63: Creating a strategic calendar around your pre-launch (featuring: Brenna McGowan)



Are you planning to launch a product or program this year? Maybe the thought of sales and having a launch isn’t something that makes you feel connected to your audience and actually deters you from what you want to put out there. In this episode, Brenna McGowan shares how she gets down in the trenches and helps others have a pre-launch that doesn’t leave her clients, and others feeling pressured and uncomfortable. If you are looking for a way to launch your product, business, or program that is an absolute vibe, this episode is for you!

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Meet Brenna McGowan

Brenna McGowan is an award-winning email copywriter who helps the words that sounded so good in your head come out even better on the page.

Going from a stay-at-home mom who just wanted to make an extra 500 bucks three years ago to a booked-up, an in-demand copywriter working alongside some of the biggest names in the space, Brenna has a knack for helping clients tell everyday stories that fill up their programs and jack up their open rates…to over 50%!

When not hunkered down behind her MacBook, you can find Brenna walking her pug Frank, practicing yoga, reading chick lit or shuttling one of her three teenagers around their Northern California neighborhood.


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Introducing Brenna McGowan (2:37)

What a pre-launch is and why you should have one (3:35)

Anecdotes and becoming human (11:12)

 Creating a strategic calendar around your pre-launch (15:34)

Brenna’s contribution to The Systems and Workflow Magic 2.0 Funnel Bundle (20:03)

Having an implementation and template-rich program (21:25)

Brenna’s pre-launch success stories (28:59)

Weaving a pre-launch into your funnel (33:30)


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Episode 14: How to Create a Launch Strategy for Your Lead Magnet (Featuring Brenna McGowan)





Pre-Launch Plan

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Dolly Delong 0:01
Welcome to the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast where I help entrepreneurs go from scattered to streamlined in their creative businesses. I’m your host, Dolly DeLong, a wife, a mom, and a photographer turned systems educator. Join me every week as we have conversations centered around creating tactical workflows, and automations in your business. Now, let’s make some strategic workflow magic. Hello, and welcome back to the systems and workflow magic podcast. I am your systems and workflow BFF and host, Dolly DeLong. I wanted to thank you again for choosing to listen in on another strategic and workflow-related conversation, all centered around systems. The fact that you’ve been listening means the world to me and again, thank you so much. Now, let’s celebrate three things. First of all, it’s the end of January 2023. So when this episode goes live, we are going to be 1/12 of the way through 2023 and I hope it’s been a positive year so far for everyone who’s listening. The second thing we should celebrate is we are officially one week away from the second systems and workflow magic bundle and it is reopening on February 6! Remember, it’s only available for one week, so be sure to get on the waitlist if you haven’t already. Three because we are one week away from the bundle being opened up, I had to bring on another amazing contributor so that you can get to know more about this bundle, and more about the contributor. I’ve actually had her on before and if you scroll all the way back to Episode 14, you know that Brenna chats about having a pre-launch strategy with your lead magnets and you all know how much I love chatting about lead magnets. So we have the amazing Brenna on again and yes, we are going to talk about having a pre-launch strategy. But before we get to the heart of this episode, I wanted to make sure Brenna introduces herself again, just in case you’re brand new to the show. So Brenna, do you mind taking a moment to introduce yourself to the listeners and let them know just everything about you?

Brenna McGowan 2:37
Well, first of all, thank you for having me on. I’m always honored when I go on podcasts but when I get asked back a second time, it’s especially an honor. So first of all, I want to say thank you. If you don’t know me, my name is Brenna McGowan. I am a copywriter and launch strategist and I started my career about four years ago, maybe almost five years ago. I started off as a social media manager, I realized very quickly I hated it and transitioned quickly over into copywriting where I primarily focused on email. But over time, I started doing all types of copywriting, you know, everything in the funnel plus some. So over time, I started to notice a, I guess you could say a hole in this industry, which was pre-launch and so over the last year or so I really have pivoted into talking about pre-launch and all of the amazing benefits can have inside your business and your funnel.

Dolly Delong 3:35
Oh, that is awesome. So Brenna, thank you so much again for being on the show. And Brenna, I don’t know if you know this, but your episode was one of the most downloaded episodes still, I need to look up the stats. But yours is really popular because people do want to understand what a pre-launch strategy is but yet, but I’m sure you feel like you talk about it all the time because that’s your world, but not a lot of creative business owners understand it. So I’m so glad you’re here to talk again about it and I am excited that you’re one of the contributors to the systems and workflow managing bundle. I’m glad you dropped that nugget of is essential to have a pre-launch strategy for all your different parts of the funnel. No matter what part you are going to optimize, consider having some sort of good copy, of course, but a pre-launch strategy for that part of the funnel. So now that we have like funnel on the brain, we’re going to do the systems and workflow magic button funnel bundle next week. Do you mind just peeling back more about uh, funnels and pre-launch strategies and all that fun stuff? So I’m gonna let you take it away and we can start wherever you want to with this topic. it.

Brenna McGowan 5:00
Okay, great. So for anyone who was like, Okay, what is a pre-launch? Or maybe you’ve heard of a pre-launch, but don’t exactly know what it is, it’s to me for most service space providers, and depending on what you’re selling. If you’re doing e-comm, for me, it’s about four to six weeks before you actually “open your doors” before you officially launch. That’s dependent, too on, you know, if you’re selling a $20 product, you probably don’t need to talk about it for six weeks, right? So keep in mind that there’s some nuance to that but basically, it’s this time when we build up incredible anticipation. I’ll explain really quickly the four A’s of my pre-launch. So I think it’ll speak to like, what is a pre-launch? And why do you want to do it? And so the why behind a pre-launch is the first A as you want to build up anticipation, right? There is actually research behind this but we naturally look forward to things in a positive light. If you think about the last time you had a vacation coming up, or you know, even now, if you think you’re probably anticipating your weekend or your Friday night, that’s how we’re built. If I go and look at like the movie industry, or iPhone, like iPhone 14, when we’re recording, this just came out, I think about a month ago, so people are looking forward to it, a lot of big brands, retail industry, you know? The movie industry, they don’t actually wait until they’re selling the thing to tell you about it. They’re building up all types of anticipation and in the online world, a lot of people don’t use this to their advantage. So that’s the first thing. The second thing that I love about a pre-launch is autonomy. I’m very much about like, you know, and I think this is the way the world is moving too, especially in our funnels is that people don’t want as much to be pressured in, you know, kind of like the time flashers telling you, you only have 15 minutes to make a decision. A lot of those things are kind of falling by the wayside because in general, we just want more time to make decisions. I know that’s the way I like to make decisions. So I’m excited that I’m actually have been able to help people find a way to do this for themselves and their customers and actually create better-yielding results in terms of not only just finances but attracting better people in terms of their needs for what we sell, which in turn gets better results, which in turn gets better testimonials, which in turn, you know, starting there’s like this big second domino effect, right? You get people in your programs who do the work, who are really excited, they get really great results, and they tell their friends, and then all of a sudden you start in your marketing becomes like everything just becomes easier when you start implementing this process that I’m talking about. The third is assurance, which is just building like that know, like, and trust. We are building credibility in our industry. Know, like, and trust are not built overnight, right? We’re also busy, you and I were talking before we started this, like, I need all of the reminders, there are so many things going on in life, right? So really building up the time to letting people know, building up that know, like, and trust so that people know who you are, they know what you’re selling, and they are excited to come in and buy it. The last A is anecdotes and what I love about all of this is that you can sell by using fun stories, everyday stories, and things that are going on, which build more trust assurance as well. You actually have the time to implement this. So if you’re in a sales process, and your doors are open, there’s not a lot of time, it’s kind of those do-or-die moments, do you want to buy? Do you not want to buy? So when you use a pre-launch, you’re able to use a story in a way that really keeps you top of mind. It keeps you top of mind and keeps people wanting what you have, but not building in that extra pressure that we were talking about earlier.

Dolly Delong 9:03
I love that so much. I’ve been taking notes while you’ve been talking and I jotted down the four A’s for sure. If you are listening to this episode live, I have some time-sensitive news to share with you today. After listening to this week’s episode, I really want you to head on over to the show notes and get on the waitlist for the systems and workflow magic bundle 2.0 funnel edition today. Yes, you heard me the popular bundle is back but it 2.0 form. So if you are ready to sprinkle in some systems and workflow magic of funnel building into your business in 2023, get ready my friend coming February 6 through February 10 of 2023, you are going to have access to over 30 plus experts who are going to be contributing different funnel related resources to help you grow your own top-of-the-funnel, middle-of-the-funnel, bottom-of-the-funnel and beyond the funnel strategies for 2023. This bundle includes resources from experts such as Ellen Yin of Cubicle to CEO, Ashlyn Carter, Linda Sidhu, Krista Miller, and Kate Doster, just to name a few and so many more amazing experts in industry leaders. You don’t want to miss out on the systems and workflow magic bundle 2.0 funnel edition. So head on over to systemsandworkflowmagic.com to get on the waitlist or head on over to the show notes. Either way, is 2023 the year you learn more about funnels and how to apply them to your own business? I certainly hope so, and as always stay streamlined and strategic with your workflows, you amazing muggle, you. I’ll see you at the funnel bundle. I think I’ve told you this before but it’s one of my favorite things that you do for your email list. Do you use anecdotes, I always feel like I’m mispronouncing them. You use that really well. You used a Seinfeld reference in one of your emails and I just thought that was so funny because I grew up watching Seinfeld. And so I don’t know if I ever told you that.

Brenna McGowan 11:36
That’s part of my nurture series, by the way. So everyone gets the Seinfeld episode if you sign up for my email list.

Dolly Delong 11:41
I love that you weave that into your nurture sequence, it just made you very relatable.

Brenna McGowan 11:48
I think it’s funny, I’m in the middle of a rebrand, and a huge component of what I want to bring across in my rebrand. But this is how I help people. It’s just being a relatable human. We want to do business with humans, we just want it like we just want people to be honest, of course, you have to be persuasive. So I’m not saying you just like, you know, you forget persuasion goes out the window, that is part of copy strategy messaging, but really, it’s like, okay, how can we bring this human element and be very respectful for our buyers? At the same point, some really great results and amazing, you know, things that they need in their life. So I just want them to know about how can we help more people get what they need, and not make people forced. That’s what pre-launch to me, is giving people this time to make a really great buying decision for themselves.

Dolly Delong 12:39
We love that so much and you really are a no-pressure person, you don’t come across as like, oh, you need to do this right now. That’s something that has really, I truly tried to affirm you and let you know, Brenna, you’re doing an amazing job at your marketing and I hope you know that. I just also really enjoy that you just do things, not based on what every marketing guru is telling you that you have to do and you do what feels good for you and what feels right for you, and I really respect that a lot.

Brenna McGowan 13:14
Yeah, it’s a huge part of my brand that goes back to autonomy. I see for good or for bad. I see nuance and everything. You know, of course, I have some opinions about what I think is going to help you. I think everything does. If we look at people who are successful in online business, there are a million different ways you can go. So it’s like figuring out which way feels good to you that makes sense to you that you’re going to stick to and be consistent with. I think the other thing I talk a lot of, I talk a lot about this in my pre-launch plan program is really the energy behind things. I’m not super woo-woo but I definitely feel like when we feel confident, there’s a different energy that comes out in our marketing. It’s actually another reason why I love pre-launch because when you do it and you do it the way that I show you, I’m sure that other people but the way that I show people is actually how can we start making pre-sales early, the people that are ready to buy give them an opportunity, which also helps build up your confidence, right? So that goes back to the cyclical part that I was talking about earlier, which is if you are making sales, you feel really great about your messaging, people are naturally going to be attracted to you, you’re naturally going to sell you know more. Then once you sell more, you can let other people know, hey, people are already interested, they’re buying which creates like a natural scarcity, or I should say natural urgency behind it, which then gets pre-sales, which helps you sell more, right? So it’s like this really cyclical thing about my approach to doing it is like I said, I don’t think there’s one right way it’s the way that you feel really great about that.

Dolly Delong 14:48
That’s another thing I really love that you mentioned, not everything will work for everyone. You just have to find what works for you. I’m not really a vibey person either, but I do like the term “whatever vibes with you”, and “whatever works well with your personality”, and that’s one of the things I wanted to really stress about the systems and workflow magic bundle the funnel edition that’s coming out next week, like, you don’t have to literally do everything that everybody’s telling you to do within the funnel bundle. Start off with one or two strategies for either top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, or bottom of the funnel, and work that out and see if that could go along with your business and then add something else and learn something new. So that kind of makes me segue into just we want to hear more about your topic Brenna for the funnel bundle and you had mentioned you were going to talk about how to create a strategic calendar around your pre-launch so I just wanted you to unpack that just a little bit more.

Brenna McGowan 15:56
Yeah, I’m really excited about this. I haven’t told you but I was in a mastermind event a couple of months ago, and actually not even that long ago and I was trying to conceptualize and make sure like, this product that I’m making is really amazing. When I told people about this product, I had people in that were like, I want to buy it right now and I was like, okay, yeah, we got a good one. So I’m really excited about it. The reason why I’m excited and funny enough, I just had someone inside my program that I was working with on their calendar, it’s just the organization part of it. I am not a crazy organized person so everyone should know like, I am not Dolly. But I have found a lot of times when it comes to launching, and their pre-launch is that people get overwhelmed. Part of the reason people don’t do a pre-launch is that they think it’s more work, which by the way, it’s not. I mean, there is work involved but as we talked about earlier, if you do what I’m showing you, your sales on the tail end become way easier, right? A lot of times two people think they’re planning out their launch in their calendar, and they’re not. So what happens is they have like an arbitrary date in their head and they think, okay, you know, this is the day, or maybe they kind of scribble something down. But they’re not really sitting down with a calendar, looking at it from a strategic manner and planning out their launch and thinking through everything from affiliates and masterclasses and when emails need to go out, and all the things, they’re just kind of like have a date on the calendar. So what I’ve noticed is that people think, Oh, I have planned or this will only take a couple of minutes, every private client that I’ve had, and everyone inside the pre-launch plan program, this always takes way longer than they imagined it would. So I would stress that most people aren’t doing this and if they are doing it, they’re not doing it in the way that’s really going to get them the best result, and what happens is, a lot of times we think we’ve planned and we actually haven’t planned as well as we thought we have. That’s where all this like launch stress comes, you think that you have this like plan all set out, but you haven’t thought through a lot of the things that I talked about. Therefore you get to this point that things are like, you know, there’s balls dropping, and then you’re panicked, and it creates this very stressful environment. So I’m really excited to show people my planning process, like I said, especially as someone who’s not what I would consider super organized, but have had to start implementing this, especially with my clients to really get them the results that we are able to get them sometimes.

Dolly Delong 18:26
Let me ask you this are a lot of people in your one-on-one program that you work with, are they working with a team? Or are they still love business owners?

Brenna McGowan 18:36
That’s a great question. My program is a group coaching program. Although there are one on one components, I would say most people are working on their own and they may have the support of like a VA, or a very small team. I’ve had a few people come through that have had larger teams and have taken actually my friend Emily, when client Emily, she was one of my private clients and then actually put her teammate through it. They are actually in the middle of a pre-launch right now and are having outstanding like doing pre-sales and everything. So I think it just depends, I think it can work either way that if you are someone who has a team member, and you want them to kind of take a little bit of this off their hands, they can, but it’s great for the person who’s a solopreneur as well and is really kind of like you know, I think the sweet spot of most people that have gone in are people that maybe aren’t just starting, but maybe have someone to help them like implement.

Dolly Delong 19:32
Gotcha, no, this is really, really good to know. Sounds like it’s really well organized to the point that for somebody like me who is a solo business owner, my VA work helps me out four hours a week so I can implement it and a team of like one person with that sounds weird a team of one person, a team of several people can work on it so caters to a lot of different types of businesses that way. Okay, that’s really good to know. Can you tell us anything else like without giving away too much about your strategic calendar for this funnel bundle?

Brenna McGowan 20:11
So with this, it’s going to help you figure out like, okay, when are you launching, if you’re going to do a launch event? When does that need to go out all of everything of figuring out like, Okay, do I need affiliate packets, or am I sending these things out? But more than that this is really concentrated around the pre-launch. So I’m actually giving you a sneak peek of what I teach inside of my private program and the things I do for private clients of how I organize that pre-launch content that you know, five to six weeks that I talked about earlier, and how you can create everything, and be able to repurpose in a way that is been really seamless. The really cool part about what I teach as well is that not only is this going to help you with your pre-launch, it’s really going to help you with you know, with all of your other planning in terms of like, okay, how can you repurpose in a way that is going to streamline your systems and your workflow, not keep you bogged down just creating more content for content sake.

Dolly Delong 21:07
Oh, I love that so much. In your group coaching program, do you provide your clients with these templates, emails, and strategies? I’m just asking out of curiosity, this is mostly like me being curious.

Brenna McGowan 21:25
So my program is set up where it’s implementation rich, that’s one thing I really love about what I teach is like, okay, how can we get you the most information but not overwhelm you? So I teach you everything from starting out with collecting the voice of the customer so that you are taking the voice of the customer and learning how to implement it into your content. Then one of the students from the first round was like, every time I was like, oh, it’d be nice to have a resource around that, they would be like, Oh, she’s already created, as I created. The way my brain works, even though I’m not super organized is that I have created every template you could imagine from headline templates, bullet templates, and email templates, to resources like that the whole program is backed by templates and all different types. The other thing too is that I teach social media templates, email templates, and going live templates, all of these things that you are going to be able to once again use forever, but I show you how to use these for the pre-launch plan program as well.

Dolly Delong 22:25
Wow. That’s amazing. Okay, not to put you on the spot or anything. But this is totally unplanned for me asking you this. But are you planning on selling this in a shop? Or are you just going to keep it exclusive to your group program?

Brenna McGowan 22:39
This is such a good question. I actually started an email last week and I stop, I got a sidetracked by different email for 2023. No, I’ve had people interested in licensing it, I’m not going to say that I’m not going to do that. But I talked about how this program is really implementation rich and every part of it is that. I’m a professional copywriter, I actually I am going through everyone’s homework and copy and doing edits. And at this point, I thought really hard about it is one of the questions I brought to even my business coach, like, Okay, should I just bundle this all up and sell it? But as of now, I think one of the really true benefits of the program is getting my eyes on your business as a business coach. So we joked around before we start, you know, I call it a group coaching program but it’s a mix of business coaching and copy coaching, because that just as last week, just got done with the first module inside the program, and I’m going through everyone’s elevator pitch and benefits and going through and not only editing them from a copy standpoint but from a messaging standpoint. So at this point, I really feel like the best results people are getting, the reason why it’s been so successful is because of my edits in my feedback, not that I’m everything. Just you know, I’m a copywriter, and I need people’s eyes on my stuff sometimes to help me kind of see things from a really high strategic level and see where I’m missing things or where there are bottlenecks. So not for 2023. We’ll see if I change my mind down the line.

Dolly Delong 24:11
I hope you change your mind. Hey friends, if you are listening to the systems and workflow magic podcast, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to bring some systems and workflow magic into your earbuds every single week. It seriously means so much to me that you are tuning in. As a thank you to all of my listeners. I have a special gift for anyone who wants to take their system and workflow strategies around funnel training to the next level. Are you ready? I have created a free private pop-up podcast dedicated to the systems and strategies of funnels. It’s called the foundational funnel training, private podcast. If you tried to look it up in your favorite podcast app, you won’t find it because it’s a private training. So here is what is inside this free, fantastic foundational funnel training private podcast, you’ll get access to four episodes, all dedicated to teaching you the different digital funnel parts and strategies which you can in turn, apply to your own creative business in 2023, and hopefully beyond. So day one is dedicated to the top-of-funnel strategies. Day two is dedicated to some middle-of-funnel strategies. Day three is dedicated to you guessed it, the bottom-of-funnel strategies. And finally, day four is dedicated to more of a continuation of funnel strategies, meaning, what should you do with your new leads that have come through your funnel so that they are not scattered but streamlined and want to continue to get to know you. The best part, I have invited over 20 different industry leaders who are experts in these different parts of the digital funnel. So it’s not just me who is going to be educating you, you are going to be learning from some amazing female business owners who are not only encouraging, but they are so knowledgeable when it comes to these specific strategies at the top, middle bottom, or a continuation of the digital funnel. Again, this is all for free and you’re probably wondering, well, what’s the catch, Dolly? Well because one, I just want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the new systems and workflow magic bundle, the 2.0 funnel edition coming later in February of 2023 and I wanted to give you some strategies to use straight out of the gate when you begin planning and strategizing for your business in 2023, so I want to give you some free education. The fun begins on January 31 and again, as a reminder, each episode drops until February 3 of 2023. But don’t worry, I’ll have replays up until February 11 of 2023, then it does go away forever. Not kidding, it really does go away after that. So if you are wanting access to this private podcast, then make your way to the show notes and snag the first intro episode. And that way you can get the episodes all queued up for January 31. When they drop in, then they will stream to your favorite podcast app. Again, go to systemsandworkflowmagic.com/private-funnel-training-podcast I realized that’s a really long URL, or just simply head on over to the show notes and get on the foundational funnel training private podcast waitlist so that you will get instant streaming to the four days of digital funnel training when they dropped. Again, if you sign up today, meaning before January 31, you will get instant access to that first intro episode. So let me ask you, what are you waiting for? Are you ready for some fantastic foundational funnel education? I truly hope so. I look forward to seeing you in the private podcast training and until then stay streamlined and automated you magical muggle you. Can you share some of your students not necessarily statistics, but maybe success stories about like how they implemented this strategy of a pre-launch into their calendar into their, I guess like their funnel strategy?

Brenna McGowan 29:13
Yeah, I’ve had really great results. So when I think about private clients, I had someone who was mutual friends with Linda Sidhu and she had the first round of her group coaching program that I helped her with her pre-launch. She went on to have a $70,000 launch this last time. I actually helped her with her pre-launch again and she sent me a testimonial about how she was like actually fun for her and she was so relaxed and she was able to go and enjoy your summer because she knew she had this machine running behind her. One of the people who just went through the pre-launch plan program Susan, she’s a UX copywriter who already had a successful course and I helped her a little bit, you know, revamp for the pre-launch and she sold if I remember correctly, she either sold five or six spots in pre-launch and went on to sell 18 spots in her program, and tripled her results from her previous launch with implementing a pre-launch. I think about Emily Regan, she’s another private client. But she revamped her program, if I remember correctly, like she four times her results, but she talks a lot about how she brought in like really great students who did the work because it doesn’t matter if you sell a program to someone if you’re both miserable with the fit of it, or if it wasn’t the right thing. Then I had someone else this was someone, I definitely want to preface, I’m all about the context around results and I know we’re just talking very quickly. But you know, someone with an established audience who’s been in business for a while, but Tiffany Noel Taylor, she actually implemented, what I show people how to do, she was one of my students inside my program, had a $230,000 pre-launch over the summer, and is taking my system and helping her go evergreen with what I teach. So I’ve just been really, really blessed with so many great results. I also have people who are service providers who take my program, so they can actually implement this system. I had one person who did this over the summer, and she went in on a launch, she was in OBM and she doubled their expected numbers, they only implemented 40, or 50%. So that all sounds really good. Like there are lots of caveats, you know, lots of things going on behind the scenes that make those numbers possible. But it has been a really successful system that people have been able to implement.

Dolly Delong 31:35
That is amazing. I love that so much. Congratulations, Brenna, I bet that feels so just affirming to you that you are on the right path like this is what I need to be doing. This is who I need to serve. I know whenever I hear students’ results, even from dubsado, I get really excited. So I hope you feel really good about it.

Brenna McGowan 31:55
Well, I think so too. Like for everyone who’s listening like I pivoted slowly, but it’s a little scary, right? Like I’ve never heard someone talk about pre-launch. Now that I’ve done it I have but like at the time, I’ve never heard anyone like niche into this or talk about it. And to create a system from scratch was scary. But I knew deep down, I knew I was on the right track. And so it feels amazing to know that I’m on the right track and that it’s helping so many people, and they’re really feeling good about their business and feeling good about the daily content they’re putting out right? Instead of it being such a drag, they feel great about the messaging behind it. So I think that’s the other real big blessing around all of this.

Dolly Delong 32:33
I love that so much. Okay, so I’m just reading through all of your notes that I’ve been taking. I feel like you have shared so much wisdom with the audience. I hope for those of you who are listening, if you are considering purchasing the systems and workflow magic bundle funnel edition, I hope this is getting you excited because just like learning from Brenna, it sounds like you can only work with her in a coaching capacity in her group coaching capacity. But now in a way you get to like pick from her brain in like this mini-course setting, which is incredible. I love that.

Brenna McGowan 33:14
But I do take on private clients, but this little mini bundle is definitely going to be less expensive.

Dolly Delong 33:19
I love that. All right. So I want to find a good wrapping-up point because I could just like talk about this over and over and over again. But can you share? Like, I know you’ve already shared a lot of juicy points, can you share at least one more juicy key point on how to weave in a pre-launch strategy when you’re creating an offer? And like where would you fit that in your funnel? Like where would you want to start?

Brenna McGowan 33:46
I think with pre-launch, it depends. It depends if you’re an evergreen funnel, or if you’re in a live launch funnel. So I think that’s the first thing to kind of point out here. A lot of what I’ve talked about are people who are doing live launch funnels, although I do think there’s a component of this in an evergreen funnel and I’ll explain why. Because at some point, people in an evergreen funnel have chosen not to buy from you, right? If they’ve gone through and at that point, it’s like, do they just go onto your regular email list? What can you do, you can take these pre-launch methods because what I show people in pre-launch is how I think this is a really important, I guess, you know, juicy tip to think about is that you are not selling your program during a pre-launch, you are selling your process. So sometimes people in an evergreen funnel, if someone said no because they might need more assurance that your process is the one that helped them to get the desired results that they’re looking for. In a live launch, it’s going through and helping people understand what your process is because when people understand your process. What ends up happening and there are a lot of things that go into a process but what ends up happening is that all of a sudden your solution your program, your course, or whatever it is becomes natural, it becomes a natural next step in terms of what you’re trying to show them. Then once again, that goes back to everything that we talked about earlier, which is autonomy, because you’re giving them a chance to understand your process, your way of how you view what you know, whether it is your topic, your methodology, a way to explain that there would be pre-launch, right? You have to believe that pre-launch is the way to help you, you know, take the stress out of your launch, to get better results to get really high-quality clients, and although I don’t love that word, high quality, but clients who really want to come in and do the work, or students. But once you believe that pre-launch is those things, and all of a sudden, my pre-launch plan program becomes a natural next step, right? I’m not trying to force you into a program that you don’t mean, in, you’re already kind of thinking you need help in this area. And then I go ahead, when I launch, I offer you that solution. So I think that’s the thing for everyone to really keep in mind during this pre-launch process, you’re not selling your program, you are actually selling them the process and your thought pattern behind what you sell.

Dolly Delong 36:06
Oh, that’s great. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. Again, I’ll be thanking you even like after this call, thank you so much, Brenna, these are incredible points that you shared with us. I just wanted to remind everyone again, for the 10 millionth time that the systems are workflow magic bundle, the 2.0 funnel edition is coming out next week on February 6, 2023. So please join the waitlist, so you will not miss anything, so you won’t miss any emails of early openings, hint hint. So I wanted to just like get you even more excited to meet another amazing contributor to this funnel bundle. Brenna before we go on how can someone find you work with you and take the next steps with you? Obviously, besides purchasing the systems and workflow magic bundle, how can someone take the next step with you?

Brenna McGowan 37:08
Great, well, first of all, if you want to hunt me down on Instagram, I’m @brennamcgowanco, I love chatting and hanging out over there, you can find me on my website, Brennamcgowan.co. If you’re interested in the pre-launch plan program, it’s Brennamcgowan.co/prelaunchplan . But I will also say that if you are like okay like this pre-launch, but I need a little bit more information, I actually have a pre-launch cheat sheet, which is that Brennamcgowan.co/cheat sheet, and I break down some of the basic buyer beliefs that people need to believe before they buy from you. And we’ll show you some content ideas that you can start putting out to help support those beliefs and do all the things that we talked about during this podcast.

Dolly Delong 37:49
That’s great. And I’ll make sure to put all those links in the resources and in the blog post that corresponds with this podcast episode. And again, I also want to thank you so much for being here Brenna is taking your time to share more wisdom with my audience, I know that they love you so much and I’m so excited to have you back on again. I wanted to remind everyone that there is something incredible dropping this week, after this episode drops tomorrow, my private pop-up podcast about Funnels is going to drop in more contributors are going to be speaking on the topic of like top of funnel, middle-funnel, the bottom of the funnel and continuation of the funnel education. So if you want to learn more about funnels, for your creative business, and how just to apply one aspect of a funnel to your business, join that private podcast again, it’s not going to be a part of this podcast, it’s going to be a private podcast. So get on the waitlist for that and it opens up tomorrow. So now’s the time to grab that free resource so that you can learn more about funnel education. I hope you have a wonderful day. Bye now. Thank you so much for being here. I wanted to remind everyone to have a wonderful and amazing week and I cannot wait to chat with you next Monday. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the systems and workflow magic podcast. You can find full show notes from today’s episode at dollydelongphotography.com/podcast. If you’re loving the podcast, I’d be so honored if you’d subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast player. Be sure to screenshot this episode, share it with your stories, and tag me @DollyDeLongEducation over on Instagram. Until next time, go make some strategic workflow magic.

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