Introducing Quarterly Mini Branding Sessions with Nashville TN Branding Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

Introducing Quarterly Mini Branding Sessions with Nashville TN Branding Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

I am SO excited to be sharing this blog post with you because it means I get to talk about my NEW quarterly mini-branding sessions!! These mini branding sessions will be happening quarterly and are a great way to update your branding portraits on a regular basis! Today, I want to share why and when you should consider a mini branding session instead of a full branding session for your small business.

*Special note: I want to state here that as a branding photographer the reason why the structure of my pricing for branding photography is significantly different from my family sessions is that with branding photography it is a known fact that the business owner will be using the photos commercially to market and promote themselves. Versus, a family session, they are not marketing or promoting their family-it is for personal use! Therefore, I don’t want readers of this blog post to walk away thinking “oh, so Dolly is communicating that you should pay next to nothing for branding photos” (Nope, not what I’m saying) As a matter of fact I am encouraging other branding photographers to structure your pricing in a way that accounts for any commercial or marketing purposes (aka structure your branding prices differently from your family photo portraits, etc.) AND if you are looking for a creative way to get branding photos, but in a bite-sized way, consider a quarterly session (yes, the session WILL be significantly shorter, and you will get a limited number of images to use- yet it is a good option to look into ESP if you are on a tighter budget). 

Okay now that I’ve made that disclaimer…

Let’s dive right in!  

artist laughs during Nashville branding session at home

Mini branding sessions meet you where you are.

No matter what kind of session I’m photographing, I want to meet my clients where they are. Quarterly branding sessions are an easy way to meet a newer business owner or someone on a tighter budget. You still deserve to have high-quality content photos for your business! If you’re on a tighter budget but want good photos of yourself and your business, consider a mini branding session! 

couple stands together in kitchen during Nashville branding photography session

Mini branding sessions can help you plan ahead.

Each quarter’s photos will be designed to help you in the NEXT quarter. That means these Q1 branding minis will be helping you create content for Quarter 2 in your business. When you break up your session into something smaller like this, you’re going to be able to focus more strategically on what you’re creating content for! There’s also no excuse now for creating that quarter’s content: you’ll have images and a plan in mind!

photographer's office photographed by Nashville personal branding photographer Dolly DeLong Photography copywriter pops champagne on patio

Branding sessions are so much more than headshots.

Even a mini branding session is MORE than a headshot. While you won’t be able to get the full storylines you might from a full branding session, we’re still going to work hard to create storylines for your mini session. You can read more about why a branding session is more than headshots HERE, but remember: these branding sessions are about capturing who you are behind the brand. A headshot is simply a photo with a single purpose. 

female business owner lifts pink cup during Collective615 branding portraitsNashville branding session for watercolor artist Nashville-hair-and-makeup-artist-kati-edge-hair-and-makeup-for-her-branding-photos-in-her-home-studio

Mini branding sessions are a great way to work with a photographer you’ve been wanting to work with!

If you’re interested in working with a branding photographer, try a mini-session! This is a great way to get to know them, how they work, and what your final product can be like. These mini sessions are like a bite-sized taste of working with that photographer. Quarterly branding sessions are about 45 minutes long, compared to 5-6 hours of a full session, but they help you get to know what to expect. Then, later on, you can do a full session and feel more prepared about what to expect! 

copywriter poses with daughter during Nashville branding session man sits with feet up on desk during Nashville team branding portraits

Want to plan your own branding session? Learn about my Quarterly Mini Branding Sessions HERE!

mini branding session information from Dolly DeLong Photography

Ready to DITCH your boring headshots and plan your own personalized branding session? Let’s talk!

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Excited to plan your branding portraits? Grab this FREE Guide to plan the session you’re dreaming of!

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Meet Your Friendly Nashville Branding Photographer & Systems + Workflow Educator

a dad mom and toddler son are all smiling at eachother at a lavender farm by Erin Fox photography in Nashville

Dolly DeLong is a Nashville-based family & branding photographer and a creative business owner who educates other family photographers on how to best streamline their family photography business by using powerful automation tools in order to find the JOY in workflows and systems.  Dolly loves serving families, and business owners with her timeless, radiant photography.  And, she also loves educating other creative business owners on how to set up systems and workflows that will ultimately help them save time in their business-she does this by producing weekly blog posts and weekly podcast episodes on The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast. 

She has a heart for serving the larger business community. Dolly shares her knowledge of tools like Dubsado, Email Marketing, and Business Systems with new creative business owners & family photographers in an encouraging and supportive way because she believes that anyone can find joy in automation! Plus BONUS: Systems is where the MAGIC happens!

Dolly’s faith and love for her family motivate her to help other business owners find the joy and freedom she’s found in running a successful small business.

Whenever she has a spare moment, she enjoys watching TV (i.e. Survivor), loves eating way too many sweets, and listens to podcasts while running or walking. To work with Dolly DeLong Photography LLC, fill out her contact form here.

Interested in learning how to best automate a part of your business but you have no clue where to begin? Check out to begin your automation journey today!

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