5 Modern Nursery Decor Ideas | by Nashville Newborn Photographer & Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

5 Nursery Decor Ideas for parents & families who are wanting to add a little modern touch to the aesthetic of their sweet baby’s room!

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One of the goals of each of my newborn home sessions is to take pictures of all the details of the nursery because I know how hard the parents have worked in preparing for their little one’s arrival. Nursery details are my absolute favorite images to take because there are elements of both mom and dad’s personality in the room! Scroll down for 5 different rooms that can hopefully inspire you as you prepare for your little one’s arrival!

1.Coral, Gold, and Blue Nursery Decor Inspiration

Don’t assume this is for Baby #1, actually, this beautifully curated room was for Baby #4! I absolutely adored every detail of this room and my favorite feature was the light blue dresser with gold handles.

2. Soft Rose and White Nursery for Girl

Loved all the personal touches for this newborn lifestyle session. My absolute favorite part of the nursery was the rose print wallpaper which was just the perfect touch of sweetness for this client of mine!

3. East Nashville Nursery Decor

I loved how this family incorporated books, gold tones, and vintage maps together for their newborn’s room. I felt like I stepped into a book shop and I loved it!

4. Star Wars and Winnie The Pooh Nursery

Did you know that there is an artist who incorporates both Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh together? I didn’t realize this until I photographed this specific lifestyle session and I about died from all the sweet details! Who would have thought that the friends of the Hundred-acre woods would look so adorable in a galaxy far far away.

5. Classic Feminine and Southern Nursery

mix in elements of heirloom pieces with fresh flowers to create a sophisticated and very sweet southern nursery.


Remember, you can bring so much life and personality to ANY size room in your house! Don’t assume you need a giant space to work with! I have worked in big spaces & small spaces and I have loved seeing how families have transformed rooms into such peaceful and sweet spaces for their little ones.

I hope this has brought you inspiration and some fresh new ideas as you plan ahead for the arrival of your little one! Did you have a favorite look that stuck out to you? Comment below!

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a pinterest image with text that reads 5 modern nursery decor ideas by Nashville Newborn Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

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