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Stop stressing about crafting a style guide template in Photoshop! I have created a template you can download for free-and the best's a CANVA template!

do you need to send over a style guide to your clients but you feel stuck because you don't know how to use photoshop or adobe indesign to create one?

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I help motivated photographers like you put systems in place, price your services, and build the family photography business you’ve dreamed of (* can just call me your systems fairy godmother)

A 1:1 mentoring intensive that teaches you how to strategically build a profitable family photography business


what other family photographers are saying about Dolly DeLong Photography Family VIP Days!

Building a family photography business is kind of like going to Harry Potter World. (Stick with me, I promise there’s a connection!) 

At Harry Potter World, you can wait in all the lines and spend 2.5 hours to enjoy a 90-second ride OR you can pay more for a fast-pass, skip all the lines, and enjoy that same ride with none of the hot, annoying wait time.

A 1:1 Family Photography Mentoring Session with me is like buying that fast-pass. Sure, you could wade through hours of YouTube videos, buy courses, and piece together a business over the next few years OR you could spend one day working with me and have everything you need to build the business of your dreams in a single day!

I took the long route. I invested in programs and courses and charged way too little and made all of the mistakes. But I learned. And over the last 12 years, I’ve built a thriving, streamlined, profitable family photography business that I’m obsessed with. 

I’ve been through the struggles. I know how long it can take and how hard it can be to create a business that works. That’s why I want to share everything I’ve learned with you – so you don’t have to go through the same struggles and obstacles.

Trust me, the fast-pass is so worth it (and technically, they call it the express pass at Universal...but you get the point).


What if you didn’t have to figure out how to build a profitable, streamlined family photography business all on your own?

Effective & strategic marketing plan 

Confidently charging premium prices

Clear about each step in the process

Random or no marketing 

Confused about how to price your sessions

Overwhelmed by all the things


Go from

Imposter syndrome 

Knowing your value and worth

Stuck in the hustle

Balanced, streamlined workflows

— haley mantlo photography

"Working with Dolly has been a huge blessing! The transformation I've seen in my business since learning from her in our 1:1 mentorship has been incredible! She has helped me become a more confident family photographer while sharing her knowledge about the foundations of running a photography business as well as how all the pieces fit together to be successful. I am so thankful for the direction my own business is going in since investing in Dolly"


•Assessment of your current business structure and systems

• Pricing guidance

• 90 day action plan on what to do in the next 90 days for your specific business

• Breakdown of workflows and systems needed to streamline your business (*using Dubsado)

•Encouragement and support in all things SEO (search engine optimization)

•Templates, frameworks, and resources to use in your business

•A 30 minute personal branding session so that you have content to use immediately

•We will meet once a month for 3 months (one quarter) and break up our meetings into different categories (themes) (the last meeting will be your branding session)

1:1 Mentoring Intensive:

What's included

 Photography lessons (because this is for family photographers who have a working knowledge of how to photograph & use their camera) 

• This is not an intensive on editing 

• This is not an intensive on posing for family photography

This is not an intensive on how to use off camera flash

This mentorship is designed for photographers who already understand the mechanics of photography. It is focused on building a 90 day action plan that is specific to each family photographer I work with. We are going to focus on the next quarter and learn how to conquer those goals one step at a time in order to make TRACTION for your small business!

what's not included:

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*first payment = deposit of $500 then after that 3 payments of $670 are due in 3 installed payments

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As a family photographer, it's very important to have a consistent family photography experience for your clients in order to build a better business over time. It's taken me over 10 years to hone in on one specific family photography workflow and I want to share my process with you! 

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Start automating your business with this complete breakdown of how to successfully implement workflows in your family photography business using Dubsado. Complete with video tutorials, screen shots, and email examples. Snag my swipe files today!

templates & courses to help you automate + create systems for your creative business!

An easy-to-use template that will help you take control of your finances because you will have clarity and confidence in knowing where your money is going!
Develop a system and workflow that works FOR your finances (and one that isn't confusing)!

The bookkeeping template for creatives



Are you ready to better understand how to create a lead magnet (opt-in/freebie) that will help you grow your family photography email list but you have no idea where to start? The Lead Magnet Mini-Course is a perfect starting point in learning how to grow the email list of your dreams! Start streamlining & automating your email list today!