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The Revolutionary Lab: Automate Your Creative Business Today

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Automation is the best way to streamline and organize your new creative small business as a solopreneur.  
Go from a scattered creative to a streamlined boss who has clarity, organization, and efficiency in running a business. Because your first year of business should not be a disorganized nightmare!

No matter where you are in your creative business you need to learn the foundational tools you can use to build better traction so that you can start generating more leads to your business by using the powerful tools of automation with social media (for free) so that you can eventually hire out help as your revenue grows. 


are you sick of being burned out by wearing 25,000 hats to best operate your own business? are you a new business owner who has no clue where to even begin with automation processes? well the revolutionary lab helps you learn how to go from a scattered creative to a more organized and streamlined boss so that you don't lose your visionary fire.

It's true. And even more never make it successfully past year 5. In fact, most small business owners (or solopreneurs) spend their days exhausted by solving automation and task-related problems and the strain of trying to figure out how to actually RUN their business drains them and makes them lose focus on their WHY behind their business.

Did you know that over 50% of small business owners fail within 18 Months of owning their own business? 

hear me out:

You do not have to be an expert in ALL THE THINGS in order for your business to be successful (that's impossible and draining). 

However, if you are a solopreneur, it is necessary for you to have a basic understanding of how systems and automation tools work together so that you can be a better teacher and leader to your future team! 

If you are just starting out and you are already getting so drained by the processes of how your business runs and you have NO clue how to bring in leads and build your email list (for free), then you are not setting yourself up for success my friend.

Hopefully the ultimate goal of your business is to expand and grow a team. (I mean, one of my personal goals is to grow my  own team for my own small business because I do not want to always wear all the hats either!) 

You must merge the visionary side of your business to the integrative (aka the organizational) processes of how your business is run so that you can create a dynamic duo of excellence for your future. 

But it all begins with you, the owner and visionary of your business. 

I put my 10+ years of building my own business and my experiences of working in higher education to create an easy-to-follow program which is built for the new creative business owner who needs help with the foundational concepts of a streamlined automation processes.


Learn the how to put the puzzle pieces of automating your business together so you can build your business in boldness.  This means you save time in the long run, you are more confident in how systems work, and you can lay a great foundation for the future of your business because you will be more streamlined. 

There's now a solution:
The REvolutionary Lab









what if you:

i'm ready to join!

The Revolutionary Lab: Foundations for Success is all about taking intentional action to change the trajectory of your business. 

 I firmly believe that God has planted a vision and a dream within your heart to pursue something bigger. But if you do not cultivate those dreams by laying a healthy foundation of hard work, perseverance in understanding the processes of the ins and outs of your business as a solopreneur you will burn out really quickly.

If you want to work for yourself, you have to push yourself to merge both the visions of your business with the integrative and automative processes of your business while you build traction to hire out help (I mean, I didn't hire out until I was 10 years into my own creative business) (and I certainly hope it doesn't take you THAT long like it took me)! 

Listen, you will be wearing 25,000 hats while figuring out this whole business + dream thing! I know if you have the ability to be the creator of your business YOU HAVE the ability to also be an integrator of your business too!  Please do not sabotage your future by convincing yourself you are "too dumb" to figure out automation processes. 

you have a dream

This course shows you exactly how to build a confident foundation of automation processes so that you can build momentum and actually create a positive ripple effect for your new creative small business.  

But you cannot build a wildly successful business overnight (which most creative entrepreneurs assume while daydreaming).

Most solopreneurs don't understand that there are actions that they need to take NOW in order to build a healthy foundation that will help their business skyrocket over time. 

I've seen it happen time and time again...a new business owner jumps head first into the life of a solopreneur and then the reality crashes in on them that they don't fully understand the ins and outs of integrations and automations to best run their business.

because they lack either the confidence, knowledge or money to face the unknowns of what integrations and automation processes mean...they burnout and give up (or worse...year 2 looks the same as year 1) (they are always unorganized and always scattered)

oh yeah...and they are constantly complaining about it on social media yet not doing anything about it (insert eye roll).

here's why you can't afford to ignore the value of learning basic automation processes for your business...

An Introduction to the course

T.A.S.K.* Method (Framework of the course) 

How to get the most out of the course 

All the business tools I use throughout the course

Introduction + Overview Of The Course

Module 1

All about Lead Magnets (what they are & why they are necessary for a new business) (Module 2) 

How Triggers Work For Lead Magnets (Module 2)

Answering the Question of Where to Create a Lead Magnet (How To Create One) (Module 3) 

Answering the Question of What Templates To Use To Create Lead Magnets (Quickly + Effectively) (Module 3) 

An Introduction to the T of the T.A.S.K.* method:
We start with Lead Magnets and answer the question of what they are and why they are helpful for a new business. Foundations that lead into Automation.

modules 2-3

The Anatomy Of A Landing Page (Module 4) 

Answering the questions of what a landing page is, how to create one, how to leverage them to direct traffic to a new business & why they can help a new business (Module 4) 

Thank You Pages (Module 5) (what they are, why they are important, how they help continue to create a cohesive user experience, how to implement them in a new business, how to create unique client experience through a URL redirect/thank you page) 

More of the "T" of the T.A.S.K.* Method in these two Modules. 

modules 4-5

An introduction to CRMS (Dubsado) (Module 6) 

A closer in-depth look at Dubsado and all the steps a small business owner needs to take to onboard with Dubsado to begin automating their creative business (step by step tutorial videos, how-to videos, and examples galore!) (Module 6)

An introduction to Email Marketing. Answering the question of what Email Marketing is and why it is necessary (Module 7) 

Email Marketing & Flodesk (Module 7) (step by step how to begin automating email marketing) 

The heart of the course is "A" of the T.A.S.K.* Method
These two modules are all about automation and how to begin implementing it in your new creative business!

modules 6-7

An introduction to the S of the T.A.S.K. Method (Module 8)

Pinterest in your Small Business & how to onboard your business with this platform (Module 8) 

Instagram in your Small Business & how to best optimize it for your business (Module 9) 

Facebook in your Small Business & how to best optimize it for your business(Module 9) 

Blogging & Your Small Business (Bonus Module) (SEO + how to rank with keywords) 

Going over the "S" of the T.A.S.K.* method and implementing the "K" of the T.A.S.K.* framework immediately after Module 9

Modules 8-9*

next module overview >

inside the revolutionary lab, you'll find...

I specifically created this course for (you) the new creative business owner in mind because I want you to experience more joy and freedom in running your business as you build momentum to something BIGGER! You should still enjoy life while building the foundation of your new business.
Yes, You need to learn the puzzle pieces of automation processes so that you can forge ahead in confidence-and not be a slave to your small business, (and that takes work), BUT...   
The first year of owning a business should not be a scattered nightmare for you as a creative! 

so excited to have you join this course!

Join the revolution now!

Join the other small business owners who have built a healthy business foundation by taking the first step in investing in
The Revolutionary Lab.

automating your new small business starts here.

I want in!

The Revolutionary Lab is the framework you want to help you build a healthy first year of business! It is literally the first step towards building a more healthy automation foundation for your business! What is stopping you?

As a solopreneur, you feel stuck because you have to wear ALL.THE.HATS (and that sucks), yet you know you still need to learn basic foundational automation processes for your business so you're not a slave to your business

Because hopefully you have friends & family who you want to invest in and you shouldn't be tied to your business 24/7 

Because you need to learn foundational automation processes that will help generate in more leads and paying clients to your business so that you CAN build momentum and income to hire out VA's to outsource tasks (you are hopefully working smarter NOT harder)

Because you want to be a confident integrator and visionary in your creative small business and you do not want to dread running the business of your dreams (do you want to be in the same place year after year doing ALL.THE.THINGS? I don't think so

why you can no longer afford staying stuck

-Emily H, Simply Stories Podcast

I am so grateful for Dolly's Pinterest printable and specifically Module 8! She is so knowledgeable about how to make this tool work for you. Between her kind and patient teaching and the detailed checklist, I feel so much more prepared to try and dive into this world of Pinterest! And her "secret sauce" literally made my jaw drop... don't miss out!

"Between her kind and patient teaching and the detailed checklist, I feel so much more prepare!"

-Erin Fox Photo, Fine Art Photographer

"Dolly helped me take my Pinterest (Module 9) game to the NEXT LEVEL! I had never used Pinterest for my business before and I'm already seeing results after implementing just a few tactics she taught me! My overall impressions have doubled in just ONE WEEK! She has endless knowledge of SEO and Pinterest strategies, and beyond that Dolly is the sweetest, most encouraging business cheerleader! I am so thankful for her help - I 100% feel more confident and excited about my Pinterest game! Every day I get excited to open up my Pinterest account and see the direct results of this process. I cannot wait to see where this takes my business over the course of the next few months! (Referring to Module 8 of the Revolutionary Lab)

"She has endless knowledge of SEO and Pinterest strategies, and beyond that Dolly is the sweetest, most encouraging business cheerleader!"

-Emily Writes Well, Copywriter

"The Revolutionary Lab is the exact course I wish existed when I was just starting my business. Dolly lays out the foundational steps to building an email list and effectively marketing your small business in such a clear, easy-to-understand way. Even a year into running my business, I was able to learn (and quickly implement!) new strategies for improving my own marketing. If you're a newer business owner, this course is a MUST BUY." 

"If you're a newer business owner, this course is a MUST BUY." 

THE REVOLUTIONARY LAB CONNECTS YOU TO A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED BUSINESS OWNERS.  You need a community who is also starting out on square one, so it is good to have constant support and to feel safe if you have any questions. This isn't a one time course. You have lifetime access and support from this group! Plus, as I add new material (and update the program) you will always have access to everything! 


THE REVOLUTIONARY LAB TEACHES YOU HOW TO WORK LESS HOURS, BUT MAKE MORE IMPACT. Forget working yourself to the bone, with the tools in The Revolutionary Lab, you'll learn how to earn more while working less (yup, even as a Solopreneur). 


THE REVOLUTIONARY LAB TEACHES YOU FOUNDATIONAL AUTOMATION PROCESSES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Through automation and integration processes, tools, and systems you will have a literal blueprint for success.


my mission is to teach you the T.A.S.K. Method & help you confidently put the puzzle pieces of automation and integration processes together as a solopreneur so that you can have the momentum to get leads faster, earn income, and eventually have the confidence to train and hire out as you build your empire

what the revolutionary lab teaches you


Because as a new business owner, you need a simple (easy-to-follow) framework which will help you achieve goals as you start to build a healthy foundation for your creative business. 

Let's talk about your investment!

Join the revolutionary lab

and because you are a new business owner, I want your investment to not be stressful

only $397

Bonuses on Bonuses on Bonuses
Even though I'm not as cool as Oprah, I still want to ensure you walk away from this lab with Revolutionary bonuses which will transform your business

Course Notes 
Notes in each of the Module for you to print off and read along with each video

Once Monthly Facebook Lives
Personalized FB lives to go over foundational marketing topics to help you grow your business

Private Facebook Community
for support as you learn

The Revolutionary Lab
70+ online training videos

The Revolutionary lab

I want you to try ​The Revolutionary Lab: Foundations For Success at my risk. Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred bucks. So please, try The Revolutionary Lab: Foundations For Success for 30 days (even though you will finish the entire program in 14 days, I am giving you 30 days to be completely sure and utterly satisfied) I won’t take anything less!

So go ahead, buy now – you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.

*The Revolutionary Lab Team will need proof that you have gone through the entire course within 30 days for the full money back guarantee*

your investment is fully backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 

what would you do with that extra money?

-hire your own private business coach (on average a business coach can charge between $100-$1,000 per one hour sessions with a client) (let's say you need 10 hours= $1,000-$10,000 on average) 
-purchase a complete personalized branding kit (to save time from creating your own lead magnets, landing pages, thank you pages, etc) (starting at $3,000) 
-Let's say you hired a VA to set up your CRM for you do this, the initial set up fee on average is $200-$300-and that doesn't include a tutorial on how to use a CRM 
-Let's say you hired a VA to set up your Email Service Provider for you-the initial set up fee would be around $200-$300 and that doesn't include a tutorial on how to use an Email Platform
-If you want to learn the basic foundational concepts of Instagram for marketing-the average cost is $147 for an online course
-If you want to learn the basic foundational principles of Pinterest for marketing your small business-the average cost is around $350
-If you want to learn how to create content (blogging) and how to build your presence online with SEO-the average course cost is around $300 

So total you could be on average spending $5,197* on all of this.....or you can invest in the Revolutionary Lab for $397 and save $4,800*

So here is a breakdown of all the subjects we go over in the Revolutionary Lab

So I wanted to break down the average costs of other programs/alternatives which you can learn the majority of this information from, but the problem is, although these solutions are so amazing, the numbers will add up (and if you are in your first year of may be on a tighter budget!) 

the cost of other alternatives

This course is for new business owners who are on a shoestring budget, but who still need to experience a win in receiving high quality support as they build momentum and gain confidence. 

This course was designed for the business owner who feels "stuck" and doesn't understand how to merge both the visionary side and the integrative side of their business together...I've got your back because running a business SHOULD be joyful

This course is for you if you are eager to learn and apply new knowledge for your business  so you can save time

This course was designed for the brand new creative business owner who needs help in understanding automation & workflow processes (i.e. like with CRM marketing, email marketing, Pinterest, etc.) 

who is this for?

This course is not for you if you are not willing to put in the work and time it takes to finish this 2 week course and apply everything you have learned to your business. So if you are hopping from one shiny-object to the will never see results. 

This course is NOT for you if you are looking only to learn about Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Pinterest Ads (although I do go over how to advertise for FREE on social media platforms...I do not go into depth about how to Master the Art of Paid advertising...this is a beginners course for new business owners who may not have a marketing budget yet) 

This Course Is NOT for you if you are already an established business owner with a team of VA's and assistants (you are killing it my friend) 

who is this not for?

When do the live Facebook calls happen?

I schedule those once a month and they are free and open to anyone who is a part of our Private Facebook Community (for The Revolutionary Lab) (First Wednesday of every month)!

Can you guarantee results with TRL?

No business is successful overnight. But if you’re willing to put in the effort to learn what this course teaches, implement it well, and then give it time to work… you will see major changes! 

how long do I have access to the course for?

Once you purchase the course, you have LIFETIME access. Yes, LIFETIME! So, as I add new modules and create relevant content you will have access to ALL OF IT! 

What happens after I hit the buy button for TRL?

You will receive instructions from Podia (Where The Revolutionary Lab-or TRL as I like to call it-is housed). You will create a unique username/password & begin learning! 

how do I know if this is the right investment for me?

Are you a brand new business owner who has no foundational knowledge of how automation systems and processes work in your business? Then this is for you. 

do you go over the financial aspect of running a business? 

Short answer: no. I am NOT a bookkeeper or an Accountant, so I do not cover the topics of finances, taxes or anything money related in this course because everyone's finances are unique to them and their state. 

Common Qs and As:

hey dolly, i have a question...

what business tools do you use in the videos Dolly?

For training purposes, I use Showit (as my website platform), I use Flodesk (email service provider), I use Dubsado (CRM provider), Canva (Lead Magnet Creation), and Trello as examples throughout the course. I know that there are many other types of automation tools, but I wanted to start off teaching from these platforms. 
You can still apply many basic foundational automation and system organization processes to your own unique creative business, but I wanted to be super clear about what tools I will be using in the videos. 

What framework does TRL go by? 

I created my own teaching framework known as the T.A.S.K. method. It is a rinse and repeat method I have been using for my own small creative business for many years now and I implement it for my automation processes. I go through the T.A.S.K. Method with all the Revolutionary Lab Course students in depth in the modules. 

Do you offer next steps since this is a foundational course?

As a matter of fact, I do! I understand that just because you take ONE foundational course it is not the end-all-be-all, and I am a firm believer in constant education in order to best shape and grow your future. I have a strong list of highly-rated next courses which I recommend taking as you go into year 2 of your new business! (And I get NO benefit from these recommendations, these are just courses which have shaped my business)

I’m a Nashville-based family & branding photographer. In addition to my photography business, I’m also a business educator & encourager-and that's why I have created The Revolutionary Lab! 

While wearing "ten thousand" hats for my small business, I have discovered that I have a heart for serving the creative business community. 

I love automating and streamlining ALL THE THINGS in my business and all my social media with tools like Dubsado, email marketing (Flodesk), Tailwind (Pinterest), etc. I have experienced being a scattered creative to now being a more streamlined boss because of automation processes. 

Teaching lights me up and I’m so excited to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated while building a successful business over the years.

Hey, y’all! I’m Dolly!

Meet Your Teacher

— emily writes well (copywriter)


Join the revolutionary lab


only $397

Bonuses on Bonuses on Bonuses
Even though I'm not as cool as Oprah, I still want to ensure you walk away from this lab with Revolutionary bonuses which will transform your business

Course Notes 
Notes in each of the Module for you to print off and read along with each video

Once Monthly Facebook Lives
Personalized FB lives to go over foundational marketing topics to help you grow your business

Private Facebook Community
for support as you learn

The Revolutionary Lab
70+ online training videos

The Revolutionary lab


Valued at $297... yours as a bonus with The Revolutionary Lab!

*A full module on how to blog successfully for your creative small business (learn why I am now ranked on the 1st page of Google and all the steps I took to get there!) 
*learn how to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (blogging bonus-video tutorial)
*learn how to create content (blogging bonus-video tutorials)
*learn why blogging is important for your small business (video)
*step-by-step blogging PDF checklist (blogging bonus)
*receive discount codes to my favorite business tools 

When you purchase the Revolutionary Lab, these are the blogging bonuses you will be receiving

let's sweeten your revolutionary experience

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