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I'm Dolly — a Nashville based branding photographer for small business owners, milestone family photographer & a systems + workflow educator (and Podcast Host) for creatives who want to be more streamlined and organized with System, Workflows & SOPS. I'm here to help you look awesome (for your photos) & feel great about workflows!

All of my blog posts are written to help the reader find inspiration for your next family session, clarity in the areas of branding photography, and "ah-ha moments" with systems/workflow education, and I even have peppered some of my own personal life in several blogs so you can get to know me! The most important thing is: I want you to walk away with tangible next step resources! Thank you again for being here!

Welcome to the dolly delong Blog

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Discover the magic of summer maternity photography sessions at the Nashville Ellington Ag Center with Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography. Learn how to best prepare for a summer maternity session and walk away feeling inspired to have an amazing summer maternity session!

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In the world of email marketing lead magnets, a free downloadable PDFs are a dime a dozen. Stand out from the crowd by tuning into this episode featuring Magan Ward. We’ll dive into creative and innovative ways that you can grow your list without just creating another PDF. The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast is […]

89: Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List in 2023 (aka NOT using a PDF) featuring Magan Ward
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When you invest your time and energy into growing your email list, your business can transform in so many ways. In this episode, Magan Ward is back to talk about setting realistic achievable goals for growing your email list. Plus you’ll hear about why there’s beauty in growing your email list slowly and deliberately over […]

88: The Transformation You Experience When You Invest in Growing Your Email List (featuring Magan Ward)
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As business owners, we can come up with a million reasons to do anything BUT focus on growing our email list. That’s why in episode 4 of my series on email marketing with Magan Ward, we’re diving into the most common objections to email marketing and how to navigate and overcome them. If you’re feeling […]

87: Navigating Objections About Growing Your Email List ft. Magan Ward
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Let’s bust some email marketing myths, shall we? In the third episode in our deep dive series on email marketing, Magan Ward is exploring five super common myths that might be holding you back from going all-in on email marketing. Listen in to see if any of these myths are impacting your email marketing success. […]

86: The Road to Email List Success: Undoing Popular Email Marketing Myths ft. Magan Ward
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In the second episode in our deep dive series on email marketing, Magan Ward and I discuss the many pain points associated with growing your email list. Chances are you’ve encountered at least one of these pain points before, whether it’s low conversion rates or being afraid of sounding too “salesy.” Listen in and walk […]

85: The Road to Email List Success: Overcoming the Pain Points Along the Way ft. Magan Ward
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In this episode, I’m kicking off a deep dive series on email marketing for go-getters who want to learn how to sustainably grow their email list. Joining me is Magan Ward, host of The School of Marketing Podcast. Our conversation touches on what you can expect throughout the series and the importance of nurturing your […]

84: List Nurturing and Relationship Building for Sustainable Growth for Your Small Business ft. Magan Ward
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Capturing Christmas Magic: The Importance Of Holiday Mini Sessions In The Summer by Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography As cheerful (and hot) vibes of summer surround us, it may seem counterintuitive to think about holiday photos. However, when it comes to creating unforgettable memories, it’s essential to plan ahead. One way to do this […]

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The Systems & Workflow Magic Summit is officially here! I’m thrilled for you to join me, plus 20 other summit speakers who will teach you all about the different puzzle pieces of successful email marketing and how to apply it to your own business. In this episode, I’m sharing exactly what this summit is all […]

83: The Systems & Workflow Magic Summit: Email Marketing Edition is LIVE
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So you’ve got an email list, but it just doesn’t seem to be growing. It feels like you’re reaching out to the same people over and over again, and you’re spinning your wheels. In this episode, photography business mentor and photographer Jamie Fisher is here to share her secrets for getting in front of new […]

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