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4 reasons why you should consider having your newborn photography session at home


If you are expecting a little one soon and want to plan a newborn session for your family, here are some points to consider if you are debating between doing a session at your home versus outside (or at a studio).

Now keep in mind, I love shooting in very versatile locations, but when working with newborns I mostly want to ensure that mom and baby are in a comfortable environment. Here are some reasons why I would consider keeping your newborn photography session at home


1. Photographing a newborn session at your home will be both comfortable and convenient 

Newborns are sensitive to their surroundings (I mean, they ARE babies after all, and this is a whole new world to them outside of the womb)! Being in a familiar environment, such as their home, can help both baby and mom feel more comfortable. Plus, let me stress, it’s very comfortable for mom as well. Mom is also recovering from giving birth (giving birth is no joke, no matter how the baby comes)! Both mom and baby will most likely need to take breaks throughout the session and being in a cozy environment is one of the main reasons I love photographing sessions at the client’s home.

Another thing I love to do for moms is to bring a hair and makeup artist with me in order to help mom get ready for their session! The last thing I want a mom to do is to rush around getting herself ready, getting her family ready, and let’s be real most likely doing ten thousand other things because we as moms wear a lot of hats! So I aim to make sure mom has ample time to rest (and be pampered) before her photography session!

Now there are some exceptions to this such as: if the family’s house is under construction, they have no room in their house for a session, or they want a certain “look” and feel for their session which can be achieved at a specific studio.

2. Photographing a newborn session at your home adds a personal touch to your session

Home sessions allow for a personal touch in the photography session. The baby’s nursery, family heirlooms, or other meaningful items can be incorporated into the photos, adding sentimental value. Most likely both mom and dad have worked so hard on getting the baby’s nursery all set up and they should use this time to have the photographer capture some details of the room!

You can layer these personal elements by having your photographer take detail photos of the nursery, take photos in the front of your home, take photos inside the nursery, and even incorporate some of the newborn’s bedding into the detail shots!

3. Photographing a newborn session at your home is beneficial because you can include your family pet

It’s easier to include family members, including siblings and pets, in the photos when the session is at home. This can lead to more intimate and meaningful family portraits. To be completely transparent and honest with you, if you have other children who are between the ages of 1 to 6, it may be harder for them to sit still at a studio or at a location that is not familiar to them. They may want (and NEED) a break themselves and having the photography session at their home can allow them to go to their rooms (play games, eat a snack, do something that is familiar to them) in between the family portraits.

4. Photographing a newborn session at your home can reduce the risk of spreading any unwanted germs 

Parents have control over the cleanliness and safety of the environment, reducing the risk of exposure to germs and ensuring the baby’s safety during the session is a huge priority, especially for any young babies who may have certain health risks. This is especially prevalent during the winter months, I strongly advise any newborn sessions to happen at the family’s home because of the flu and cold season!

Now, on the flip side, if the family wants to have the session at a specific studio, I also work very hard to ensure that the studio has been deep cleaned and sanitized before the family comes.

Either way, the whole point here is = to make sure your environment is clean for the sake of the newborn. Babies are awesome, and as a mom myself, I want to make sure that all my newborn clients are treated with proper care and respect!


In summary, I want you to have an enjoyable newborn photography experience no matter if it’s at your home or at a studio.  Remember, the choice between a home session and a studio session ultimately depends on your preferences and comfort. It’s essential to communicate your ideas and expectations with the photographer to ensure the best possible experience and outcomes. I hope this inspires you to think through your newborn photography session!

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