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TheDollyDeLong: Adventures at Disneyland Hong Kong

I had some free time this weekend to catch up on several blog posts + organize everything I haven’t posted since last November so the next week or so I will be sharing several adventures Ty and I have shared together!

As many of you know, last November Ty and I had the opportunity of getting to go to India to have our second wedding with my Indian family (so that they could all meet him). On our way there, we had a two-day layover in Hong Kong (and thanks to the generosity of Ty’s parents) we were able to spend the day at Disneyland Hong Kong! It definitely was an exciting adventure for me because I love all things Disney-related (and even though Ty doesn’t like ANYTHING Disney-related he still joyfully participated and did not complain about how ridiculous everything was! HAHAHHA!)

Here are several of my favorite photos from our day adventure at Disneyland Hong Kong! Overall, it was a great experience and day for both of us! My highlights included: getting a Disneyland HK button, meeting Mickey + Minnie Mouse, and riding the teacups with Ty!

Again, thank you Duke + Molly for the fun day in Hong Kong! Ty and I are very grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime Hong Kong Adventure!


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