Capturing Christmas Magic: The Importance Of Holiday Mini Sessions In The Summer by Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

Capturing Christmas Magic: The Importance Of Holiday Mini Sessions In The Summer by Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

Capturing Christmas Magic: The Importance Of Holiday Mini Sessions In The Summer by Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography Pinterest Pin

As cheerful (and hot) vibes of summer surround us, it may seem counterintuitive to think about holiday photos. However, when it comes to creating unforgettable memories, it’s essential to plan ahead. One way to do this is by considering mini-sessions during the summer to capture those perfect holiday snapshots. In this blog post, I will share my top three reasons why mini-sessions in the summer are important and how they can help you not only plan ahead strategically for your holiday cards, but they can also help preserve the season of life you are in!

1. Beat the Holiday Rush

The holiday season can be a hectic time, with a flurry of events starting at the beginning of the school year all the way to mid-December when your little ones are performing in their Christmas programs, it’s hard to wrap your head around rushing for a photography appointment in the nonexistent “free” moments of your Fall. By scheduling mini-sessions in the summer, you can beat the holiday chaos and secure a convenient slot when photographers are likely to have more availability. This ensures that you have ample time to prepare for the holidays without the added stress of finding a last-minute photographer. And let’s be honest, your preferred photographer most likely is going to be booking up very soon, so be sure to plan ahead to get on their schedule!

2. Ideal Weather and Scenic Backdrops

Summer presents some advantages when it comes to outdoor photography. The weather is generally warm and pleasant, allowing you to capture vibrant, sun-kissed moments with ease. Additionally, nature is in full bloom during summer, providing an array of picturesque settings such as blooming flowers, lush green landscapes, and vibrant sunsets. Incorporating these elements into your holiday photos can infuse them with an extra touch of beauty and charm. Depending on where you live, your part of the world may be super IDEAL for outdoor photos (for example:)

However, I will speak to the fact that many of us live in parts of the United States where it’s not as ideal to be outdoors because of the summer heat. So I would highly suggest booking a Holiday mini-session indoors at a studio that your preferred photographer CAN decorate with a Christmas theme ahead of time! One of my personal favorite ways to do this is by renting out a bright and airy studio space and incorporating simple (yet elevated) Holiday elements so that my own families (clients) can walk away from their session with a Holiday picture AND a Timeless picture as well (see pictures for examples)!

3. Early Delivery and Peace of Mind

The holiday season often brings with it a flurry of activities, from gift shopping to decorating and hosting gatherings. By opting for mini-sessions in the summer, you can expect your photos to be delivered well in advance. This not only allows you to enjoy your images sooner but also offers peace of mind, knowing that your holiday cards, prints, or digital albums are ready to be shared with family and friends.

I still have families (aka clients) who have participated in mini-sessions with me from past holiday sessions and they STILL have not ordered any type of holiday card or even downloaded their gallery (that came with the session) because they were so swamped in the Fall and Holiday Season. Some of these sessions were even two years ago as I type this out. Yup, that’s how busy life can get. So that’s why I am encouraging you, the reader, to plan ahead and to consider a Holiday Mini-Session in the Summer!

in conclusion…

While it may seem unconventional to think about holiday photos during the summer, planning mini-sessions during this time brings numerous advantages. From avoiding the holiday rush to capturing the essence of summer and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, there are countless reasons to consider early sessions for your holiday photos. So, embrace the warmth, laughter, and beauty of the summer season and let it infuse your holiday memories with a touch of Christmas magic. Trust your photographer to capture this season of life for you!

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Dolly DeLong is a Nashville-based branding photographer for small business owners, a family photographer, and a creative business owner who educates other creative business owners on all things systems, sops + workflows.  Dolly loves serving business owners with her bold, elevated, and radiant photography.  And, she also loves educating other creative business owners on how to set up systems and workflows that will ultimately help them save time in their business-she does this by producing weekly blog posts and weekly podcast episodes on The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast. 

She has a heart for serving the larger business community. Dolly shares her knowledge of Systems, Workflows & SOPS with new creative business owners in an encouraging and supportive way because she believes that anyone can find joy in automation! Plus BONUS: Systems is where the MAGIC happens! You CAN streamline & automate the backend of your creative business with ease!

Dolly’s faith and love for her family motivate her to help other business owners find the joy and freedom she’s found in running a successful small business.

Whenever she has a spare moment, she enjoys watching TV (i.e. Survivor), loves eating way too many sweets, and listens to podcasts while running or walking. To work with Dolly DeLong Photography for a family photography session, fill out her contact form here

Capturing Christmas Magic: The Importance Of Holiday Mini Sessions In The Summer by Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography Pinterest Pin

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