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Well, the quarterly branding photography + content experience may become your new marketing bff!

A whole new level of photography experience tailored for the small business owner who needs help creating strategic and marketing content for the next quarter to better impact the bottom line of their business. 

The best part? It's only 3-4 hours long and you will walk away with 2 months of content in your back pocket!

don't have the time for a full branding session?

are you on a tighter budget for your business?

don't have a clue how to actually create content with your branding photos?

The Quarterly Branding Photography &
 Content Creation Experience

I help you create visuals which marry strategy and marketing together seamlessly to powerfully impact your business

the goal of my business?

For me, photography is not a trend, I’m honestly at home with a camera in my hand. Working with small business owners is a joy because I have also experienced the ups and downs of owning a small business. I want to help capture the message and voice behind your brand so that you attract the best clients! There are a lot of hobby photographers out there, but with 12+ years of experience and over 500 hours of professional training, you can rest at ease knowing the caliber of experience you will receive. 
Every part of what I do is intentional to ensure I can take the time to understand your vision and build trust. I believe your business is not your hobby or side hustle, and it needs to be treated professionally and it should have some strategic photos to reflect your business!


I'm Dolly.

Hi  business owner!

are you in?

This is where I want to serve you!

I want to "marry" both the visuals and the strategy of marketing for you!

my goal is to ensure you walk away from your branding mini session with a huge sigh of relief because you actually have a "plan" of action for the next 2-3 months (next quarter) of how you are going to showcase your business!

So before I explain what this day entails I do want to say the problem isn't your business. It's actually the lack of strategic planning to merge (and marry) your content with your visuals so that you can speak directly to your ideal clients and showcase how you can serve them! 

Sometimes you may have gorgeous visuals, but you don't know how to market them in a smart and strategic way. 


Sometimes you may have the best marketing ideas & content in your mind but you don't have the visuals to showcase them. 

so if you are wondering what a strategic content creation & branding mini-session day is, let me break it down for you: 






BLURRY IPHONE SELFIES in horrible light


Go from


"I've had SUCH great results! After working with Dolly I designed and launched my website and released my paid products and services. Within 24 hours of my first release, a low-cost PDF, I made MORE than enough money to cover the cost of the branding photos! They paid for themselves in just one day! In just two weeks with my website up I've had over 1,500 page views and 450 opt-ins for my lead magnet. Without Dolly's photos, this would not have been possible! If you're thinking of legitimizing your business through branding photos, stop waiting and commit!" 

Kind words from past clients like you


"Find a brand photographer who can dig deep into your business, motivation & values...and then somehow communicate those things in beautiful images! Dolly amazed me with her ability to not only showcase my personality BUT my core values of my business. To top it all,  I became a 6-figure business owner once I started using my branding photos in a strategic & bold way (which Dolly teaches you in the planning process)!"

Kind words from past clients like you


I only offer quarterly branding mini-sessions once (sometimes two times) a quarter on very specific dates. So the first step is to click on my calendar to see the date + location of the specific quarter's details. I try to plan everything 1-2 seasons ahead of time to help the business owner plan ahead (strategic content creation)

Step 1: 


Once you determine if you are free for the quarterly branding mini session you will click on the date, pay to reserve, and sign a contract (easy as 1-2-3)! This process is all streamlined so we don't have to go back and forth (and this part will be all automated)! (The reason why these days are so affordable is because I open it up to up to 6 different business owners) (so it is a mini session day of content creation with other business owners!) 

Step 2: 


Now that your quarterly branding session is scheduled, you'll get a feel for the location of where we will be shooting (so you can pack specific outfits for your session, what props you want to bring, you can pre-book that hair and makeup appointment for the day of your session & get your nails done too!) Seriously, be strategic with your outfits & pair them with your marketing for what you want to communicate for NEXT season!

Step 3: 


It's the day of your session! This is going to be a 2-3 hour strategic content creation process where we will focus on different areas of the studio to get as much visual content created for your brand. We will also be using video (aka your phone) to film your brand (to repurpose for social media platforms) And don't forget: you'll be co-working alongside 6 other solo business owners so this is going to be fun!

Step 4: 


After your session, I will send over a quick sneak peek of your branding session to you! Then my post editing process normally takes around 45 days. You will also receive a recap of what we covered with your content creation so that you can purposefully use the visual + video content you have as tools for your marketing! You spent 3 hours with me, so I want you to walk away with 2 months of content! 

Step 5: 


Within 6-8 weeks you will receive your images with a license to use them to market your business! This the fun part for you because you can now visually showcase HOW others can work with you and BOOK you! 
So are ya interested in a strategic quarterly content mini session? 

Step 6: 

About the quarterly content process

-Every year I host 4 Quarterly Branding Experiences

-Spring 2023 (complete)

-August 2023 (for Quarter 4) book HERE

-September 2023 (For Christmas Content) book HERE

-December 2023 (For Quarter 1 of 2024)

-Delivered within 3 weeks of session on an online gallery where client can determine which pictures they want or there will be a full gallery option as well.

-In order to reserve a spot, client must sign the contract + pay for the mini-session in full to reserve the session.


The Quarterly Branding Photography & Content Creation Experience with Dolly DeLong Photography

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A two to three hour workshop where you will create all the visual content you need for your business and brand!
Since this is in a span of 3 hours and you are sharing the space with 5 other business owners (to make it a mini-session) your investment is normally $800 + tax for up to 4 hours! (sometimes it may be higher due to venue rental)
Here is what you will get:

  • 3-4 hours of studio time (at an elevated AirBNB rental or studio space that is versatile) 
  • high resolution digital images (40 minimum)
  • up to 5 outfit changes
  • fun connection with other business owners 
  • video content (I will be taking your phone and helping you create b-roll visuals) for you to repurpose onto social media

I'm literally booking the studio, and your only job is to show up ready to work on some content creation to impact your own business (it's the best 4 hours you are going to spend this Quarter)

Investment Information

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Finally represent your brand in its best light.

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