I specialize in personal branding photography. The education side of my business I work with other creatives in systems + workflow education.

do you photograph anything besides branding photography? 

totally! i frequently work at new venues, and i have all of the necessary insurance. i am always up for a new location! i just ask that you find out the rules of that location ahead of time (as far as photography goes, if they require a special permit, and if there are any additional fees to shoot there-it will be added to your final bill)

 i noticed you haven't done a branding session at a certain venue/location i'm interested in, is that okay?

I create customizable packages for each individual session (full sessions)

how much does a branding session cost?

Common Qs and As:

hey Dolly, i have a question...

do you have liability insurance? 

YES! So let's say you are wanting to shoot at a venue/location which not only requires a permit but liability insurance for the photographer present, I can provide the insurance for you! 

Will there be a contract needed for my project?
When do I need to sign the contract? 

Do you meet with clients beforehand? What is the protocall for client meetings?

yes. once you book me, i will draw up a unique contract that fits your session and i will not begin planning out your session until you: a) sign your contract
 b) fill out the questionnaire
& c) pay the deposit for your session. 

it depends. if you are from out of town, then we can have a Zoom session or a video call so i can get to know you and your business and what your vision is. if you are in town, you can simply fill out my branding questionnaire i will send off to you after you book me, and then we can meet up for coffee to discuss what your session will look like! 

Do you edit all the photographs? can we have the raw files?

do you travel for branding sessions?
Share all the deets with me!

oh my goodness, I am sold Dolly! How do I book with you? And how can I pay you? 

yes, i edit all the photographs, but no i will not deliver them in raw format to any clients. you are also hiring me for my editing style and trust that i will send you the best-curated images. note: i am not able to re-edit images after sending the final gallery. if you have any photoshop requests (e.g. a building exploding as you walk away), they are $50 per photo. i work with a third-party vendor to handle any special edits.

yes! i am happy to travel for your personal branding session! i only ask that you cover travel costs. if your business is in a different state, i would love to chat! please keep in mind, i have to plan everything in advance since i also work as a family photographer so I usually book out months in advance! Please note: you will need to research any city/state specific permits needed for your shoot!

Whoa! I am so honored you are pumped to work with me! So the first step for you to take would be to fill out my contact form so we can get the planning process started. You'll sign your contract, pay your deposit, and then your final bill will not be due until the DAY of your session! Everything is organized and I try to keep everything streamlined for you, the client! 

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