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As a Nashville family photographer, I recently had the pleasure of capturing a truly charming maternity session in the cozy embrace of a family’s home. This unique setting provided the perfect backdrop for this wonderful milestone session, blending the warmth of the holiday season with the anticipation of a new arrival. Scroll on down for some inspiration for your maternity session, and see how you can take these portraits in the comfort of your own home (meaning if you are expecting your little one in Winter and you decide to have maternity photos done, don’t feel pressured to take them outside, especially if it’s colder outside! You do have the option to take timeless and cozy photos at home too!)

Embrace Your Home Setting For Maternity Photos

The decision to have the maternity session within the family’s home brought a sense of intimacy and authenticity to the photographs. The polished and timeless ambiance of the house served as a gorgeous and very simple canvas, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the images. I kept on telling this sweet couple (Matt and Asri) that their house was a photographer’s dream! Their home photographs so well, and I am so glad we didn’t end up renting a studio. Instead, this session will not only be one-of-a-kind because it’s at their home, but no one will be able to recreate these images! It truly will be milestone photos for only them to cherish!

Note: if you decide to photograph at your home, the familiar surroundings of your home help put expectant parents at ease resulting in natural and genuine moments captured on camera.


Don’t forget to infuse some Holiday cheer in your maternity photos

Incorporating elements of Christmas into the maternity session added a touch of festive charm and warmth. From twinkling lights and holiday décor to cozy sweaters and seasonal accents, the photos exuded the joy and magic of the holiday season. Yes, I know it was technically past Christmas, but Asri and Matt’s desire to intertwine the spirit of Christmas with the anticipation of their little one’s arrival created a heartwarming narrative within the images.

⭐️Here’s a tip for expecting parents: If you are going to have maternity photos at home (and your little one is coming in Spring and your Maternity photos are in Fall or Early Winter) set up your home to have some Holiday feel to them so that you can repurpose your photos as Christmas Cards to send out to your friends and family!

Having fun in the kitchen at your maternity session

The theme of baking not only added a delightful twist to the maternity session but also served as a creative way to symbolize the pregnancy journey. Incorporating props such as mixing bowls, wooden spoons, and a whimsical “bun in the oven” concept brought a sense of playfulness to the photographs. The imagery of Asri + Matt (Mom + Dad) engaging in baking activities further personalized the session, capturing their shared excitement and anticipation.

⭐️Tip: You can even spice things up in the Kitchen and have some cute snuggly photos of just you and your spouse!

Don’t forget to include your furry family member

As a cherished member of the family, the couple’s dog played a heartwarming role in the maternity session. Including the beloved pet in the photographs not only added an endearing element but also reflected the genuine dynamics of the family unit. The dog’s presence brought an additional layer of warmth and joy to the images, creating a complete and authentic portrayal of the family’s anticipation of the new arrival.

⭐️Tip: I mean, your furry one is most likely the “firstborn” in your family unit, so don’t forget to include them in your milestone maternity photos! You can plan for these photos by making sure your pet is cleaned and brushed before the photographer arrives, and make sure you have ample treats to make sure they look at the camera!

Capturing timeless moments

The combination of the home setting, holiday elements, baking theme, and the inclusion of the family pet culminated in a series of timeless and emotive photographs. Each image encapsulated the unique essence of the family’s journey, preserving cherished moments that will be treasured for years to come. The session succeeded in capturing the anticipation, love, and joy surrounding the impending arrival of the little one.


Capturing magical moments with your family is a priceless gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. From the maternity sessions to the first steps to the toothless grins, family and motherhood photography allows us to freeze these fleeting moments and celebrate the love and connection shared within our families.

I hope you have been inspired by this Winter Maternity Session and are inspired to make your maternity session unique to you and your loved one!

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