• tangible instructions on how to onboard your small business to Pinterest (divided up into 6 easy-to-follow sections) 

• next step resources for you to utilize for your small business when using Pinterest 

• examples for you to follow as you begin to implement Pinterest slowly into your business 

this step-by-step guide includes

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• you will better understand how to strategically use Pinterest for your small business!

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"Dolly helped me take my Pinterest game to the NEXT LEVEL! I had never used Pinterest for my business before and I'm already seeing results after implementing just a few tactics she taught me! My overall impressions have doubled in just ONE WEEK since I did Dolly's onboarding process! She has endless knowledge of SEO and Pinterest strategies, and beyond that Dolly is the sweetest, most encouraging business cheerleader! I am so thankful for her help - I 100% feel more confident and excited about my Pinterest game! Every day I get excited to open up my Pinterest account and see the direct results of this process. I cannot wait to see where this takes my business over the course of the next few months!"

Word on the Street

Hi everyone! My name is Dolly and I am a Nashville-based family & branding photographer. In addition to my photography business, I also wear the hat of a business systems educator where I teach other small business owners how to best streamline and automate their businesses using the powerful tools of Dubsado and Pinterest (because even Muggles can be automation wizards!) 

I love sharing my knowledge of tools like Pinterest, email marketing, and time management with fellow business owners in an encouraging and supportive way through automation/organization tutorials, educational blog posts, and showing business owners how to best navigate the waters of business systems with my *T.A.S.K. method. 

My faith and love for my little family motivates me to help other business owners find the joy and freedom that I have found in running a successful small business.

I am so happy you stopped by! Talk to you soon!

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