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Olympic National Park Anniversary Photos by National Park Anniversary Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography featuring Stormy and Michael Allen’s 2 year wedding anniversary portraits on Fuji400h film!

Olympic National Park Anniversary Photography Session for Pinterest

In September I had the opportunity of going to Olympic National Park to take some wedding anniversary film portraits of a couple based out of Seattle, WA (who happen to be wedding photographers) and it was incredible getting to work with The Allen’s because they GET how valuable milestone photos are, and they were willing to hike the trails of Hurricane Ridge to get some epic shots! Keep in mind, because of the fires, it was still pretty smoky, but we were still able to capture some gorgeous portraits!

(Also thanks to the new blogging toolkit from Chris and Micaela, I was able to better blog about this session as well, so I had to give a shout-out to my good friends C&M) (*note: this blogging toolkit is an affiliate code) 

Olympic National Park Anniversary Session

1. How did you two meet?

 -We met in a calculus class at UW Seattle where Michael offered to help me study for a midterm. He didn’t tell me his name during that first interaction but we recognized each other the next school quarter in another math class and became friends! About 6 months later after hours of FaceTime calls and dinners near campus, I realized I liked Michael more than a friend and asked him out to a work party and he said yes 🙂


2. What Anniversary Was This Session Celebrating?

-Second *wedding* anniversary


3. What Has Been Your Favorite Adventure Together So far?

 -Definitely Peru! A couple of months into dating, I bought him a plane ticket to go with me after I already had mine beforehand. We went on lots of adventures like whitewater rafting, cooking classes, made chocolate, tasted coffee, saw the Nazca Lines (my dream!), etc.


4.What is the biggest thing you have learned about marriage THIS year?

-Even in quarantine, we can’t take quality time for granted or pay less attention to each others’ needs and the marriage


5.  Who is the better cook?

-Michael is the only one who cooks. It’s been years since I’ve even made my own breakfast, lunch, or dinner


6. What do you love doing together?

-we love playing with our cats (hehe), growing our photography business, and traveling
Olympic National Park Anniversary Portrait Session at Hurricane Ridge on Fuji400h film by National Park Anniversary Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

7. What are some things you do to keep your relationship healthy and growing?

 -I live by Dr. John Gottman’s 6 hours a week for a healthy relationship which includes things like weekly check-ins, intention quality time, writing down why I’m grateful for my husband, etc.


8.What advice would you give to a newlywed couple?

-Two pieces of advice: 1) stop whatever you’re doing and read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” with your partner; 2) if you ever feel bored after establishing a routine with your spouse, it’s easy to blame your partner for always talking about the same things, for example, but if you want your conversations to be more interesting, then YOU need to read, watch, or experience something worth talking about.
Olympic National Park Anniversary Portrait Session at Hurricane Ridge on Fuji400h film by National Park Anniversary Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

9.What helps you love the other person when you are mad at them?

-As lame as it sounds, I tell myself “this too shall pass” because I remember how it feels to be angry at Michael and how that anger is temporary although it feels like it’ll never end at the moment.


10.What was your favorite part of your session with Dolly DeLong Photography? 🙂

-We really enjoyed talking to and getting to know Dolly in the drive up and during our session. She’s extremely friendly, which makes the whole experience fun and comfortable 🙂

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Olympic National Park Anniversary Session at Hurricane Ridge by Dolly DeLong Photography

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