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Family Photography Tips: What To Wear For Summer Family Photos by nashville family photographer dolly delong photography

As the summer season kicks into high gear there are going to be so many opportunities to take some milestone photos of your little ones. The biggest drawback of summer portraits, however, is working in the heat (Womp Womp). Here are my top 3 ideas of what to wear for summer family photos for everyone in the family (that will help offset the heat)!

I currently live in the south so heat and humidity are brutal factors and pretty much from Mid-April to Mid-September whenever I finish a family session I always come home dripping in sweat (which is pretty gross-sorry to all of my clients!)

I wanted to share three outfit ideas for families to consider wearing if they decide to photograph in the summer months. These are actually very easy to coordinate, and I try to encourage families to stick with more neutral colors (no crazy patterns or crazy colors) so that they have more classic and timeless portraits.

1.Sandals for Kids

Now, this isn’t the main focal point I know, but even heavy closed-toed shoes may be so hot for everyone so find some good sandal options which are visually appealing but it’ll also help your kids feet “breath” a little in the heat.  I suggest sandals that don’t have crazy patterns or colors and are neutral in color, so again, it will not distract from the family photo. Here is an adorable option for little girls. Here is an adorable option for boys.

2. Summer Maxi Dresses For Mom

For moms, I would recommend a long flowy dress (Maxi) for maximum impact of grate twirling photos but breathable material. Yes, maxi’s are incredible long, but they are also going to cover up your legs and potentially help prevent any bug bites (since the majority of my summer sessions are outdoors). You can easily find neutral colored maxi’s which will fit the aesthetic of your entire family’s photo session and add a pop of color with your jewelry or any type of accessory. Here are two fun Maxi options I am considering purchasing for myself: Here and Here. 

3. Summer Outfit Option For Dad

One of my favorite looks on guys is the unbuttoned up denim shirt over a tee paired with well-fitting chinos. It is a more relaxed look, and you can easily coordinate it with everyone’s outfits for the shoot. I do not recommend having dad show up in a plaid button-up only because plaid can be very hard to coordinate with unless everyone is wearing a variant of that plaid aesthetic. Overall, I recommend no crazy colors or patterns, but please stick with more of a neutral color which can better coordinate with everyone’s outfits!

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Family Photography Tips: What To Wear For Summer Family Photos by nashville family photographer dolly delong photography

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