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80: How to Turn Your New Leads into Customers with a Wicked Simple Welcome Sequence featuring Liz Wilcox

80: How to Turn Your New Leads into Customers with a Wicked Simple Welcome Sequence featuring Liz Wilcox

Are you adding email subscribers to your list pretty regularly, but you’re stumped about what exactly to DO with them now that you have them? If that’s you, you’re not alone. Tune in to hear Liz Wilcox share a simple 3-step approach to converting your new leads into customers with a wicked simple welcome sequence. Get ready to walk away from this episode with tangible tips that will take you less than an hour to implement! Plus, your email list will be primed and ready to buy all of the amazingness you have to share with them. What more could you want?

The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast is brought to you by Dolly DeLong Education. This podcast is for creative business owners who want to learn tangible steps to automate their business through workflows, systems, tools, and strategies to go from scattered to streamlined with purpose because even muggles can become automated wizards.

Meet Liz Wilcox

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and, most importantly, purchase from.

➡️ Grab Liz’s Mega Email Swipe File: Everything you need to build a list of buyers. Seriously. One entirely-written-for-you welcome sequence. 3 newsletter templates so you can feel comfortable knowing how to follow up each week. And 52 subject line so you never have to write an email from scratch again.

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80: How to Turn Your New Leads into Customers with a Wicked Simple Welcome Sequence featuring Liz Wilcox


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Dolly DeLong: Hello, and welcome back to episode 80 of the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast. I am your systems and workflow, BFF Dolly DeLong. And if you are here today, I just wanna say thank you for entrusting me with your time, and I am just so excited to dive into today’s podcast. 

Now, if you have been an avid listener, you know that for the past several weeks I have been sharing an email marketing series with you because I want you to know that you too can take baby steps to start incorporating email marketing into your own business regardless if you are a solo business owner, you have a big team, and regardless of what industry you’re in. So in my mind, there is a system and there is a workflow for everything, and with email marketing, people I believe tend to overcomplicate this topic and I don’t want you to be intimidated by this topic or by email marketing.

So today’s guest is someone I am majorly fangirling over and I’ve had major pinch-me moments. Right now, like right now, I’m thinking, oh, I am sitting across from Liz Wilcox on Zoom, and she is the fresh princess of email marketing and Liz Wilcox is an email strategist and keynote speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their magic, and turn it into emails that people want to actually read and most importantly purchase from. So Liz, I just wanna say welcome to the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast. Thank you for being here. I truly mean it, and I truly mean it when I say I am fangirling right now. And I am really excited for my audience to get to know you more.

And do you mind introducing yourself again to my audience and telling them a little bit more about your background? 

Liz Wilcox: Well, to the fangirling thing, y’all, I’m just a girl with a mountain dew and a dream, okay? There’s no difference other than maybe I’ve been at this a little longer, or I’m just a little louder than most people.

So, yeah, you know that feeling you get when you know, listen to an amazing podcast like Dolly’s and, you know, you get fired up and yeah, I’m gonna try email marketing and there’s some lady on the screen. You know for every dollar you spend with email, you can get 40 bucks in return.

Now go. So you’re super fired up and you open up your MailChimp or your Active Campaign or whatever, and then you promptly feel dumb because you have no idea what the heck to write. Well, that’s what Liz Wilcox solves. I make email writing, especially newsletters really simple. And I started off as an RV travel blogger, so I started off in the B2C business on the consumer side of things.

So my story is a little different. I didn’t start off as a copywriter or anything. I was in the trenches with you as trying to figure out this content creator thing. I started off in my RV, in my caravan, in my motor home, whatever you wanna call it. And so if you’ve ever been in the woods or you’ve ever been driving down the highway, you can imagine what kind of internet situation I was working with.

So the types of strategies and the things that I teach are from that. Barely have internet, barely have bandwidth type of mindset. So you can actually get in, get on, or get it out there and get on with your life. 

Dolly DeLong: I know that a lot of you can’t see Liz right now because you’re listening to this podcast, but one of the reasons why I love Liz so much is her love from the nineties and she currently I see a No Strings Attached NSYNC poster behind her and a Seinfeld hat as well. So, a fun fact about my husband is that he. He doesn’t really like TV that much, but one of the only TV shows he likes is Seinfeld. He has the whole series on DVDs. 

Liz Wilcox: Oh, well, yes. Mr. DeLong and I just became Best Buddies. Yes, I’m a huge Seinfeld fan. So as I feel like, as much as I know about email marketing, I know 10 times more about Seinfeld.

In my background, I actually have a Seinfeld coffee table book right behind us. I’m a huge fan. So shout out if you love Seinfeld. Yeah. I would love to be best friends with you.

Dolly DeLong: And pretty much like anything the nineties pop culture related. I just love following you on Instagram because you bring the nineties, the love of the nineties to Instagram.

So that is a side note about Liz. But Liz, thank you so much for introducing yourself to my audience. And I know everyone is in for a treat today because Liz is gonna be talking about a simple three-step approach to turning your new leads into customers with a wicked, simple welcome sequence. So after this talk, you are gonna walk away with something you can actually go and do in less than an hour, which is something I love doing.

Dolly DeLong: And Liz, if you should know anything about this podcast, it’s two things. I am an avid Harry Potter fan, so I like to refer to everything as magical. And I like to remind my listeners that even though we’re muggles, we can become streamlined wizards at systems. And two, I like treating each episode like an actual masterclass where they can take action steps and not just get you know, that woo-woo fluff in their ears.

This is why I’m so excited to have you on because you, I know you will bring the magic today. 

Liz Wilcox: I can’t wait. And speaking of, you know, Dolly just said, oh she likes to bring Harry Potter into this. I mentioned Seinfeld in the nineties, and in your welcome sequence, one of the things that I really emphasize is that personality piece and sure, you know, liking Harry Potter, liking Seinfeld. That doesn’t give you a full deep dive into who Dolly or Liz is, or whatever the proper grammar is. But it gives you, you know, it scratches the surface, right? It’s you know, there are certain types of folks that, like Harry Potter, there are certain types of folks that like Seinfeld.

Oh, I cannot stand friends. I cannot stand it. And I’m sure Dolly’s husband would probably agree. Seinfeld is so superior, and that doesn’t tell you who Liz Wilcox is at her core. But it gives you, you know, a little bit of who she is and that’s what we wanna put into the welcome sequence.

We just wanna put a little bit of personality in there so people can say, oh yeah, I’m on the right bus. I love Harry Potter too. Or, I don’t like Harry Potter, but I do get it. I get that it’s a huge fan base. Someone probably is listening to this and just gasped when I said I did not care about Ross and Rachel, right? They’re like, oh my gosh. But you’re relating, you’re, oh my gosh, I can’t believe she said that, or, oh, I totally agree, it’s overrated. Living single was way better, right? You’re relating to them really quickly through some sort of popular culture, music, even beverages, that kind of personality piece is what you wanna put in the welcome sequence to get people you know, on board very quickly.

Dolly DeLong: Is that part of your three-step approach? 

Liz Wilcox: Absolutely. So in the welcome sequence, I just tell you to do three things. Show off your personality, your vision for people, and the values that you have. So, within your welcome sequence, you want, we already mentioned that personality piece, and this can be really simple in that first email saying, Hey, I, you know, I love Harry Potter.

I’m going to be referencing, you know, all things magic all the time, right? Just a little quick quip, if you will. Then you wanna share your vision with people. And this is, if you are walking across the stage of Dolly DeLong University, what is that degree she’s handing you? Right? Probably getting your systems and workflows together.

You have a very systematized business. Right? For me, it’s making money with email marketing. I don’t care about anything else. All I care about is your email marketing. That’s the vision I have for you. Imagine we’re getting on a bus and we’re going to email town, right? And it’s very profitable there.

Okay? That’s the vision I have for you. And then your values. There are certain values that drive the way you do business, drive the way you do life. And this is not to say, put out a press release every single time, you know, something happens in the world, you know, we would be sending 1,000,001 emails every day, but there are those principles that drive you.

For me, you know, I came from an educational background. I was taught inclusivity, adaptation, and diversification. And so that’s a value that I bring into my business, into my products, into my teachings. Even right now, if you’re just listening to the podcast, I have a slide on the screen showing you all of this, because I know there are different types of learners out there.

And so I share in the welcome sequence you know, that I really value affordability because it allows for inclusivity. And I learned that inclusivity, you know, when I was you know, studying for my master’s degree in leadership. So that’s one of my values and I bring that out in the welcome sequence itself.

Dolly DeLong: I love that so much. So we got the show off your personality, share your vision, and then share what drives you, your values. So how do you infuse this into a welcome sequence? And let’s say somebody is brand new to a welcome sequence. What is a welcome sequence? 

Liz Wilcox: So the welcome sequence fancy people will call it an autoresponder.

It automatically responds to your new leads. So if I joined Dolly’s email list today, she should have a welcome sequence. She should have an autoresponder that walks me through just a few emails. Maybe three or four that walk me through who she is, right? That personality, what she wants for me, that vision, and how she does business. Those values. And I set it up with just four emails, right? And I teach something called the email staircase.

So first you’ve got a follower, then a friend, and then a customer. So to start the friendship, you need that welcome sequence, and it’s just four emails. Number one, just a quick intro. And you deliver on the freebie.

So whatever that you know, the thing you said, hey, sign up and get X, Y, Z tips. Sign up and get this private podcast whatever you promised, deliver on that. And then a quick intro, and this is where you can insert that personality and the vision in one sentence. Here’s mine. As much as I love the nineties, I love the idea of you making money with email even more so, as much as I love X being that personality piece, I love the idea of y even more, y being that vision.

So Dolly, let’s see how simple this is. What would yours be? 

Dolly DeLong: Okay. As much as I love the magic of Harry Potter and the magic of the clarity and aha. Oh man, this is hard. Liz putting me on the spot. 

Liz Wilcox: I think Dolly is complicating it, that’s the thing. So she, we already identified X, that’s Harry Potter. And the magic, we will say the magic of Harry Potter.

And we’ve already identified why. I want you to get your systems and workflows tight, and intact. So as much as I love the magic of Harry Potter, I love the idea of you having systems and workflows that work like magic even more. See, Dolly already had taught us that, but we’re, I feel like, and let’s go back to 10th grade English class.

I feel like every time we sit down to write something, especially emails, suddenly our 10th grade English teacher appears, and Mrs. Miller is telling us all the, oh, you gotta insert adjectives, it can’t end in a preposition, and don’t you dare say anything at the bottom, that you didn’t say at the top.

So our brains start to really get frazzled, but it really can be that simple. As much as I love X, I love the idea of Y even more. As much as I love the nineties, I love the idea of you making money even more. Like making money with email even more. It can be that simple. Remember, these are what I said we’re climbing an email staircase.

We’re trying to make friends. These are not our friends yet. They’re not going to read 1,000,001 words from us. Our best buddy would, somebody we just met that, you know, just wants the freebie, eh, they brought probably they’re, they just want the thing and they want you to get out of there. Does that make sense?

Dolly DeLong: Yeah, that totally makes sense. And my 10th grade English teacher was, I just remembered his name. Mr. Seymour. I don’t even know what happened to him, but Mr. Seymour came to mind. 

Liz Wilcox: Mr. Seymour. Awesome. Okay, well let’s see more of this welcome sequence. That’s why they pay me the big bucks. 

Dolly DeLong: This is not planned. I love that so much.

Liz Wilcox: I thought that was pretty good. Okay. So the second email is just your best content. And, you know, you don’t have to be a content creator to have some best content. If you’ve got a blog post, or an Instagram reel something up on, that’s great.

You can link to that. If not, you could just write a paragraph or make a video that’s, you know, two minutes long, and you could say, hey, if you only know one thing, here’s the thing I wish you would know. Anybody that’s coming into your universe, what do you want them to know? For me, it’s what do I want everybody and their mother to know about email, right?

Because they’re not my friend yet. I’ve gotta give them the goods. For me, it’s this welcome sequence. That’s why I come on the podcast and you know, wax poetic about it. I want everyone to know that if you have that proper welcome sequence, you’ll see success. So it’s like, what is that number one thing you wish everybody knew?

Now, if you have content around that, attach an outbound link to that. If you don’t, you can make a video or you can just wax poetic in the email and type it out. Does that make sense? 

Dolly DeLong:

Yes, it does, and this is what I do. I actually share my best content and I share additional content that aligns with the freebie.

So if they, because I like, again, I look at systems and workflows as different puzzle pieces. So they just downloaded one puzzle piece, so they might want another puzzle piece. And so I give them access to another freebie, which they have to opt into. And so that is kinda how I share my best content.

Liz Wilcox:

Beautiful. I love it. Keep it simple. And yeah, keeping it related to that freebie is a great idea. And the third newsletter and this is the ding. I know you’re driving, maybe you’re, you know, doing the dishes right now, but this is what I really want you to remember. The third email is where you set expectations about your newsletter.

So it’s the same as when you listen to a podcast. You know, Dolly introduced me. This is Liz, this is what she’s about. This is why I like her. You’re, you know, this is what we’re gonna talk about. She set expectations for the next 40 minutes, right? So we’re gonna do that in email, and this is where I see most people dropping the ball.

You have to let them know, you know, Mr. Seymour in 10th grade probably told you, Hey, this is what we’re doing this semester. You know, these are the units we’re gonna cover. These are the books we’re going to read. He set the expectations, right? So we have to do that in our newsletter. This is where we tell people, hey, I’m gonna offer this kind of advice you know, and I’m gonna do it with this kind of personality, right? I have a little more fun with my emails. Somebody else might be a little more practical. So saying something, I’m gonna offer you practical advice about X. I’m gonna offer you fun videos about X, right?

So insert that, how you’re gonna do it too. And then, tell them how often you’re going to email them. I’m gonna email you once a week on Tuesdays. I’m gonna email you sporadically when I feel inspired. Whatever is true, as long as you set the expectation, it’s gonna make your emails have more return on investment.

If you don’t tell them it’s sporadic and you send sporadic emails, they’re gonna be, who is this? They keep emailing me like they keep popping up, but I can’t remember who they are. But if you say Hey, I’m just gonna send emails when I feel inspired. And you do that, you fulfill that promise?

Oh yeah, there’s Dolly. She told me she was gonna be sporadic. Wow. She is spot on. I haven’t heard from her in three weeks. Now I’m hearing from her every day, right? Just set that expectation. And then this is the ding, insert sound effects here. Part of the presentation. This is where you have to tell them, I am going to offer you free and paid products, free and paid resources, free and paid services, whatever word you wanna use, they have to know that you are a business. Remember, they probably got something for free a couple of days ago. Then you just sent them some free content. Again, this is where we’re flipping the switch in the back of their head from, oh, you know, this person sends me free advice to, oh, this is a real business that offers real solutions.

So if you have products, you can sub-bullet, you know my $9 a month membership, my $200 signature workshop, or whatever, right? And you can click, you can get people to click over. Now, don’t expect people to purchase from this email. This again, is just about getting them, you know, aware of what kind of products you have and that you have products, to begin with, and this is gonna set the stage for them to purchase later. 

Dolly DeLong: Do you also recommend people to have outbound clicks to, or links, sorry, to their social media platforms that they live like? I just said that they live on that. They’re most present. 

Liz Wilcox: I gotcha. Yeah. If you, I mean, some of us do live on social media myself included on the weekends, if you are very active on social. Yes. This is exact, that’s a great question. This is exactly where you would put this, You’re gonna get Instagram reels on x, y, z over here.

Me, I have a Facebook group, so I say get direct access to me throughout the week by joining this Facebook group. I say, if you like funny reels and boy band memes, check me out on Instagram, right? So if that is true, do not put social media there just for the sake of growing your account if you are not actually living on it, right? Or if you’re not actually active and don’t put your Pinterest if you don’t pin, you know, that makes no sense. These are the places where people should be able to follow. You should be able to learn more and should be able to engage with you.

Dolly DeLong: That’s so good. I love that. And speaking of like, engagement, maybe I was just thinking in a strategic form, if they engage with you later on, they can get to know more about your paid products and services later on down the line, if you are engaging on those specific social media platforms.

Liz Wilcox: Absolutely, and for me, y’all, and this is a whole separate conversation, but I mentioned my Instagram or in this newsletter or in this email because on Instagram, that’s actually where I don’t try to grow my following on Instagram, but I try to create content for my most engaged followers. And those people, if they’re coming from email onto Instagram, they’re seeing me every day.

I only email once a week, so you know that. Oh, I’ve been seeing her every day. Oh yeah, that’s Liz Wilcox. I remember her. And it’s this, they aren’t separate to me, it’s this, you know, universe where, you know, I can reach people at different touchpoints. 

Dolly DeLong: That’s so true. I mean, to be completely transparent, Liz, I have been super engaged with you on Instagram and then a few weeks ago you had your big membership sale and I purchased from you based on watching all of your reels, getting engaged with your newsletters, so it worked on me.

Liz Wilcox: Well, there you go folks. You heard it. You heard it here first, the horse’s mouth. And that’s not to say that you and I just started getting serious about Instagram at the beginning of 2023. For me, it’s always been about mastering one thing at a time. And for me, that one thing was email and it took me, you know, it was three years into where I was like, okay, I can add a new branch. I can, you know, grow this universe, so to speak. But it all, like I just said, stems back to join my email list, or don’t forget to check your email because that truly is where you can get a really high ROI.

Dolly DeLong: I love that reminder so much. Thank you so much for bringing it back to the simplicity of honing in on one area at a time before mastering another thing, because that’s something that a lot of creative business owners do. They tend to, or pretty much any, I’m not gonna say creative business owners, I’m gonna say a lot of people fall into the trap of, well, I have to be everywhere for everyone and I have to get everyone everywhere. It’s just this battle I feel for a lot of people. 

Liz Wilcox: Yeah, absolutely. And y’all, for me, I chose email first. And I worked on it for so many years because I know it has the highest ROI because you know, you might think, oh, I have to pay ConvertKit or whatever, like 30 bucks a month, and then it goes up to whatever.

But when you do it properly, when you start this friendship, when you set the Brinks in this welcome sequence, it really makes it worth it. That launch that Dolly was just talking about, it was a $108 offer. I made almost 700 sales and I made over $70,000. Thank you. And I only mentioned that because I sell low-ticket stuff, but I’m still supporting myself.

Before we hit record Dolly and I were talking about you know, how did email really change your life? And not only does it allow me to support myself, but I also support my mother 100% financially. I’m bringing my sister into my business full-time, my actual biological sister, and, you know, and. And now I’m helping other people do the same.

And so that’s why email was my one concentration for so long. It was like, I’m gonna work on this until it’s supporting me really well, and then I can branch out and you know, expand the universe, so to speak. 

Dolly DeLong: I love that. And I think this leads naturally to your next point, which is your big why.

Liz Wilcox: Yeah, the last email in the sequence, so we’ve got the freebie in the quick intro, number one, number two, your best content. Number three set those expectations. And then the last one is where you can share a little bit of your big why. Why you’re doing the thing that you’re doing. Remember, we’re starting a friendship here, so those first few emails, It’s all about them.

And once they say, okay, yep, I like, you know, I got the freebie. I like the content setting expectations. Okay, that all sounds good to me, Dolly. But now I wanna know why I should follow you specifically. Right? And so this is where we can say, For me, it was, oh, well, I had an RV travel blog and I had 141 people on my waitlist for my first course, and I made 141 sales.

When the word got around y’all, I don’t know if you know conversion rates, it’s usually 1-3%. That’s 100%. When the word got around about that, people were like, no, that’s not, there’s no way. There’s no way. That’s when I knew I needed to sell that business and go all in on email because I knew something or I was doing something different than what everybody else was doing, and because email changed my life.

Because I grew up so poor and I realized, oh, I can click a mouse and make money. I wanted other people like Liz Wilcox to know they could do it too, and they could do it really simple, right? And so that’s how I knew I needed to sell the business, go all in on email, and that’s the story that I tell in that fourth email.

If I shared that at the top in the first email, I just wanted the freebie, lady. I don’t need to know your life story. Even in that second email, you haven’t proven yourself to me yet. I don’t know what it’s like to be in this relationship with you. So that’s why it comes at the end after we’ve set expectations and after we’ve over a little bit on the content, it’s okay, now here’s why I do this. Here’s what I know and here’s why I do it. That’s why we save it for the end.

Dolly DeLong: I love that it’s like a good reminder about any type of relationship you’re building. It’s I don’t know, dating, like you don’t show up on your first date and you like, well, some people do this and that’s a little weird, but just pour your whole heart out and say, lay it all out in the line and be like, Hey, are we getting married tomorrow? I don’t know. Just like something so dramatic and over the top right. 

Liz Wilcox: I like to think of it for us business owners. If we went to a conference and, you know, I saw Dolly sitting there and there was an empty chair. I would just simply ask her, hey, can I sit here? Just something really simple.

And we might talk for a few minutes before the keynote speaker comes on. And I, you know, I say, oh yeah, I’m really good at email. Oh, email, I hate email. And I would just say, oh, well what you really gotta know is this right? And then, you know, the keynote starts and afterward, if we went to lunch, that’s where we would get into oh, this is why I love systems. This is why I love email. We wouldn’t do that right off the bat. We would just, you know, oh, here’s my number. Oh, you struggle with that. Here’s a tip. Okay. The show is starting, right? We gotta be quiet and then, you know, if we decide we like each other, we’re gonna go to lunch.

And that’s where we’re gonna get into why we got, you know, why we do systems, why we do email, right? 

Dolly DeLong: I do like that reminder, and I also wanna remind everyone who’s listening in like this, in my mind, it’s a long, it’s a long game. Relationship building takes time and like what Liz shared earlier, I don’t know if you all caught it, but it took her three years, correct me if I’m wrong, Liz, three years to, master, truly master email marketing.

And I’m sure she’s still learning and growing, but she decided to hone in on one area so things like this don’t happen overnight. And I wanna remind you that the magic is in the growth. 

Liz Wilcox: Absolutely. And y’all slow growth is still growth, right? That was a hard lesson.

I have to learn that every day. I’m telling you. Because I’m an Enneagram three, and if you know anything about that, I’m a very high achiever. I like people to look at me and say, wow, she’s doing the most. I’m very much motivated by success and motivated by, you know, hitting the goal. And when I did my RV blog, when I had that digital course sale I just told you about, that was three years, I had built two businesses in those three years, and so I had done a lot of launches. That wasn’t my very first launch, it was just my very first digital course. And then now with, from the beginning I’ve been email marketing. I’ve been in this online game for, you know, over seven years now.

Dolly DeLong: And it’s, that’s like decades and decades in the world. 

Liz Wilcox: Yeah. It’s like a dog, times it by seven, you know? So, I’ve done a lot of experimenting, like naming a type of digital product. I’ve likely tried it. And so it’s really just, you know, trial and error, trial and error. But if you focus on email, you focus on getting to know your people as friends, they are going to tell you what they want.

I only sold a hundred percent because I had spent three years talking to my email list and they said, RV maintenance is our number one problem every single day. I got a question about RV maintenance. So what was that course? It was on RV maintenance.

Dolly DeLong: Wow, you listened. That’s awesome. I love that. I really do.

Liz Wilcox: Yeah. So do I. 

Dolly DeLong: Well, I was going to, I know I’m like throwing this question at you. This wasn’t something I had sent to you earlier, but I really would love for you to chat a little bit about your email marketing membership. 

Liz Wilcox: Oh, awesome. Yeah, so email marketing membership is my $9 a month membership, and it’s an, it’s basically like a newsletter club.

Every single week you get an email newsletter template delivered straight to your inbox and going, this segues perfectly, because why did I create that? It was because my people were like, oh my gosh, I never know what to say. Every, you know, you want me to email once a week? I don’t know how to write an email every single week.

I don’t know what to say. And so what did I create? I sat down. I knew there was no question in my mind that this is what my membership was or this was what my next product should be, and so every single week I send that template. And inside of it, going back to my values of differentiating instruction, you get a video walkthrough.

So if you’re a visual person, I’m literally talking and walking you through what the template is. If you’re auditory, that helps you there. I’m an 80% auditory person. I wouldn’t even notice if somebody painted my front door. Honestly, I’m not a visual person, and so, you know, having the video walkthrough, making sure people could hear what I was saying while reading the words that are on the page was really important.

You also get two swipe files. So you get the template, it’s an actual like MadLib style template, and then you also get two swipe examples. Those are A Plus examples. So one might be written from the perspective of Dolly who wants one-on-one clients and, you know, works with systems and automations inside your business.

The other might be written from Sahara’s perspective, who is a lawyer that specializes in trademarks. Or, you know, Nahaku who works with veterans and preventing suicide, or, you know, John, who is an e-commerce brand that makes stickers for Etsy, right? And so every single week you see it from those different perspectives.

So the longer you’re in it, the more you can see yourself, and the more you can see what factors into differentiating it, depending on your business. And yeah, it’s my favorite thing we have about. 3,500 members at the time of this recording. And I can’t wait to get another 3,500. I love serving people in this capacity.

It’s allowed me, to speak of email marketing, and having this offer has allowed me to retire my services. I’m taking the whole summer off this year. I was able to save an entire year’s salary for not just myself, but for my sister who I’m bringing in full-time in the business.

I couldn’t have done that without figuring out email marketing, and I know my email marketing is so successful because of that welcome sequence we just talked about and those consistent newsletters. Staying top of mind, making those connections, really turning people into friends. And that is what email marketing membership does for you as well.

Dolly DeLong: And y’all, I will link this in the show notes, and I, full transparency, I’ll put my affiliate link in there because I am a part of that membership and I love it. So I just wanted you to talk about that membership and let people know this would be like the natural, in my mind, the natural next step of consistently emailing your list, your growing list, now that you have your sequence set up.

Okay. How do I warm up these leads? This is how you nurture them by sending out weekly or maybe biweekly emails, just staying top of mind. And Liz, I also have to hint at this, Liz is one of the speakers for the Systems and Workflow Magic Summit, the email marketing edition coming up in June. And I just wanted you all to meet Liz in this podcast episode and let you know she’s gonna be bringing some more email marketing magic in for the summit. And so Liz, do you mind dropping a little bit of a hint as to what you’ll be talking about for the summit? 

Liz Wilcox: Sure. We’re gonna dive a lot deeper into that. You know, today we talked about setting the foundation of that welcome sequence, what all, you know, those four emails you really need.

And next, we’re gonna talk about, you know, what those newsletters look like. How to not just start the friendship, but how to continue the friendship and most exciting, how to solidify the friendship with sales. I really wanna simplify that selling process for you and show you newsletters that not only get people to click but get them to reply, to make friends and you know, so you can understand what they want and you can turn them into customers later.

Dolly DeLong: And l and I just wanna stress to all the listeners again, this can be done in a way again, that I guess like showcases your values. So it’s not, it doesn’t have to feel slicky or I almost said slick and icky, that’s a term. It doesn’t have to feel slick or icky or something that doesn’t align with you.

You can do this in a way, again, that is in alignment with your values. I don’t know how else to say that. For example, I get. I am subscribed to, I don’t even know how many different businesses out there just for the coupons and discount codes, especially for my son getting him fun things and toys.

But West Elm for my home, I get emails from them five or six times a week and I doubt that they feel icky about marketing. I bet they’re like, this is our job. This is what we need to do. So look at it as your job. This is how you get your voice out to your audience. I can’t wait for June. I know.

I can’t wait either. Well, Liz, I just wanna say thank you so much for coming on the podcast and for taking the time to share your wisdom with my listeners, and as a reminder to everyone, all the resources mentioned are in the show notes. Let me also remind you that this summit is free, so be sure to get on the waitlist to snag your free ticket to this email marketing summit.

And also don’t forget to snag Liz’s free resource in the show notes. It’s called the Mega Email Swipe File, and it has three newsletter templates and 52 subject lines for you to get started with email marketing. Do you wanna talk more about your freebie? 

Liz Wilcox: Yeah. You know, I’m an email marketer.

I’d love for you to join my list. If those four emails seem really complicated to you right now, you can’t conceptualize them, I actually already wrote them for you. You can go directly to and hit the hot pink button in the top right-hand corner. You’re gonna get those four emails already written for you.

So you can take it and make it your own. You’re also gonna get those three newsletters, Dolly just talked about, and 52 subject lines completely for free, because writing from scratch totally sucks. Let me do it for you. 

Dolly DeLong: Nice. Well, you all, and I made it easy for you, I put it in the show notes, so right after you end this podcast episode, you’re gonna go follow.

I’m gonna give you some instructions. You’re gonna follow Liz on Instagram, get to know her, and then you’re gonna go access her freebie and learn more about email marketing from Liz. and then join her membership as well. So those are your three next steps. So, thank you so much Liz, and to everyone else, I hope that you all stay streamlined and magical with your workflows and now your email marketing you amazing muggle you. And I will talk to you all next week, bye. 

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