Summer Family Photos at Vanderbilt University | Nashville Newborn And Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

Summer family photos at beautiful Vanderbilt University in Nashville

Summer Family Photos at Vanderbilt University

I loved getting to work with Ashley + Asher (and baby Noa) to help capture some milestone portraits of this family of 3 in gorgeous Vanderbilt University earlier this summer. Ashley and Asher actually had one of their FIRST dates in front of Garland Hall (on the bench they sat on) and so we incorporated a family photo on that specific bench (it was very cute!) It was seriously so much fun getting to know this family and I hope you enjoy getting to know them through this blog! Scroll down to read about their session with Dolly DeLong Photography!

What is your favorite thing about Noa at this current stage?

Seeing the world through our baby’s eyes… her curiosity, seeing things churning in her tiny head, her trying new things and learning new things!

She currently is obsessed with any cup we drink out of! She loves water and “drinking” – sometimes successfully, sometimes just playing with the water

It’s been hard to find certain “things” since Noa is a quarantine baby- but we’ve been trying a new thing where Saturday mornings we pick up coffee and breakfast and go to a park/somewhere outdoor together. That’s been nice to look forward to.

I schedule it out and put it on my husband’s calendar if I’m being honest. I feel like it’s just a lot of intentionality and a lot of hard work.

Amalfi Coast (w/ unlimited shopping in Italy)! I think Noa’s would be anywhere her mommy & milk is, haha!

She recently discovered how to suck from a straw!

She’s too little for TV and her own preferences, but she actually is very intrigued by things moving on the screen. Asher loves soccer, so when he has it on, her eyes are also glued to the screen! My two little football fans… it’s super cute to see.

Life is more precious, full, lovely, and scary than ever… so much to love and so much more to lose. That God is good. Compared to God’s heart for us, I can only get a tiny tiny glimpse by seeing a parent’s love for a child and my heart can barely take it… literally cannot contain it. I also have learned that I have no control over anything, which is wildly scary and freeing.

I just love the little human we made. I can’t get over it. I love seeing little things of Asher and little things of me inside her and seeing that change daily as she grows.

I feel like we’re still brand new parents, but I’d say to savor the moments of newborn life. It went by SO quickly, for better and worse! I barely have any pictures of Noa at that time and it makes me so sad. We were just surviving, and I feel like I didn’t cherish little, tiny baby Noa.

Getting to know Dolly, doing something sort of social, feeling like we were doing something special as a family for our family!

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Summer Family Photos at Vanderbilt University

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