught her. So much about it’s been like a self-reflection journey and, being online has exposed so much of her personality to herself. it’s like opening up just more facets to her discovery self-discovery journey, what, what, and, it was very interesting to hear her explain it like that.

Cause it’s so true. Like when you open yourself up. To the world, not in like in a, not open up yourself, like in a relationship with a person like your husband, your partner, but like open your business up and you’re exposing it to the online space. And then you’re exposing yourself with this product, to launch, that can be not only vulnerable but also like.

How is your personality going to react to this whole process? And so it’s really good to continue to know yourself and know, like. What works best for you? And so, this is also a reminder to my listeners who are in the beginning stages of their business and they, you’re interested in launching, you’re interested in, like marketing for launch, all those terms, all those terms that I like to throw out at you, give yourself some space and time and lots of grace as you continue to learn more about your personality and then learn also more about how to optimize.

Your business with systems and workflows. So you all know, I’d like to go on tangents and just really want you all to know, like, just take it one step at a time. So,

Michelle Pontvert: Michelle,

Dolly Delong: thank you for sharing that. That means a lot whenever people share something about themselves, thank you so much.

let’s talk about the layer of, being active and like timing can be tricky. Can you talk more about that?

Michelle Pontvert: Sure. So if you are launching something that isn’t just for people who live right next to you in your same town, in your same city, in your same area, time zones can be a really big component to how well your launch goes.

Because not everybody is engaging with your content with your events in the same capacity, you know, showing up for something in person at 10 am or 10 pm is a very different experience. Right. And it’s not surprising that when we extrapolate that to the online space, people show up differently if they have to stay up late or even show up in their pajamas half asleep, or if they’re, you know, only able to engage on a replay because the event was during the middle of the night.

So I think it’s really important if we are the host of something like an event for our launch to be mindful that Not everybody can show up in the same way throughout the day, but also not everybody can show up during the day. It could be the night, it could be a school run, it could just not be a convenient time for them to engage.

So I think as the host of an event, being a good hostess, is to accommodate people where they’re at. And particularly if you’re in the online space, we can kind of assume that Not everybody you’re talking to is in the same place geographically, so considering things like time zones by being thoughtful when you schedule your events, but also offering things like replays, having the option for people to see the times in multiple time zones, so if you’re For example, hosting a webinar event at 8 p.

m. Eastern, not everybody knows off the top of their head, what that means to them. And particularly I find our American listeners are not as accustomed to understanding what time zones mean globally. So give just some anchors to people in the main areas that you serve. So if you’ve got some Europeans, maybe putting like English time zone, that’s usually something we have.

A reference to, we understand as Europeans or in Australia, giving us a time zone. We always get forgotten or somewhere in Asia, just giving us a landmark sort of time zone. When you’re listing out your event, when you’re sharing and promoting your event, give a nod to say, yes, this is a time that suits me as the business owner.

And maybe me and my American friends or me and my European friends, if you’re based in Europe, but it gives a nod to say, but I did think of you in the other countries. As someone who’s lived abroad most of all my adult life and has operated a business Entirely in a time zone different from my clients and customers It’s it’s been really lovely to see that people appreciate that you feel seen you feel understood and you feel accommodated purely just by listing people’s time zones and then again that key piece of offering an Option for people to catch up later if they can’t show up if it is the middle of the night if it is just a really bad day they don’t have childcare.

You want to offer that kind of flexibility for people to meet you where they’re at, not force them to show up when it suits you. I think again that’s just being a good hostess of an event.

Dolly Delong: can I ask a question about that, because that’s something that I will admit like I only. up until like last year, I was only considering the North American United States as like zones.

And, is there an app or a website that helps you like that you, that is your go-to app or website that you like to showcase with your, like, let’s say you’re hosting a webinar and then if you want it to help? Convert over to a person’s current time. So do you have a recommendation for people to use?

Michelle Pontvert: Yeah, I like timezoneconverter. com, a very obvious, title, but I like it because you can input multiple time zones and see them all at the same time. So if I say it’s 7 p.m. Paris time, I can put in what time is that in London? What time is that in Sydney? What time is that in New York? And it will show me all at once.

The other. Easy solution for this. If even find a new website, you can just Google 7 p.m. Your time zone is what time in the time zone you’re looking for. And Google’s really smart and we’ll just give you the answer. So that’s the other really quick way to figure it out.

Dolly Delong: I love that so much.

and I mean, Michelle, like literally for this, for my next launch, I’m going to be using timezone conversion. com now, just like and putting it as a link. It’s on like the landing page of let’s say I’m doing what master class or a webinar. that way people can easily see, okay, what time will it be for me?

Because you’re right like you want to be a really good hostess and consider it and accommodate. To your audience and because it leaves a really good taste in their mouths. I have said this before. I don’t know if I said this to you, Michelle, but I don’t like the term leave a good taste in your mouth. I wish that there was another, like,

Michelle Pontvert: good impression, I guess.

I feel

Dolly Delong: like I’ve told you that, but I can’t think of any other terms. So. Okay, do you have any other suggestions for how to accommodate? So, you shared, okay, like, share replays, or share, like, the time zone piece. How else can we, as, The hosts, and the hostesses, accommodate our audience and then still show up and serve them?

Michelle Pontvert: Yeah. So something I’ve taken to doing, and I have a mini-course, it’s only nine euros about not so live launching, which is kind of this method I’ve used to. Prepare those events in advance and something really lovely as the side effect of recording my webinars way before I’m going to have them go live or pre-recording my challenges is it gives me time to then offer things like notes or transcripts, have closed captions, other elements of accessibility, which not only help for.

accessibility when we have different needs, but also helps if you have an international audience, because we may not speak English as a first language. We may be having sort of sensory processing disorders where we struggle to understand information verbally and we need to read it. it also is nice if someone is catching a replay, they may want to watch it on double speed so that they can get on with their day and catch up with everything else and have the subtitles.

Or the notes help just make sure they’ve understood all the key pieces from that really valuable event that you put on for them. So I found giving myself that little bit of extra buffer time before I show something to my audience allows me to lay it in more of these accessibility features. Into things that otherwise would be quite tricky to figure out to do live there in person.

So it’s kind of like the secret benefit to doing things a little bit asynchronously, but I’ve found it has a big, big impact. And then my other little piece I’m just going to shove in here is if you are offering replays, I would encourage you to be generous with your replays. I know a lot of times there’s this sort of idea of, Oh, we only want a 24-hour window to watch a replay.

And that puts a lot of. Urgency, a lot of stress on the people who want to engage with your launch, but again, may not be able to show up. It may not be the weekend when someone else is in the world. It may not be their time off. They may not have the capacity to sit down and watch your content that day.

And I found by just extending that replay window just a little bit, you know, 48, 72 hours, it can still have that same urgency that encourages people to engage with your launch before the deal’s gone and keep it top of mind, but it just helps encompass all those different time zones comfortably.

Encompass people where they’re at in their lives, in their day to day. And again, gives people who do need a little bit more time to process information, who might need to watch things multiple times, just that extra little bit of accessibility to give them space to do things in their own time. So that’s my little soapbox moment.

Dolly Delong: Love that. will you share them with me the link? So I can put it in the show notes about that, that training you talked about. Oh, sure.

Michelle Pontvert: Definitely.

Dolly Delong: I’ll put it, I’ll put it in the show notes of the blog and of this, this podcast. So that just in case listeners, you want that extra training from Michelle, you will get it.

So. and it’s only nine euros, which is awesome. That’s awesome.

Michelle Pontvert: It’s because it’s my baby. That’s my favorite topic. So I wanted to make it super accessible. I love it.

Dolly Delong: Accessible. That look, look at that layer accessible. okay. So we talked about how to be accommodating. And then we also talked about how to work.

If your brain works differently, if your personality works differently, how do, incorporate that in a not-so-live launching mentality? Is there anything else? Oh, oh, I, okay. I just have a question. I,

Michelle Pontvert: I don’t, yeah.

Dolly Delong: How do you create the hype and excitement? Mm-Hmm. . what you just described earlier, I call that batching because I batch record a lot of podcast episodes, and blog posts for future launches, but then how do you do that anticipation, and excitement, for your audience when it’s not live?

Does that make sense? Yeah, totally.

Michelle Pontvert: So just because we’ve prepared in advance, we’ve done our homework before we showed up to class. That doesn’t mean that we have to take away that sense of urgency from our launch. So even if I’ve recorded a webinar or challenge two weeks before it’s meant to go live. I don’t have to start showing people until the date that my launch actually starts and I can still have that sort of timed experience for the people going through the launch that has the urgency and the importance to kind of engage with the launch while the author’s live.

It just buys me as the host more time to prepare, more time to be intentional with preparing the assets, the like videos, the recordings, however, you’re going to put together your challenge. In advance, so that you can focus your energy during the launch, because we do want to show up during our launch times to support people in real-time by giving feedback, answering questions, of being engaged with people who are asking questions in your DMS or any groups.

and I found it really kind of compartmentalizing the different elements of the launch to show up for the Live quote-unquote pieces ahead of time. I’m able to like to focus all that energy on creating the very best assets I can for the launch and then preserve my limited energy during the open cart window, during that actual launch period, when other people are engaging with my launch content for me to engage with them to me as available as possible.

Because I can’t do both those things at once. I just don’t have. It in me as the way my brain works is the way my schedule works. I can’t do both. I would rather prioritize being as available as possible to people during that time to answer questions, to give them feedback. If they’re working through something like a challenge, I want to be there to hold their hand to go through that process.

So I like that. Just taking off my plate, the recording of the challenge pieces, the recording and preparing of the webinar piece, or whatever kind of event you want to put on. A little bit of head has just helped kind of separate those tasks out and create more space during the launch itself. The other nice thing about preparing ahead is it makes it easy to recycle those launch assets again and again.

So what I found is that I’ve created a great challenge. It’s a shame that it never gets to see the light of day again. So because I pre-recorded it, I can be intentional of maybe not mentioning my pitch until the end. So I can easily edit that out and swap it out for the next launch. so I give myself almost permission to put more effort into the actual assets, those videos, those recordings, those whatever you’re creating.

Because I know I’m making a longer-term asset for my business, rather than putting all the pressure on me to show up and perform live every single time. When my energy can be variable, my mood, as you said, with your sort of cycle, you don’t know what you’re going to get that day while giving yourself a little bit more grace, a little bit more time to prepare, to be in the right headspace, to feel good, you kind of end up getting a better product I find at the end and something you feel really happy about using again and again.

Dolly Delong: So true. I’m, I’m so glad that you brought that up. Okay, just going back to remind listeners, and watchers, that you may not necessarily have a giant team working for you. So when you see these launches online, remember like every, the highlight reel is shown online. So when you see the big business owners with like eight.

I don’t know, like crazy amount figure of launch, which is great for them to keep in mind. Like they have a team of 10, 15, or 20 people working for them, or they might have a team of five people working for them and it’s just you. And that is so overwhelming. It can bring up feelings of jealousy or comparison and you feel worthless because you’re like, well, I can’t keep up with X, Y, Z.

I can’t have my 10-figure launch. When in reality, you’re projected for even a figure launch is amazing for where you are in your business. So I just want to bring it back into perspective. Like you have to see Whoever you’re comparing yourself to where they are versus where you are, you can launch.

It just takes a matter of what Michelle is sharing, what other, what other contributors have shared in this series. It takes planning and then knowing your person. It takes knowing your capacity and you can execute or plan out. an effective launch for your business.

I mean, what are your thoughts on that, Michelle?

Michelle Pontvert: Oh, a thousand percent. And I think it can be a huge disservice to us if we set the bar too high, we inevitably fall short. So I like to see it as launching isn’t the goal. Like that’s not the point of a Business point is to continue to grow, to continue to get more customers, to get better at doing your marketing and sales and customer service and delivering your offer.

The goal isn’t pulling off a good launch. The goal is to do it again and again and again. So we want you to come out of your first or next attempt at a launch in an okay place as a human so that you can go ahead and do it again. Because I find When I tried my first launch, I tried to try and follow kind of the script, the regular way of doing it.

And it’s overwhelming. As you say, it’s hard to live up to those standards and push yourself to do things that are not just uncomfortable, but sometimes not possible for you as an individual or as a solo business owner. And it can lead to burnout. It can lead you to feel bad and can put you off launching again.

So I think it’s almost like taking a bigger view of the whole process. And this is an exercise. We just need to build up our muscles and do repetitions, and we’ll get better and better as we do it more. And I like taking that kind of longer view of we’re just practicing. Like, none of this, quote-unquote, matters.

What matters is that we get up and try again, and we get better every time. So, I think, again, taking this slightly less Stressful version of launching can be a nice way to start dipping a toe, start trying something out. And as you get better at things, as you’re able to recycle more of your assets, as you’re able to, you know, get some confidence behind you, maybe you do want to sprinkle in more live elements because you’ve mastered some of that behind the scenes stuff already.

But I think taking some of the pressure of having to be like Amy Porterfield on day one. Yeah, it’s just setting yourself up to be disappointed. Why not be your day one and then try and do a little bit better next time and a little bit better next time? And just by practicing, you will inevitably see that you improve in whatever area you’re trying at.

So I think, yeah, it’s just an exercise in repetition.

Dolly Delong: Preach it. Mama Michelle. I love it. Well, I know we went over a lot and as we wrap up, like, first of all, let me thank you again for coming on and sharing this aspect about the not-so-live launching and sharing so many different golden nuggets with my audience.

Thank you so much. And Michelle. I’m gonna ask you several questions as we wrap up. Just like how can people find you, connect with you, and work with you? Let us know what our next step would be to work with you and find you.

Michelle Pontvert: Yeah, so I’m pretty easy to find. I’m the only Michelle Pontfort out there.

So I am michellepontfort. com. That’s my website. I’m Michelle Pontfort on Facebook and Instagram. I’m not as great on Instagram. So if you do want to hang out with me, Facebook is usually the place to find me. and then I have a whole I have a whole ton of free resources. I have a blog over on my website.

I highly encourage you to check that out. and then on my email list, I share all sorts of goodies I love on my email list. So if you did want to join there, I have a whole page of freebies. You can sign up and grab something. Do have a couple of things I think might be like really helpful starting places.

so I have one, which is a free guide to my unsticking tricks. This is when you have something you need to do and you’re feeling just stuck and willpower isn’t getting you to move forward. So five kind of out-of-the-box ways to get you moving, and get that momentum going again in your business. And there’s the really kind of different ways of just helping you get moving again.

So. Encourage you to check that one out. That’s on my website, Michelle Ponfort. com slash unstuck. that’s maybe my favorite freebie I have out these days, but there’s a whole ton of other ones there too.

Dolly Delong: Awesome. Well, I’ll have everything in the notes of this specific episode for the listeners. And then Michelle, do you mind sharing with everyone what you will be contributing to the systems and workflow magic bundle, the

Michelle Pontvert: launch edition?

Definitely. So I have my simple sales system, which is built out in Notion. The notion is mine. Favorite productivity tool, because it’s super flexible and user-friendly. So I know if you’re not that techie, it sounds a bit scary, but I promise it’s approachable. And the sales system is a really easy way to put together the kind of marketing assets of your launch.

So you can figure it out. Basically, what are you selling? Fill in a little worksheet and it populates for you automatically all of your sales page copy, your email copy, even your social media post copy and you have templates and a schedule to figure out how you’re going to share this around and get all of those assets going.

It’s Kind of like short-cutting all of the writing and planning part of your launch. Again, I want to get you out there starting. So I think this is a great way to sort of get those training wheels on and get going with launching. You can always customize from there, but it’s a right, a nice way to get started with launching.

Dolly Delong: I love it so much, Michelle. I’m so excited about your product. I’d share this with you on your podcast, but, I don’t, I want to start using or like learning more about Notion. Cause it’s. I’ve heard a lot about it in the past year. So, I’m excited.

Michelle Pontvert: Oh, well, actually one of my brand new freebies is a Notion 101 class for entrepreneurs.

So on my, on my freebie page, you can find that as well.

Dolly Delong: Look at you. Wow. Okay. You guys, I will also like, I will be sure to put everything in the show notes so that you can get all the freebies. and I’ll be grabbing that notion as well. I’m excited. No idea. Okay. Well, as we wrap up everyone, you again, I like a repeat, if you want to check out, the show notes of this.

YouTube video or the podcast episode. Again, everything will be there, and get on the wait list for the systems and workflow magic bundle. there are over 30 different contributors who want to help you out with the different systems, workflows, SOPs, and the different puzzle pieces of launching so that it could be.

Less overwhelming for you and more clear on what steps you need to take. Because again, launching is like, it’s not like a one-size-fits-all blueprint. It’s multifaceted and it’s wonderful. And like Michelle was sharing, like, it’s not about the launch. It’s about you getting up and doing like. We’re continuing to refine your business and continue to show up.

And so we want you to get excited about incorporating launching into your, into your overall business and marketing plan and feel that confidence. So again, we’re so excited about it. That you are choosing to be here, to listen to this podcast episode, watch this YouTube video with us. And I’m excited to showcase a brand new episode next week.

So stay tuned for that. until then have a streamlined and magical week. You amazing muggle you, and I will talk to you all later. Bye.

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