The Essential Elements of a Proposal in Dubsado | Dubsado Expert Dolly DeLong Education

The Essential Elements of a Proposal in Dubsado | Dubsado Expert Dolly DeLong Education

The Essential Elements Of A Proposal In Dubsado1

One of the things I LOVE most about Dubsado is that they provide incredible tools to help you make your client experience even more powerful (and smooth). And when you make things easy for your clients, trust me, they’re going to love you! If you’ve never used the Proposal option in Dubsado, then today’s blog post is for you! This tool is a type of form in Dubsado that puts the power in your client’s hands to literally choose which services they want to hire you for! Today, let’s dive into what makes a proposal so powerful and a few things you can do to make a GREAT proposal for your clients! 

The Essential Elements of a Proposal in Dubsado | Dubsado Expert Dolly DeLong

Why Use Proposals?

The main reason that I love using proposals with my clients is that communication and back-and-forth contact is cut down dramatically. Because you’re combining the proposal, contract, and invoice all in one single interactive experience, you don’t have to email them four different times. I mean, what’s better than that?! From a single link, your client is able to choose which package they want, sign a contract, and even pay their invoice. Dubsado manages all of that for you! When you talk about saving time as a business owner, it’s things like this that will make the biggest difference! 

The Essential Elements of a Proposal in Dubsado | Dubsado Expert Dolly DeLong

What makes a great proposal? 

Here are some recommendations to a great proposal for your clients! 

  1. Have excellent copy in your proposal! Treat this proposal like a mini sales page for your clients. Take them on the same journey they might find on a sales page. This is your chance to have them get to know you and what you offer.
  2. Determine your packages in advance. Setup all of your packages and what they include in Dubsado before building a proposal. If you want to read about how to do that and why it’s important, check out another post HERE. This is really the foundation of your proposal! 
  3. Determine if you want your proposals to be public or private. Private is a great way to personalize your client experience per client. But, if you know the workflow will be the same no matter who it’s for, I recommend a public setting! 
  4. Attach a workflow to your proposal. This will allow your client journey to start as soon as they complete their proposal. Remember, workflows help reduce the extra work you have to do, things to remember, and keep your client journey consistent for your clients! If you’re ready to get started with workflows, click the banner below to get a jumpstart! 


Honestly, proposals are just ONE more way you can automate your family photography business. Automation is the best way to keep your sanity intact while still providing stellar customer service for your clients day after day. If you’re interested in learning more about Dubsado and getting it set up well from the start, grab my Dubsado Toolkit for family photographers! 


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The Essential Elements Of A Proposal In Dubsado

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