The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast 98: How to Grow Out Your Email List Using Webinars featuring Stephanie Kase

We all know that one of the key steps to growing your business is growing your email list. But you may be asking “How do I do that, Dolly?” Well, in this episode, I’m joined by Stephanie Kase who shares the power of Webinars and how they will help your email list grow and grow!

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Meet Stephanie Kase

Stephanie is a business educator and content creator. She teaches product & service-based business owners how to become visible online and to grow a business they truly love: One that makes an impact and serves the vision they have for their personal lives. She has served over 4,000 online students through her online courses and digital products, spoken at multiple conferences, and reached millions with her content online. Besides running her business, you can often find her cuddling her two Sheepadoodles, hanging out with her husband and twin girls, and drinking a chai latte.

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Dolly DeLong: Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast. I am your Systems and Workflow BFF and guide, Dolly DeLong. And today I am thrilled to share that I have Stephanie Kase on the show today. So Stephanie is not only someone I look up to in the online industry, but she is also a fellow business friend, a mentor, a wife believer, and a fellow mama as well.

So I know she has so much to share with systems and workflows not only pertaining to business, but she has a lot of experience in different areas of her life. So I’m really excited to showcase her expertise today. So before I get ahead of myself, Stephanie, do you mind sharing with my audience a little bit of who you are, who you serve, and what you do? Pretty much just all the things Stephanie Kase.

Stephanie Kase: Yeah, so I’m Stephanie Kase. I run a business education company helping product and service-based business owners become visible online and grow a business they absolutely love. And for me, that means having a business that supports the vision you have for your life. So whether that’s like how you want to show up in your family or honestly, just have a life outside of your business, right?

And making sure that you don’t feel like you’re a slave to your business, but that your business is working for you and the things you want. So that’s a lot of what we do. And what that actually looks like is a lot of, social media marketing and teaching on reels and Instagram. And now moving more into email marketing, passive income.

We run a mini mind, which is essentially like a shortened version of a mastermind program. So yeah, it’s been really fun. We teach through online courses, and digital products, and outside of running my business, I have twins. So they’re at the time of this recording, about 18 months old. I’ve been married to my husband for about six years, I think a little over six years.

So we got married about halfway through college. And then once we graduated, we always knew we wanted to move down south. So we actually got married and went to college in Columbus, Ohio. And then we just moved to Greenville, South Carolina at the end of last year. So my days look a lot like just hanging out at home. I work three office days and then two days of the week I’m full in with my girls and we just hang out and it’s a blast.

I love it.

Dolly DeLong: Well, for those of you who are listening and meeting Stephanie for the first time, after this episode, you’re really going to want to get plugged into her world, her sphere, like she is very encouraging and fun to follow and definitely has very cute twins. I love your twin, twin adventures.

Okay. So like merging into actual systems and workflows, I know that my audience today is going to love this topic because it is something that everyone is listening to, you may groan, but it’s about email marketing. I talk about email marketing about 90 percent of the time and it’s mostly because email marketing, as Stephanie knows, is, it’s really important for your business.

You should be focused on it from the get-go when you start your business. And, no, you don’t have to know everything, but you really need to know not just to depend on the borrowed land of social media. And because It could be taken away in a minute, unfortunately, and that’s happened to so many people.

I know it happened to one of my really good friends, who has been featured on this show several times. You guys, definitely stick around and listen to some points about email marketing. Again, I know. But I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, you are really going to be in for a treat with Stephanie today.

Stephanie is actually going to be talking about a more advanced strategy with us, pertaining to email marketing. because, again, I know that I’ve spoken a lot about, some foundations of email marketing. So I just thought it would be fun to dig a little deeper with Stephanie today and to talk about webinars and how they relate to email marketing.

And you might be thinking, what do webinars have to do with email marketing or what is a webinar? So Stephanie is going to cover all of these key foundations and also some, deeper strategies with us. And so if you are listening in, I would say, listen in twice, take notes. And then, of course, go and follow Stephanie.

Cause you are going to learn a lot from her. Stephanie, before we dive into the topic and before you share your points, do you mind sharing with the listeners, Let’s answer two questions. What is email marketing to you? And then the second question is… What is a webinar?

Stephanie Kase: Yeah, okay, that’s great, two questions. so what is email marketing to me? Email marketing is literally like gold in my business. It’s the thing that no one can take away from me. and I consider myself like I love content marketing. I love social media. that’s a lot of what we teach and getting yourself visible online.

But at the end of the day, if that’s not pointing people to my email list, like to me, it’s not sustainable growth and it’s not growth that’s. Ultimately going to keep my business, and give it a foundation that I can work from for years to come, because like I could grow the biggest social media following ever, but if I don’t have an email list and if that goes away, I have nothing else and nowhere to connect with my people, you know.

And I just, and for me, email marketing is also the biggest way that I drive sales in my business. Like even as someone who loves Instagram and showing up there, like I can track sales on the backend. We don’t make most of our sales through Instagram. We make most of our sales through the emails that we send.

Social media is great for getting visible for nurturing your audience, but email is ultimately where like email is literally created to sell. When I learned this, it just like blew my mind. so think about like, where did email marketing come from?

It came like the, I don’t even remember the company, but it was like in 1978, this guy sent out the first email newsletter blast to 400 people and made like over $13,000,000 from one email. I was like, what? it’s just crazy. Like when think about and that was how email marketing started what was created for and how people started using it.

And even now, like, I feel like a consumer sold to more in email, and I feel like it works really well. And I really started leaning into email marketing maybe like a year and a half, two years ago in my business and started taking it more seriously as far as like I had a list before that, but I really leaned into okay,

What would it look like to send more sales emails or to use that to drive more results as far as the income in my business? And it really helps me so much to scale with my digital products and in so many different ways, with funnels and automation and different things, but the way we’re going to talk about it here is with live webinars and putting it on replay.

Dolly DeLong: I love it. I’m so excited to dive into this topic. And, for those of you who may be OG listeners, Stephanie was actually a part of the systems and workflow magic funnel bundle earlier this year. And I’m so glad she brought up just Instagram and reels. Like she is, I call her the Instagram reel.

Queen, is one of the queens of Reels, but she taught about the importance of like top of funnel marketing through Reels in order to push people to your funnels. Stephanie is now going to be talking again, in terms of funnels, if you like that imagery or visualization, now we’re going to talk about something going more into the middle of the funnel.

so Stephanie, let’s talk about webinars.

Stephanie Kase: yeah, what you said is exactly so true. Like with Instagram or other content marketing platforms, or even Facebook ads, if you do paid advertising, all of that is very top of the funnel, just like awareness, like people seeing you. And then when you start moving into essentially what we’re going to talk about today, it’s like getting that person to become a lead slash customer, which is more like the middle of the funnel like moving them down the funnel. But I would say, the way that I use live webinars and the replay of them, it’s almost like doing that, expedited. So instead of, maybe it taking days or weeks or even months to turn someone from, maybe a, from just seeing you on social media into a lead or from a lead into a customer, it’s like taking someone who’s even a cold lead and signing up for this live webinar and instantly becoming a customer at the end of it.

It really expedites that sales process a little bit and also automates some of it, depending on what your paid offer is. So what I, and in the world of webinars and stuff, honestly, I’ve never taken other people’s training on webinars. I’ve just figured it out myself. I know there are so many different ways you can do a webinar.

And, ways people, you’ll even see people run them, people will try to, run them as if they are running them live every 15 minutes and, try to get you to sign up for a time slot and the way I do it, I want it to feel very genuine and, authentic and, leading with value.

Even the way I run my webinars is not an hour-long sales pitch of the why behind a topic and then I’m pitching them. I’m actually giving them tactical information in the first, usually 35, 45 minutes of the webinar before I even move into a pitch. And that’s just the way that I’ve always liked to do it. And my conversion rates are still really good.

For instance, when I’ve done research on what’s typical and what are people saying? My conversion rates are great. like one webinar. I had as high as 15 percent that was live buy the online course, which is crazy. Like typically for us, we’re closer to like 10%, which I know doesn’t sound like that much higher, but when you’re thinking about Oh, there’s 300 people on the webinar, that makes a big difference.

the way that I do it, so just to very simply say what it is, I’m basically going live with my audience and recording that. Typically there’s, I always like to make sure there’s a live chat feature where they can talk back to me and ask questions, and I answer Q& A at the end.

And then I’m taking that exact recording and putting it on replay so that anyone in the future can watch at any point as long as we have it available. And I’m always very upfront. this is a replay, like a recording of a past webinar. I’m not trying to act like it’s LIVE. and like I mentioned is definitely leading with value.

Like I’m not just giving an hour-long sales pitch. Obviously, the goal is to move them into a paid offer, but I think there’s a way to do that in a way that feels really genuine and like you’re not just trying to pitch throughout your webinar. And so that’s essentially how I do it. I know there are a lot of ways I’m sure people do it, but that’s just what I found works really well for me.

Dolly DeLong: I like that so much. And for those of you who are brand new to anything like online business, or the idea of a webinar, just think of it, like Stephanie said, like a master class or a workshop, where you’re learning. Something to help you, transform a certain question that you may have about, let’s say email marketing.

And, so Stephanie, in this example, would lead a master class workshop webinar about email marketing and would help you answer one question and would help lead you closer to the answer that you’re looking for. Would that be a good way to describe a webinar?

Stephanie Kase: Totally! Yeah, and you’ll see I feel like when people do them, there are so many like names people use I feel like people don’t really call them webinars anymore. They call them masterclasses. I call mine a free class, an online workshop, a video workshop, a video training. All of those are typically essentially live webinars.

I guess you could host a live class that’s free that you’re not pitching in, but I feel like most people who are doing a free online class and you’re generally, giving one main like win or transformation or things to think about with a topic and then it relates to whatever paid offer that you want to pitch at the end.

Dolly DeLong: awesome. Well, Okay, so Stephanie, let’s get into the heart and meat of this episode, and let’s talk about webinars and email marketing.

Stephanie Kase: Yeah. So the first thing that I want to mention here when it comes to this strategy is the why behind this strategy and why it might be worth pursuing this type of strategy because this type of strategy is essentially it’s a freebie, right? Cause you’re building your list with this sort of freebie, but it’s definitely going to be a lot more time-intensive for you to create and a lot more effort.

Like why would it be worth that effort? There are a few different reasons why I really love it. The first one is it almost can create an automatic sales machine for your business. So think about it as almost replacing a sales call a discovery call or a client call. Or, if you’re in the space of digital online courses, you’re not necessarily getting on sales calls, but it’s creating a sales call for your online course.

And I know that could also sound a little bit intimidating, like, Oh my goodness, I’m like creating a sales call. But I promise, it’s just leading with value. Like you’re genuinely just showing up and serving for 45 minutes. And then you’re simply inviting them into the next step of extending that invite to how can they actually see really awesome results.

And that’s going to be inside your paid offer, right? you can’t cover everything in 45 minutes or give them the support they need in 45 minutes. So I love it for that reason, because. You’re able to also put that on autopilot and you do not have to physically show up to all these sales calls, your ideal client can hop on.

And, I’m even excited. I personally have only used this for online courses, but I want to experiment in the next year and use it for other types of live programs, and things like that. So I think there’s a lot of opportunity to use it for things like that as well. I also love it. Because it’s like an automated sales machine that does lead to more autopilot sales, especially if you’re someone who has offers that are scalable and that are one too many.

So what that means is, do you have, a live program where as many people as they want can join? So maybe it’s not group coaching, but it’s, you hop on live with them, you answer questions and have training or things like that. Or maybe you do have a digital course or an online course. I would say at least…

$200, a $200 price point minimum is probably good for this. But I’ve seen people use it very similar strategy to this for courses up to like $2,000. So I definitely think it’s great for mid to high ticket offers because again, like they’re seeing your face, they’re hearing you talk, they’re really getting to know you.

And if you do it really well, you’re leading with value. And then just extending an invitation into how they can learn more from you, which is just really cool because yeah, Really does help to really bring them like that sales process that might take them, days or weeks or months outside of this, like it really does help expedite that in a way, which I know it sounds fancy, but really it’s just like taking them from that cold traffic to a paid customer really fast.

And I see this a lot specifically with YouTube. We have a lot of opt-ins through YouTube and obviously, a lot of those people, and I know just even looking at my YouTube analytics, I don’t have a lot of subscribers watching my videos. A lot of when I have videos that are growing, getting a lot of views, it’s people who don’t subscribe to me.

And so I know that those people, probably don’t know who I am, like, have never heard of me and, but those people are buying from me, which is just crazy to, think about. So it expedites that process. Otherwise, they might take weeks or months to decide if they want to buy from you.

Dolly DeLong: So I really do love how Stephanie brought up your, YouTube channel, you like long-form pillar content, and you are advertising on that. And then bringing people into, cold audiences, into not only your, like your lead magnets, such as a webinar.

So again, remember if you, if. If you’re a listener and you’re like, okay, what is a webinar again? A masterclass, Think of it as a lead generation tool that you’re using to bring audiences into your email funnels and to get to know you more, to drive traffic to your offers.

So I love that you brought that up. Not even your subscribers are, like, funneling into your webinars. It’s like cold, genuinely cold audiences. That’s so cool. I love that.

Stephanie Kase: Yeah. And it’s even been cool. Like with the, many chat automations with reels have become very popular and we’ve seen a lot of really cool things with that too. And driving people to sign up for the free webinar. So it’s, it is really cool. And that’s exactly why, I like to host mine live first.

I’m a big fan of doing that versus pre-recording on my own. One, because it takes a lot more effort. And then I’m not, as tempted to re-record it every month because I want to fix something. it’s done and then it’s done for at least a year. We try, I usually don’t run it more than once a year if I want to, update something.

And, essentially it’s, putting it on replay. And then that’s how I’m building my email list, too. So those people aren’t just watching the webinar. And then that’s where, like, with the email strategy, that’s where that also comes in, because email is where I’m able to, one, drive people to actually watch and listen.

So once they sign up, we are transparent, this is pre-recorded and all of that, but you have, 24 hours to listen, so you gotta watch it. Now or in the next 24 hours. And that really does help people to actually watch versus saying, Oh, you can have it like indefinitely. And that’s where email marketing comes in.

Like we use, I don’t know if you’ve talked about deadline funnel with your audience.

Dolly DeLong: No, I haven’t.

Stephanie Kase: okay. Yeah. So deadline funnel is. very cool program. Essentially, it can track each individual person. You can start a deadline based on when they signed up or entered a workflow or something along those lines.

For example, we can have when someone signs up on a random Tuesday at 2:38 p.m. It will expire the next day on Wednesday at 2:38 p.m. via a link that Deadline funnel creates. typically is used more so for Email sales funnels, like when we’re creating sales funnels, I have a 48-hour discount or something like that in them, but we use it for a webinar too, so that it will actually expire in 24 hours.

And we’ve seen a lot of great results with that. And then we send obviously the initial email with the link. And then we send a reminder email three hours before it expires so that they can make sure to go and watch it. And then after that, we also have like basically linked with it is the sales funnel for the paid offer, which is the main webinar I run right now for my Reels mini-course, and it’s a free Reels class.

And then it leads all into that. And if someone either watches the webinar and doesn’t buy the Reels mini-course, or they just don’t watch it at all, they’re getting put into an email sales funnel for the Reels mini-course as well. With, segments or tags, you can filter out people who’ve already bought, just make sure you’re respecting their inbox and not sending five, a five-day email sequence about a course they already bought, but that’s where the email part comes in and there’s a lot of strategy you can do with that as far as getting people to actually watch and actually purchase, right?

Dolly DeLong: I love that. That was a lot. That was so packed and I know Stephanie has shared a lot of information. So let’s peel that back just a little bit more because I know you mentioned a really good tech tool for webinars. So maybe we can start there. Like what is your typical tech stack for utilizing webinars with email marketing?

And for those of you who are listening and wondering, Dolly, what do you mean by tech stack? I’m talking about, like, all the applications or resources and tools that you would use to make, that Stephanie would use, for example, to make this webinar, masterclass, workshop, free class happen. what does she have?

what are all the tools that she uses?

Stephanie Kase: Yeah, okay, so I used to use a program called Webinar Jam, so I would say that’s probably gonna be more difficult to set up in a way, like just knowing the ins and outs of it, how it works, and people are typically less familiar. But in a sense, they connect all the puzzle pieces for you, and you have one program you, everything runs on, besides your ESP, and then you just need the link to your webinar jam.

And then you just share that over and over. so that’s what I did for a long time. I did have a lot of tech issues with it, though, in a few different ways. A lot of people were saying they couldn’t access the webinar on replay via webinar jam and having issues with that. So I did recently switch and do a whole different setup and I’m actually talking about it on my YouTube channel soon.

So maybe when, if this comes out, I don’t think the video will be out quite yet, but it’s a tutorial on how to set up live webinars in Kajabi. So I know if you have Kajabi, that’s an option. And It is a little bit more set up though in the sense that you have to connect some of those puzzle pieces.

You have to, set up your Kajabi page and then create the registration form and then create the event in Kajabi and then create the YouTube Live. And to create the YouTube Live you have to have a program to go live on so we use StreamYard for that. And there are a lot more moving pieces with that but I do have a tutorial coming out soon and Kajabi has some great help tutorials on setting that up.

but honestly, like what I tell people is. If tech’s gonna hold you back from actually doing it, just get on Zoom, get on a Facebook Live, get on Google Meet. whatever feels familiar to you, if that’s gonna actually make you do it, I think that’s more important than having a fancy tech setup.

And honestly, I used to be more like, oh, I need to pay for this fancy program or it’s not gonna work as well. And I didn’t see lower conversion rates when I switched over. And I feel like I worry more about that for the live because There are a lot more moving pieces as far as the chat and the buy button and things like that.

But I didn’t see it hurt my conversions and when we put it on replay, after that whole Kajabi YouTube setup, I simply just downloaded it to my computer and uploaded it to a page on my website. And that’s the page they’re getting access to when they sign up for the freebie. And I did. figure out how to make the video.

I know this are a lot of different terms and things happening, but the reason it also works is because I made the video nonskippable. I think that’s the number one key to the actual replay actually converting well. If people can skip around in the video, they’re not going to watch the whole thing. and I know that for myself, like, whenever I get on a webinar replay and I’m like, I’m able to skip around, I’ll skip to a few portions and then close out.

But if it’s someone that, doesn’t have that, I find myself actually watching a good 30 minutes of it for, I’ll just, I’m like, oh, I’ll just let it run and listen to it. even I used to pay for the program because it would automate the chat again from the live so people could see the live chat that was happening during the live, which is a cool feature.

But again, I think the most important part is that the video is nonskippable. The program I use for that is Vimeo. cause there’s a way to just, upload a video in there and then you edit it and make it nonskippable. Then I embed that onto my website.

Dolly DeLong: I do have a question about that. this is genuinely my, look at, I’m, like, getting you to, coach me through this. I know that there are different levels of Vimeo. Is this, available for free, or do you have to have a paid version?

Stephanie Kase: it is a paid version. I checked I think it was one 20 a year when you pay upfront for the year. So definitely way. No, way less expensive. And so for webinar jam, the cheapest option is 1, 000 a year, technically like nine 99. So definitely and if you already have your website, you can utilize that program you already have.

And then again, like thinking about what you can utilize, you might already have. And even if you just hop on, if you already like pay for Zoom, and hopping on Zoom and there is a way to show your slides and your face is still in the corner and you can record that. I do also think showing your face, even if it’s just for the first, five or 10 minutes when you’re like talking and getting, housekeeping or whatever.

or be able to show your face again at the end for a live Q and A, I think that’s pretty important too, for people to see your face, right? I do prefer to have my face in the corner or something like that too so people can see like as it goes along but yeah as far as The Vimeo. Yeah, it’s I’m trying to I’m trying to look real quick and see what the

It’s come on

Dolly DeLong: while Stephanie looks that up, just in recap to some of the tech stack that Stephanie mentioned, if you do not want to check out the tech stack of webinar jam, You can utilize your main website hosting platform and as I use Showit. I know that Stephanie uses Showit. 

She uses Kajabi for her teaching platform. Utilize your email marketing service platform or your ESP as some people call it. utilize Vimeo, or even I know Loom. I don’t know if Loom is not skippable, but I use Loom and I embed Loom videos on a lot of hidden pages of my website when I’m teaching others.

I need to check out now if there are unskippable parts to Loom. I need to utilize that. and then of course Deadline Funnel to make sure that people know, they have a limited amount of time to watch the repla but Yeah, I think we went over some main different tech stack, and then also as a reminder, if you Have all of these tools and they don’t talk to each other meaning if they don’t integrate with each other Then you can always utilize Zapier as well to talk from one platform to another.

And if I am confusing any listeners, shoot me a DM and I will break it down for you even more because I really love nerding out on things like this. But Stephanie, you shared so much. So let’s merge into, Your upcoming email marketing course, and like I, because this webinar and email marketing, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of more strategic ways to use email marketing and how to get people into your email funnels.

And so if you are listening to this conversation with Stephanie, then you need to learn. You need to learn more from her about, I guess like going deeper with email marketing and she has this incredible program coming up really soon. when this, recording airs, it’s going to be like any day it’s going to be released.

So I’m really excited for you guys to check it out. So Stephanie, do you mind, if is it inbox to income?

Stephanie Kase: Yep. So we are coming out with an online email marketing course called Inboxed Income. And I, this is a course that I wish I had when I was first starting with email marketing and where I feel like most email marketing courses end is really where this one begins. So you know, a lot of courses go through very detailed about the setup of your list and your ESP and regulations and creating a freebie.


all those things are amazing. I remember getting to the end of an email marketing course and thinking, I’ve already done all this stuff. I want to know, what emails do you send to make money? What are the actual strategies to not make sales? And obviously, there was, there’s the idea, like, obviously you’re going to send emails to make money, but I’m like, how often do you send?

so I’m going to for like live campaigns, how often do you host live campaigns in your business? How much is too much and what automation I can put in place to make money on autopilot without having to do live campaigns all the time or create new offers? And so that’s really what this course is uncovering is like how to get into the nitty gritty of advanced email marketing strategies when it comes to growing your list, creating freebies that are actually valuable and not creating them just to create them, but like having really awesome freebies, having a plan for your email list on a monthly, even like quarterly or yearly basis, like the big picture, creating automation that allow you to wake up to new sales in your business on autopilot, and running effectively.

Live launch campaigns, like I mentioned, like just basically, if you’re someone who’s left wanting more and you’re like, I know how to send an email. I know the basics of newsletters and freebies and where to share those things, but I need the actual strategies for selling the strategy behind it and how to set it all up and what are the different types of ways, From creepy tripwires to sales email funnels.

And I know lots of big words, but basically, at the end of the day, you can guide your lead or person, joining your email list into making a purchase in multiple different ways.

Dolly DeLong: I love that so much. Can I ask another question? I know I’m putting you on the spot, but this is, it sounds like it’s for people who are looking for more advanced ways to dive into email marketing. Is it just for people who have online courses or can it also be for service-based business centers?

Stephanie Kase: Yeah, so I would say, the only when I think about the strategies I’m teaching, the only type of business that I personally don’t think it would work as well for is if you are a service-based business that has only one-time clients. So your clients are never going to book you again, probably ever. And you’re not really interested in adding any other income streams.

So you, that’s like the only thing you want to do. So in my mind, like this would be, if you are a wedding photographer and you have no interest in, booking those couples for anniversary shoots or family shoots in the future, or you have no interest in adding any other income. But this course will be totally geared for if you’re selling digital products, online courses, physical products, or services, that could be done for you services.

It could be coaching. It could be group programs or even live programs. And I talk about that and those like nuances of those different types of paid offers and how you might want to approach live launching, which I know typically it’s like an online course thing that you hear in the online world, but that can apply to if you’re opening, say you have a cadence of opening up, spots for your done for you services twice a year, like that is totally a live launch campaign or, so for the photography example, say you’re a family photographer, you open spots at certain points of the year and having more of those campaigns to push people to book. or I guess I should invite them to book, not try to push them, force them to book, to invite them to, into what you offer.

And yeah, so that’s the only thing that I think. There are, obviously you could implement what I’m teaching for that wedding photographer example or I think like wedding planners or something like that.

but it’s going to be pretty limited as far as what you could do versus if you have a service where you can book repeat clients or some sort of one-to-many live program or, one-on-ones or things like that.

Dolly DeLong: Awesome. Stephanie, this is why I love you and adore you so much. Cause you keep it real with people. You’re not like, oh, this will, this is for everyone. And then they buy it and they’re like, wait a minute, this isn’t for me. So I love your openness and honesty about that. And, for those of you, I know like you guys who are listening are like, okay, I need this.

in my life right now. So check out the show notes. I will have a link to this course in the show notes. So that way you can also, find out more information. And I know Stephanie, you have your own webinar about email marketing. And can you tell my listeners about it? And I will link this free class. In the show notes.

Stephanie Kase: Yeah. Yeah. So almost exactly like we talked about today, I do have a free email class that is all about how to build a powerful email marketing plan to make income in your business. So if you’re like, I would rather like just learn a little bit more and dive into that class first, see what else that, I can help you with.

You’re more than welcome to join that as well. So we’ll have a link. I’m sure you’ll have a link down in the show notes for that.

Dolly DeLong: you guys definitely learn because when Stephanie says she will teach and I have Stephanie knows this like I’ve watched her reels free reels training and I Implemented that from the free training. I implemented what she had taught And somebody purchased something for me, like from my free lead magnet.

And it went to my trip wire and I instantly just DM’ed Stephanie. I was like, whatever you’re teaching for free, it’s working. And I made a sale. And so it convinced me. I was like, I’m buying this course from her. And I’ve been loving learning about reels from you. Cause I’m like, I need utilized reels in my business.

you all, if you’re like needed to be pushed off the fence. Consider this me, Dolly DeLong, pushing you to learn from Stephanie. Anyway, Stephanie, I know we covered so much So, thank you again for being on the podcast, and, how can people find you, work with you, connect with you, and get to know you more?

Stephanie Kase: first of all, I also wanted to make sure we mentioned that inside of inbox to income, Dolly has a guest training. It’s all about, how to grow your list with more advanced freebies. I would say even more advanced than webinars and set up with, like bundles, private podcasts, more like collaborative freebies.

So if you decide to join, you’ll also get really awesome training from Dolly about that, which I’m so grateful for because that was one spot where I’m like, I never done this. I don’t, I have no idea. but a little overview where you can find me on Instagram. Stephanie Kase’s education is where we show up pretty much every day.

We also have a YouTube channel with free weekly two videos that go out every Tuesday. We have a podcast. The Stephanie Kase podcast comes out every Thursday now, so go ahead and subscribe over there. And I think that’s it pretty much every, any of the links you’re looking for are also at

Dolly DeLong: Yes, y’all, please follow Stephanie. you will learn so much from her, and she is the real deal, and she’s very genuine, And if you also love the mom life the twin life, and the amazing couple goal life, follow Stephanie. She’s awesome. Awesome woman,

Stephanie Kase: thank you, Dolly.

Dolly DeLong: Watch free on the podcast. And then for those of you who are listening again, everything will be in the show notes on the links mentioned will be in the show notes.

And then feel free to DM me if you have any further questions and I will be more than happy to connect you, with the resources. And until then, I hope you all have a streamlined and magical week. You amazing muggle you and I will talk to you next week with another systems and workflow magic guest.


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