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Discover how to go from being a scattered business owner to a more streamlined creative using the power of Dubsado!

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• A 21-page PDF which accompanies this 5-day training to use when watching the videos 

• Easy-to-follow videos which will be 45 minutes in length (so they are packed with value) yet easy-to-digest 

• Free resources, discount codes and notes from each video so that a business owner can easily start implementing the tools immediately

What's included in this 5-day masterclass series?

Are you ready to go from being scattered to more streamlined for the sake of your small-business (and sanity)?

• A real behind-the-scenes look on how to actually SET UP an automated workflow 

Even though this is a FREE 5-day video series don't let the word "FREE" make you think it has no value. Dolly DeLong Education packs this 5-day training with how-to tutorials, video examples, and plenty of Harry Potter GIFS to engage you and make you smile!

 Normally priced at $300, this training was made for the business owner who needs a boost of confidence in order to gain clarity to set up systems of success using a CRM (Client Relationship Management Tool) like Dubsado so that they can go from being scattered to streamlined. You are going to experience every day wins with this 5-day Masterclass!  

Word on the Street

I am a Nashville-based family & branding photographer but in addition to my photography business, I am also a business educator & encourager and that is why I have created this free 5-day training on how to best automate your small business because I see the need to help other creative business owners gain clarity in order to better streamline & automate their business. 

While wearing "ten thousand" hats for my small business, I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE learning all things automation and business systems. If I can streamline and automate a process, I am down for that because efficiency is my best friend! In the past, I have experienced being a scattered creative (and I experienced unnecessary stress because of that) and now (THANK GOD) I am a more streamlined boss because of automation processes learned over time. 

So if you are even curious about the first step in automating your small business, I certainly hope I can serve you in some way! 

I look forward to walking alongside you in the 5-day Automate Your Small Business with Dubsado Challenge! I'll see you in the free training!

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