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14: How to Create a Launch Strategy for Your Lead Magnet Featuring Brenna McGowan (The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast)

Lead magnets are such a strategic marketing tactic for any business, but have you ever considered how a launch strategy for your lead magnet could impact your marketing game plan? In this episode, copywriter and launch strategist Brenna McGowan joins us to discuss launch strategies and planning for your lead magnet!

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Meet Brenna

Brenna McGowan is a strategic copywriter, marketing consultant, and launch expert, and I help mid-level businesses warm up customers so they’re fiery hot and ready to buy with my Build-a-CASE framework.

By leveraging Brenna’s pre-launch strategies, her clients have seen 41% increases in their launches without the frenzy and chaos they used to feel when launching. 

She believes that hustle-based, high-pressure program launches don’t serve you or your customers. Instead, Brenna helps you leverage pre-launch content to show your customers empathy, authority, and personality—so you can sell spots in your program before the doors even open. It’s time to walk confidently into your launch because you have an A-Z plan that feels good to both you and your customers.

Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Brenna (2:25)

What is a Lead Magnet (4:19)

Steps to Launch (5:25)

  1. Launch what your audience wants: How does your lead magnet solve your clients problem?
  2. Don’t make your audience think: Develop good copy through your title and subhead, then talk about your product/launch.
  3. The launch process: Plan an actual launch and collaborate with those around you.

Download Brenna’s Pre-Launch Cheat Sheet

Being a business owner is tiring, so launching seems overwhelming. If you’ve been listening to this episode and are loving the idea of pre-launching and pre-selling spots inside of your program, Brenna has created a prelaunch cheat sheet for you! 

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Review the Transcript:

Dolly DeLong
Welcome to the systems and workflow magic podcast where I help entrepreneurs go from scattered to streamlined in their creative businesses. I’m your host, Dolly DeLong, a wife, a mom, and a photographer turned systems educator. Join me every week as we have conversations centered around creating tactical workflows, and automation in your business. Now, let’s make some strategic workflow magic. Alright, everyone, welcome back to the systems and workflow magic Podcast. I’m so so happy you’re here, we are going to continue our lead magnet series. So if you are listening to this in the future, you could totally binge from Episode 11 to almost episode 18 I believe about lead magnets, and the systems and workflows involved with lead magnets. And if you are listening to this live, as it drops, we are currently in a seven-part series dedicated to the topics of specifically only lead magnets. Okay, so I know I say this all the time. But you are all in for a treat today because I have a launch expert and copywriting-pro Brenda Magallon on the podcast today. And she’s going to be sharing some fun tips on how to launch your lead magnet. So if you already have a lead magnet, or you’re about to create something amazing for your audience, what are the steps you need to take to launch it because you should be treating it like a launch. And before Brenna formally introduces herself i do have to say that how I know Brenda is through Linda Sidhu, who will be on the podcast as well. And she is a personality quiz creator and expert. You’ll meet her in a couple of weeks through the podcast. But I’ve met Brenda through Linda and we were in a I call it a quiz master group together. I don’t know what to call it. But just like I learned how to create a personality quiz, which was a type of lead magnet. And that’s how Brenda and I were connected. And I was just blown away by what Brenda does, who she serves. And just like who she is as a person, so I knew I had to have her on the podcast. So welcome Brenna. And I’m just gonna put you on the spot and ask you to paint a picture of how awesome you are to all my listeners.

Well, thank you. Thank you for having me. And yes, I am a copywriter. And I actually started this business in 2018. I started it on a whim with no social presence. I was 40 I was feeling like I was ready for life to change a little bit. And I wanted I joke around like I wanted to make $500 extra a month for my family from home and I didn’t want to go get a normal job. So I started this job and I started off actually as a social media manager, and soon realized that I hated it. And quickly pivot over pivoted over to copywriting, and primarily email copywriting, but through like a zigs and zags over the last few years, I have combined but something that I did really love about like social media was some of the strategy that goes behind it. And along with my copywriting skills I have really thought a lot about strategy. And because there’s so many things that we do in our online businesses, you know, we’re told that we have to write certain copy or do certain things. But if we’re not really cognizant of the, of the strategy of why we’re doing things, we can really waste a lot of time. And even in the short amount of time that I’ve been in business, I have wasted time doing things that were not really profitable, or did it make sense and no, we’re talking about lead magnets, I think of a lead magnet, I created one of my first ones that that just flopped. It never went anywhere I spent all this time and it didn’t work out. So I really love the strategy part behind it. Because when you can, when you know how to strategize in you know how to write like those two things together are kind of the magic that moves your business and moves your online business.

Dolly DeLong
That is so true. And just like as a recap, for those of you who may be wondering, again, a lead magnet is something that leads to your offer. So people call it a freebie and incentive and option and it helps you collect leads on autopilot. Well, you are delivering value to a person’s life and business you’re actually helping them answer a question that they can consume. So like in relation to what Brenda is going to be speaking about. Like let’s say you’ve created this free offer this free lead magnet. What next like how Do you promote it effectively? How do you get it into the hands of hopefully warm leads that are going to be funneled into your sphere? So this is where I call Brennan B launch ninja strategist. This is where she’s going to come in and like paint a really good picture and give us a little bit more clarity on how we can take strategic steps in promoting our

lead magnet. Yeah, no, I love that. And I, I been on the back end of a lot of launches as a copywriter. And this past year or so I’ve really pivoted into pre launch. And the reason why I did is because funny, I’m actually writing a sales page for myself right now. And I was talking about the story, what I started to notice with people is that so much of when something is effective, no matter what it is, if we’re talking about our product or service, today, we’re talking about lead magnets, a lot of times what we we put all the effort into getting something out that we don’t really think about the steps beforehand, we don’t think about our audience ahead of time. And when you can effectively pre launch, it takes the stress out of your regular launch, it gives you a ton of relief, you actually move a little bit quicker, in terms of what you’re trying to do. I was in my research today, there was a blog, I believe it might have been an article by Inc that talked about how people are making 35,000 decisions a day, we make 35,000 decisions a day. And that just like blew my mind. And so the first thing that I really want you to think about when it comes time to create your lead magnet? Well, there’s a few things. So in order to launch it properly, we have to like take a few steps back, right? I don’t want to just talk about like, Oh, these are the certain tactics that you’re going to do. I want to go two steps back, and it’s going two steps back is the first of all is really thinking about your lead magnet, how it serves your client, how it is an answer to a problem, it’s doing some type of work for your people, because it doesn’t matter how great a promotion you have later on, if you do not promote the right type of product that aligns with your type of offer. It becomes, you know, I don’t think anything’s a waste of time because I think we all learn from mistakes. But like I said, I created a lead magnet a few years ago, and it was a great lead magnet. But it didn’t line up with my offer, right? Like I created something like how do they your 10 steps to start a business? Well, I was trying to sell social media services in the end like it just it didn’t make sense. So we want to make sure that it really makes sense for what we’re going to be selling down the line. So the second thing that you want to think about in the creation of your lead magnet, too, is not making people think and this is where having a really great title and subhead or explanation of what your lead magnet is comes in handy. We don’t want to create a clever title like a lot of times people will spend times thinking of, you know, something that sounds really good. And I’ve been you know, even as a copywriter, I have to I have to temper myself on this is that the way that you’re going to be able to launch this, this lead magnet and get the most bang for your buck is really making it super clear. For example, my newest lead magnet is the pre launch plan cheat sheet like is very and then my subhead is very quick explanation. Like instead of trying to call it something funky, or something that funky, but something like really clever, you really want to think about your title. So that’s really the first step, if you want to have an effective launch, you really want to spend some time creating something. And for most of us, I mean, sometimes you can throw together a lead by it, but you know, you’re spending a decent amount of time creating the lead magnet, however it is audio video, and creating a landing page for that getting it set up in your email service provider. You know, I always 100% recommend that you have a nurture series that goes out after you get a lead magnet. So you have to write something that makes sense with that. So when you start really collectively thinking about the time that goes into this, it it’s time consuming. So you want to make sure from the beginning you do it right.

Dolly DeLong
Yeah. Oh, um, so this was an amazing point you just made and I’m sure a lot of people maybe listening who are new to lead magnets are thinking holy moly, like there’s so many things that go into even like a free offer within my business just to collect emails. And yes, there is a lot of things but thankfully, if you take baby steps aside things if you just take baby steps like you can accomplish these small tasks and and just a reminder to everyone like last week, if you listen to last week’s podcast episode, I believe. I interviewed another copywriter Emily Conley of Emily ritzville. And she also spoke on the power of good copy attracting people to your lead magnet. So I want to encourage you to give that a listen. And yeah and also to remind you that I do have a lot of resources and mini courses in my shop that actually help you have all the the blueprint, the roadmap to knowing how to create and execute elite execute sounds like such a negative word, create effectively a lead magnet and all the steps that go into it before, during and after. So I just wanted to remind everyone, I have resources for you. And not to worry about all

the steps and 100% getting a resource that like that. Because everything if you have like a guide, it just makes things so much easier. So even today, as I’m writing a sales page, like I’m not writing it out of the blue, I’m taking, you know, a guide that I have that I’m following. And just because it helps with that, not thinking about it. So I think it’s awesome. You have something like that, that people can grab,

Dolly DeLong
yeah, baby steps, roadmaps, I’m all about it. So let’s talk about like, actually, then creating, like leading up to the launch. So you talked about you spoke on the importance of actually doing your homework of launching the lead magnet to people who actually want it. So doing the homework, and researching and making sure that people actually want what you’re creating, and to creating a pre launch strategy. This is like we’re really good effective copy comes in. So what about now the actual launch?

Well, I don’t think we talked about the pre launch as much. So um, you know, might definitely think the first step is getting the right offer. And, you know, this goes, we’re talking about, we’re talking about a lead magnet here. But this goes, you can apply this to your regular launch as well. So you get two for one in this conversation. Not entirely, but like, of course, like, you don’t want to launch something that’s going to flop. So same thing. You don’t want to spend time on a lead magnet that’s not going to do what you want it to do. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is, and this is a step that I see most people skip in regular launches and in with lead magnets, right, is creating some type of buzz or anticipation for our audience. So what we’re trying to do a lot of times is we are you know, you’re you create a lead magnet and then most people they throw up an Instagram story and say it’s here, but And you wonder why maybe it’s not getting as much attention as you want it to Well, part of it is human nature is you know, read like anticipation building. If you think about huge brands, they don’t look they don’t just throw out some, you know, some huge product, they actually spend time talking about it. I know my friend Jen, Gemma Bonham Carter, which is when I originally started talking about pre launch, you know, she, I believe it was the iPhone that she talked about. And I was like, Oh my gosh, she’s so Right. Like, think about the new iPhone coming out. There is weeks and weeks of anticipation that goes into it. And even on a human level. This is me going to show my age here for a second. But my husband and I have been going back and watching Frasier, especially for the younger crowd listener, they might not even know what it is, you know, for sure. Okay, good. Yeah, I was thinking about I’m actually gonna write about it. I was gonna write how like the rest of the world, like watching things like succession and Ozark and I’m watching reruns of Frasier. But one of the things that really caught my eye as I was watching it is that there’s six or seven seasons of anticipation of two of the characters getting together Daphne and Niles, right? It’s not, it’s not the the, you know, of course, when they finally do get together, it’s a great episode. But going back, it’s like, gosh, the anticipation the whole time is she gonna find out if she like, it’s just kind of our human nature. So play with this human nature, natural curiosity, of really kind of figuring out now, the other thing too is we started when I when I help clients with regular launches, but this can go for your pre launch as well, is once again, because you’ve researched your audience and you really understand who they are, you can understand some of the things that they’re going through and why your lead magnet is an answer to that problem, or how it’s going to help get give them some quick relief, or is going to get give them a quick roadmap, like you said, I’d love Right. Like, quick roadmaps are mine is a cheat sheet. But because I’ve done my research, I know that my people have a hard time sitting down and figure out what type of content they should write for this pre launch. So I’m creating a cheat sheet where I’m doing the thinking for them, but I can talk about that right? Like I can go in and start talking beforehand like Hey, I know when it comes time to think of you know your your emails and Instagram posts for the month that you don’t even know where to start on what to talk about. Right so I’ve created this cheat sheet to help you I’m actually putting together right now. You can do survey your audience and start asking them like what kind of things would they like to see where are they struggling? What is theirs? So many different ways to go about this. But the long and short of it is, is that basically it’s just pre launching. In some respects, of course, there’s more strategy to it, that we won’t go into too much detail here. But if you just start talking about the thing that you’re putting out, before you put it out, I said this on another podcast recently, you’re like, you’re doing more than 80% of your competition, because most of your 80% of your competition is spending so much time thinking about the actual launch. So what I want you to think about is like, how can you really spend time creating a buzz around your lead magnet, because no matter what, whether it’s a launch, where you’re asking people to exchange money, you know, a lead magnet, you’re still asking your audience to do an exchange with you giving their email address to you. So it’s the same principle here that you can go into, it’s like really thinking about what the answer that you’re that your lead magnet is providing for these people, and then thinking about, Okay, what’s the reason that they might not get it and seeing talking about an objection around it? What’s something that they believe to be, you know, for example, once again, I’ll just use mine because it’s top of mind, like, you know, maybe people don’t think they need to do a pre launch. Right. So I but I, I would show them some through my pre launch content, the how important it really is that, you know, I have a, there’s a, I don’t know exactly who said it, but I think it’s like something the for the personality types, the four personality types, I think it’s close to like, 80% of people are a slower paced type of person, or 70%. It’s a very high number, I need to get the exact quote, but what I can talk about is why you need to do a pre launch, and then here, I’m going to give you this resource that’s going to make it easier for you. So once again, I think it just goes back to like, okay, is how can you be talking about it giving behind the scenes, viewpoints and things that get your audience so by the time it comes out there, they’re really excited for this resource, especially because it’s free, right?

Dolly DeLong
I love that. And you know what, I want to remind everyone who’s listening, like, you might be listening and thinking, Oh, well, I feel like I’m just gonna annoy people so much. If I talk about things, the same thing over and over and over and over again. But I’ve like heard this stat, maybe I’m wrong about this statistic, but like maybe like three to 4% of your audience is actually hearing you and the other 90% 94% Sorry, I can’t do math, right 96% Like may not be consistently hearing you or following you. And it’s not because of you. It’s just like, not just the algorithm, it’s just like, like we are inundated with our own personal lives. And so I think it’s really good to have some sort of strategic marketing plan, even if it’s for a freebie a lead magnet, because hopefully, you’re going to be nurturing these new weeds in your funnel. Later on in a nurture sequence. Like Rana was talking about that consumption sequence. And so you want to get their attention, just like early on in this pre launch strategy.

Well, and the other thing to mention too, is once against statistics, I don’t remember but the the click through rates on an email, the highest during a welcome series are a nurture series, like more people buy or ready to buy off of a nurture series. Like they’re really, they’re really excited when they first meet you. So it’s like not only that, it’s like if you can get them really excited, even more excited through this, like pre launch period that they are so pumped, you know, you absolutely have a chance to, you know, make your conversions higher, which is what we’re all in business to do that right, we all want to make our conversions higher. So doing this extra step ahead of time you it takes what I like about it the best and and it’s probably to partly my personality. But I want people asking me how they can buy from me, not me chasing down people to buy and you have a beautiful opportunity with doing this lead magnet strategy, especially with a pre launch to be able to do that. Because once again, you they’re kind of proactively coming to you signing up and there’s no better chance. There’s, they’re no one is ever going to be as excited or as into you as they are when they sign up for your lead magnet.

Dolly DeLong
Exactly. And also like it’s free, everyone, it’s free and they there’s nothing for them to lose. So you want to grow your email list, but you don’t know where to begin. Or you are frustrated because you know, you have to grow more awareness of your business to build an audience, but you don’t have a big budget to spend on Facebook or Instagram ads like all the other big gurus do. Like seriously, where do you even begin as a business owner who is trying to build an audience, so you can continue you to grow your brand awareness and audience on social media platforms. But the algorithm always changes and let if someone hacks into your platform, and you lose everything overnight, how will you reach your audience and communicate with them. So this is not an ad for an email marketing class. Although I am a huge supporter of some great email marketing strategies. This is actually about the catalyst, which will help grow your email list. I’m talking about a lead magnet in my training the lead magnet mini course, you will be taught the workflows and systems you need to put in place in order to craft an amazing offer to attract the right leads to grow your email list, and to continue to nurture your audience over time. So it’s time to build that email list of your dreams. And I want to give you the systems and strategies of lead magnets, I have used to help me grow my own email list by over 57% in one year. So head on over to the show notes, grab the link to the lead magnet mini course, and use code podcast for 20% off the entire course, and start growing your email list today with a powerful lead magnet. Alright, so you have like another really good point, I’m not gonna share it. Yeah, Emily, you share it. But I’ve already started taking notes on it. But the third point about this launching strategy,

right, so here, you’ve built up anticipation, you’ve let people know something special is coming. And then you know, it can be a really, really amazing thing to actually build some type of event or launch around the actual release of your lead magnet. So instead of just throwing something new into the world, here, we’ve built up anticipation, people are excited, they know something’s coming, you know, maybe you’ve you’ve led some kind of curiosity. So now you have a really great opportunity to get a little bit more mileage out of your lead magnet. So you know, I’ll give you an example. This wasn’t a lead magnet, but I think it’s the same. It’s a bit of the same thought when I started my Facebook group last year. I knew like, if I just open the Facebook group, yeah, like I’d get people signed up. But I thought, Gosh, I’m going to create an entire event around this opening, I’m not just going to open a Facebook group, I’m going to open a Facebook group and have an amazing event. So I had a one week event where I invited people to come in and people take it to anticipate that. So the what I really want, there’s the best one of the best ways unless you’re paying for paid traffic. And I don’t, I don’t think that it’s nearly as effective. And is really thinking about how you can collaborate with others around you to get the word out for your lead magnet. So yes, your initial audience, you know, is going to be excited about a lead magnet to get new people in. And there’s going to be no better way than doing some type of collaboration. So I think you can do this in a myriad of different ways, right? So you can do something like I did you create an event, maybe it’s a whole week, around the topic of what your lead magnet is, and you do a week of Instagram lives or you have a Facebook, you know, if you have a podcast like maybe that’s part of it, right? So or you go on to other you could do a podcast, or can you go and pitch several different several different podcasts, letting them know about something new that you’ve done, that you’ve put out. So for example, one of my wonderful clients, she has this, this whole new framework and actually a quiz that she did. And she’s going around to different podcasts and pitching about how she has this assessment and how people can sign up for it. And using that is actually her lead to get on. And that’s another way of collaborating, you’re right using other people’s audiences may be something that I did on a lead magnet that I did a couple years ago is that I in my particular lead magnet, I had experts in there that I was able to, I use their email, so they really didn’t have to do anything. They just had to give me permission. And then I analyze their email in one, it’s called My segway guide. But because of this, I got a ton of shoutouts because I was using because they were a part of my lead magnet and they wanted to show it to their audience. And it worked for both of us, right like it showed like it was good for them because someone wanted their writing enough to have it inside their lead magnet. And it was really great for me because these were high profile people that I was kind of setting myself up with, you know, kind of next to this lead magnet. So think about that even too. I think that goes back to step one of like, what is your overall strategy with it? But you know, you can even think about this collaboration thing, even at the very beginning of can you bring in a couple of experts, quote people do things to get you more mileage out of it. So the other thing that I want to mention here, too, is, and this is not so much a launch, you know, a launch strategy, but it will help you with it is giving your lead magnet to a couple of people ahead of time and asking them for an honest review. Because that will help you when someone sees, you know, someone they recognize, or they see that what people are saying about your lead magnet is going to help your launch anytime that we can add social proof credibility authority to what we’re doing, whether it’s, you know, our offers, or even a lead magnet makes a big difference. So kind of keep that in mind too, as well. And usually, you know, and I think the other thing that mentioned here about really making this launch go is asking like you don’t, it’s amazing what we do, or what people will do with like a simple asking me think I know, for me, sometimes asking feels a little, you know, you don’t want to inconvenience anyone. But if you give people plenty of time, let them know, Hey, I’ve created something new, I really think it would be something your audience would benefit from, you know, I’d be happy to shout you out in my own email list or my own stories ahead of time, you know, can I provide you with some swipe? Copy? And would you consider promoting this to your list? I really think and, and this is the basis of everything I do is like, like, how can we have more connection with our audience? Right? So like, how can we promote each other and lift each other up? And how can we help each other? During this time? I think it makes a big difference, especially when it comes to some thing that’s free, you know, it’s a little bit harder to ask your friend to promote something that’s paid, right. But I think we most of us, and and some people will say no, like, I know, I’ve had to say no to things lately, just because of my own promotion schedule. But I have most of our time, even if it’s just a simple even if I say no, I can’t do this promotion for you. I’m always like, Hey, can I go ahead? And you know, I’ll be happy to put this on my stories and things like that. So really thinking about like how how you can get the word spread in a super organic way, but definitely creating, taking the time to really think through like, Who Can I ask how can I collaborate? How can I create an event? How can I do these things that are going to, you know, even if it’s, you’re doing something like a contest, I don’t love contests all the time, but I do think you could do something. I think they can make sense at points. So I think there’s a ton of different strategies here that you can do to really get the word out.

Dolly DeLong
And Brana Okay, so this is all amazing wisdom and knowledge. So I wanted to remind everyone like to please give this episode a listen several times and take lots of notes, because what Brenda is sharing with us, like, what people pay her to do like for them as clients. So this one has been amazing. And I know not everybody who’s listening. Well, everybody who’s listening right now cannot see me. But I have been taking notes. While Brent has been talking. I’ve been just doing some bullet points. And I am I myself am going to re listen to this episode Brenna. So thank you so much for sharing all of this information with us.

Oh, thank you for having me. I love talking this kind of stuff. So it was super fun.

Dolly DeLong
And like kind of segwaying into your own lead magnet and freebie can you share with my audience? Can you tell us more about the freebie that you have for for us?

Absolutely. So if you’re like one of those people that I was talking about earlier, where you’re like, I Okay, I love this idea of pre launching, like, I want to make my launch go further. And I want it to seem less stressful. I want to feel more confident, even if it’s with your lead magnet, right? And what can I start doing? What kind of content can I start putting out that builds anticipation, actually presale spots inside of my program, and really gives you a sense of relief. I know behind the scenes. Now me and some of my business friends, we’re all we’re just tired, right? Like we’re tired, there’s so much going on. And I really want to help people figure out a way to launch in a way that feels really good and expansive to them. And it also is really great for our audience is that when we do a pre launch, the way that I teach it, it really gives people the respect of their own choice because they have time to process they have time to really think through their decisions before they go all in and hand over money to you. So I created the pre launch cheat sheet which actually shows you some of the content that you should be putting out before your actual launch to attract these buyers that are excited like we just talked about even with our lead magnet really excited and you could you you could probably take I haven’t thought about it in depth but I’m sure you can go grab that and even use that pre launch cheat sheet for your lead magnet launch as well.

Dolly DeLong
Oh, for sure for sure. And so just to let you all know this will be in the show notes and this will also be attached to the blog post which comes to the podcast. So you will have access to this and Brendan, do you mind sharing with everyone how they can find you and follow you and connect with you?

Definitely. So you can find me at Brennan is my website. And I’m always even when I’m not supposed to be on Instagram at Brennan McGowan Co. And I’d love if you come say hi and drop me a DM.

Dolly DeLong
Awesome. Thank you so much again for coming on the podcast and sharing all of your launching strategy wisdom with us seriously, it means a lot to me. Thank you, I appreciate it. Also, and as a reminder, for those of you who are listening in, I have so many resources in my shop about lead magnets. So head on over the shop and use pode podcasts. It’s all one word to get 20% off the lead magnet mini course. And again, it is a roadmap to help you from start to finish to follow through on how to create a lead magnet that would be in alignment with your offers. So as always, if you enjoyed this episode, please send me a DM on Instagram at dolly DeLong education and let me know what you learned. And don’t forget to leave a review if you enjoyed this podcast and share it with your other creative business Sony friends. And I hope you continue to find the magic and joy and systems strategic workflows and automations for business and in your life. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the systems and workflow magic podcast. You can find full show notes from today’s episode at dolly DeLong forward slash podcast. If you’re loving the podcast, I’d be so honored if you’d subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast player. Be sure to screenshot this episode, share it to your stories and tag me at dolly DeLong education over on Instagram. Until next time, go make some strategic workflow magic

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