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Dolly DeLong: Our Honeymoon in Vancouver, B.C. + Victoria, B.C.

Ty planned the perfect honeymoon! My only requests for him were: please no beach resorts (b/c I’m not a beach-type of woman + I didn’t want to wear a swimsuit and feel awful about my donut-loving body), please no humid/hot climate destinations (because living in the south is killing me in the summers), and please consider going to the Mountains (because I want to explore and hike outside). Well, Ty did a perfect job planning our honeymoon-he planned a trip to the great Northwest (Specifically Vancouver, B.C. and Victoria, B.C.)!

(The best advice we received while planning our honeymoon was from my Grandma Dee. She told us to try to leave 2 or 3 days AFTER the wedding because the wedding would exhaust us and we would need time to rest before hitting the ground running with travels again. We are SO happy we listened to her! We had our wedding on June 18th and decided to leave on Monday, June 20th (two days after the wedding). That gave us plenty of time to rest/sleep in and process the wedding together, without having to rush around and immediately hop on a plane to Canada hours after walking down the aisle!) 

We tried to stay pretty chill while honeymooning in Canada-meaning, we didn’t jam-pack our days with so many things to do. I am very happy Ty is a fun travel companion and went with the flow with everything-that made traveling really fun and relaxing for me (esp when Air Canada decided to cancel our first flight on us-oh boy!) Here is what we did while in Canada:

  • Explored Vancouver, B.C.
  • Ate ALOT Of food (including delicious donuts) in Vancouver
  • Went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (outside of Vancouver)
  • Went to Lighthouse Park (outside of Vancouver)
  • Explored and Biked around Stanley Park in Vancouver
  • Continued to eat too much food…
  • Took a fancy ferry to Victoria (Vancouver Island B.C.)
  • Explored Victoria, B.C.
  • Went Whale Watching in Victoria
  • Drove up and explored the Wild Pacific Trail/Coast
  • And did I mention…we may or may  not have eaten our weight in food (esp Donuts)

Here are some low-quality iPhone Photos we took to capture our fun adventure along the way!

Thanks for reading! Love, Dolly DeLong

  1. Suzanne Burleson says:

    Canada is on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing your good times. We love you!

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