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• You'll have tangible next steps for you to take in your content creation journey as a small business owner! 

• You'll get access to a checklist of steps you need to take in order to set yourself up for BATCHING CONTENT success! 

• You'll get access to a Trello board template to better organize & streamline your content + work week (this Trello board comes with a video tutorial!) 

This free content creation guide & checklist includes the following: 


"Batching content has never been my forte, but Dolly makes it so easy!! I loved the video that accompanied the freebie. And the Trello template was AMAZING for planning my YouTube content for the next month! I've always been super intimidated by Trello, but Dolly explains the lists/ cards and makes it not confusing. Thanks Dolly! Now I just need to stick with it!"


"I am a complete newbie to Trello, so Dolly's template has not only helped me organize and batch content - which is huge by itself - but also opened my eyes to how great of a tool Trello is, for FREE! You cannot pass any of Dolly's resources up, they are so 👏 worth 👏 it! 👏"

are saying about batching out content with strategy

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Rebecca Hunter

"My main thought when going through this was "Dolly is a genius." I'm really thankful that she has so transparently shared her super valuable workflow secrets as this FREEBIE, WHAT!? I had a few major light-bulb moments while working through the trello template and realized what I can be doing better (+ what I need to start doing) with just a little more planning on the front end. Thank you, Dolly for helping me get wise and content savy!!!"

are saying about batching out content with strategy

what people

Hello my name is Dolly and I am thrilled you are here in my area of the interwebs! If you are a small business owner who feels frazzled, overwhelmed and confused with where to begin in automating your small business, well then you're in the right place! The goal of my business is to help educate small business owners learn the foundations of automation and to see that setting up systems are easier than one thinks.

It's time to go from scattered to streamlined in your business. If you are ready to learn the foundational steps you need to take in order to feel more calm & organized as a small business owner, you are in the right place! Because even creative-minded people CAN learn automation magic too! So let's dive into automating your small biz today!

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