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Are you a new photographer who needs extra inspiration to build momentum in various areas of your small business? Check out these lead magnets that will not only boost your social media presence, but they will inspire you to work on different aspects of your creative business in multifaceted ways!

The Top 10 Lead Magnets You Need To Download Today To Help Grow Your Business

If you are running the show of your own small business (solopreneur life) you probably have hit a wall a time or two in different aspects of your business. Realistically for the first year (or two) of your business, you may be wearing ALL.THE.HATS and certain aspects of your business may not seem so glamorous (#truth). If any of this resonates with you, I have created a resource library for you of my top 10 favorite lead magnets which have helped me in my own small business. They range from copywriting tips to email marketing, and all the fun things in between! Believe me, running a photography business is so much more than just taking photos, it involves at least 25 different hats at once!

Comment and let me know which of these lead magnets helped you move the needle of your small business! Looking forward to hearing about your wins!

Note: they may be captioned for photographers, but a lot of these lead magnets can be used for other creative businesses as well! Check them out! 

Total disclaimer: I receive NO benefits from sharing any of this information. I just know (and remember) how frustrating some aspects of business can be in the beginning stages/years of business and I wanted to show any new creative business owner some fun (free) resources you could be using TODAY to help move the needle of your small business. PLUS, these are great small business owners to get to know, and who knows, you may end up getting to really LOVE them (that’s my hope!)

So in no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite lead magnets for small creative business owners:

1. Need help with Instagram Captions? Emily Writes Well Has Your Back!

As a photographer, you know that sometimes just posting your visual content (your recent photos) isn’t enough. You need some creative captions to match your visual content. Look no further because Emily Writes Well has your back my friend!

103 captions of Instagram ideas for FREE…yup FREE! Stop worrying about crafting the perfect caption because Emily has your back! (click here or click on the image below to access the freebie)


2. Get Organized Using Trello For Your Business

Organize your weekly to-do’s & tackle your big picture goals using Trello! Taught by my biz mentor & overall great human, Kat Schmoyer! You CAN create a thriving photography business, but it takes an intentional step every week to conquer your photography goals!

Grab the Trello template here or click on the banner below:


3. Free Instagram Link in Bio Template From Digital Grace Design

(are you sick and tired of the awful LinkTree features that keep breaking? Well, Digital Grace Design will help transform your Instagram bio. Note: this is relevant for Showit Website Users)

Note: Digital Grace Design not only helps you transform your photography bio in Instagram, but she can also help you kick-butt with some amazing SEO training as well! So you’re going to want to get your hands on this free link and then get to know this amazing company!

Click here to access or click on the image below


4. Email Template Checklist by Ashlyn Writes

(do you already feel bogged down by what to write in your responses to your clients? Here is a free email template checklist to use today that you can start incorporating into your small business! I have personally used several of these email templates in my canned emails for my own workflows!)

Ashlyn is like my business mentor (without knowing she’s my biz mentor) so I hope this checklist inspires you to really dig into crafting amazing emails for your photography clients!

Click here to access or click on the image below


5. Metering For Flash for Film Photographers (A beginners guide)

If you are a film photographer (or hope to be soon!)—but you’re worried about losing that light, airy look that you love when the lighting isn’t the best. Natural light photography can be transitioned to any setting; light is light, after all. Check out this FREE guide by the amazingly talented Kristin Darling of KDarling Photography (a film & flash specialist who helps educate photographers not to be afraid of flash photography) This is a great introduction to all things flash photography for film.

Click HERE for the freebie, or click on the banner below:


6. The 3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Ready To Go Full-Time

Download this guide to learn the 3 tell-tale indicators that you’re ready to take the plunge into full-time entrepreneurship. *Hint: you might be more ready than you think. 

This helpful guide by fine art photographer & financial educator Kelly Grace Photography will help you navigate the financial waters today!

Click HERE or below to access the guide


7. The Ultimate Wedding Photography Questionnaire

If you are an aspiring wedding photographer who wants to learn how to give an incredible client experience, Kate Dye’s Ultimate Wedding Photography Questionnaire is for YOU! You’ll quickly learn why her clients are her “Ride & Dye” fans by the end of their wedding!

Click HERE or click on the banner to access the free download

8. The Business Growth Guide by Comfort & Cashmere

5 tips on how to gain traction for true growth for your creative business by Comfort & Cashmere. Note: these are great tips to work on during the OFF season so that you can truly gain real traction!

Click HERE or the banner below to access the free guide


9. The Creative Business Owner’s Guide to Outsourcing

By Jill Gum Photography & Education, this guide should become your go-to in helping you navigate the waters of outsourcing (wisely) like a boss! You don’t need to hire a team of 10 overnight, but you should be taking the steps to learn how to outsource in order to scale and grow your business.

Click HERE or the banner below to access this incredible freebie:


10. Getting Started With Lead Magnets: The Master Idea Guide

So you want to grow your email list but you have no idea where to even begin? Well, I have combined my love for systems & automation and I have created this ultimate guide to getting started with Lead Magnets! You’ll have access to over 20+ pages of ideas via PDF AND an online guide as well! I want you to start committing to growing your email list TODAY! You cannot build your business on the borrowed land of social media!

Click HERE or on the banner below to access the free guide



Was this at all helpful? (I really hope so!)

I have learned so much from each of these business owners, and I hope you will too!

Please leave a comment (or message me on Instagram @dollydelongeducation) if this blog post was helpful to you and your small business! My hope is that it has inspired you to continue to build up your business and continue to strive for excellence as you learn and grow!

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The Top 10 Lead Magnets You Need To Download Today To Help Grow Your Business

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Dolly DeLong is a Nashville-based family & branding photographer and a creative business owner who educates on all things Pinterest & Dubsado (and how to use these platforms as systems in your business)!  Dolly loves serving families, and business owners with her timeless, radiant photography.  And, she also loves educating other business owners on how to set up systems and workflows that will ultimately help them save time in their business.

She has a heart for serving the larger business community. Dolly shares her knowledge of tools like Pinterest, Dubsado, Email Marketing, and Business Systems with new creative business owners & family photographers in an encouraging and supportive way because she believes that even muggles can become automating wizards. Plus BONUS: Systems is where the MAGIC happens!

Dolly’s faith and love for her family motivate her to help other business owners find the joy and freedom she’s found in running a successful small business.

Whenever she has a spare moment, she enjoys watching TV (i.e. Survivor), loves eating way too many sweets, and listens to podcasts while running or walking. To work with Dolly DeLong Photography LLC, fill out her contact form here.

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