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I'm Dolly — a Nashville based milestone family photographer & a systems + workflow educator (and Podcast Host) for creatives who want to be more streamlined and organized with System, Workflows & SOPS. I'm here to help you look awesome (for your photos) & feel great about workflows!

All of my blog posts are written to help the reader find inspiration for your next family session, and "ah-ha moments" + clarity with systems/workflow education, and I even have peppered some of my own personal life in several blogs so you can get to know me! The most important thing is: I want you to walk away with tangible next step resources! Thank you again for being here!

Welcome to the dolly delong Blog

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Are you adding email subscribers to your list pretty regularly, but you’re stumped about what exactly to DO with them now that you have them? If that’s you, you’re not alone. Tune in to hear Liz Wilcox share a simple 3-step approach to converting your new leads into customers with a wicked simple welcome sequence. […]

80: How to Turn Your New Leads into Customers with a Wicked Simple Welcome Sequence featuring Liz Wilcox
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Have you ever wanted to be more intentional with your business’s content strategy? One of the best ways to do that is by building a content strategy that supports your email marketing strategy. Yes! The two can work together to create a powerful combination. In this episode, visibility coach and business strategist Joy Michelle shares […]

79: How to Build Out a Content Strategy that Aligns with Email Marketing featuring Joy Michelle
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How to make your email marketing legally legit written by Paige Griffith, J.D. of The Legal Paige

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What’s holding you back from making moves with email marketing in your business? You know it’s something you should prioritize, but you still feel held back from taking action. If you want to step up your email marketing, this episode is for you. Kate Doster, online business pro and host of the Do The Brave […]

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Do you ever feel like there’s just never enough time to focus on email marketing in your business? Not to mention, figuring it all out seems like it would take hours! If that sounds familiar, then tune in and turn up this episode featuring Anna Dearmon Kornick, a Time Management Coach and host if It’s About Time podcast. Anna’s sharing her best tips for making time for email marketing in your online business.

How to Actually Have the Time for Email Marketing
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Do you want to take your business up a notch? Are you ready to level up with email marketing but don’t know how or where to start? Don’t sweat it – this episode is here for YOU! In this episode, we dive in and get that creativity flowing as I share how to make your […]

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  Are you looking for ways to take your QuickBooks experience from drab to fab? Maybe you just need a little guidance on how to get started and have a seamless experience. In this episode, Crystalynn shares her expertise on how to get started with QuickBooks as well as some useful tips and tricks to […]

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  Are you the type of person who can’t resist downloading every “try my routine!” freebie that pops up on your screen? Maybe you’ve tried countless routines from fellow business owners but still, feel like something is missing. In this episode, Anna Dearmon Kornick and I discuss the five essential routines that every successful business […]

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Are you hesitant to try out all the new artificial intelligence or AI software that is showing up on your feed? Maybe you have seen the hype, but you think it’s more authentic to just do everything yourself. Cameron and Tia Goff are joining me today to share all things AI and how they overcame […]

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Are you struggling with being productive? Maybe you always dreamed of running your own business from home, but you just can’t seem to find a groove for getting things done. In this episode, Jade Boyd shares her 5 P’s of Productivity. If you are ready to finally get all your projects completed, or maybe just […]

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