Every family deserves the luxury of quality family photos. Lets perfectly capture your little one's smile, the big family bear hugs, the dad jokes, and the felicity in purely being together.

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The Classic package has everything you need to capture your beautiful family with radiant photos. I’ll work with you to schedule a 45 minute session at the perfect location to fit your family. Whether at a park, in your home, or maybe your families favorite spot, we’ll have a lot of fun and make some new memories in the process. 
(*Newborn sessions begin at $400* All other sessions begin at $297*)




I am so excited to offer this brand new package. Not only does it include everything listed in The Classic, but we’ll double the shooting time. Which means a little more time for play, grab a couple of pics of mom and dad on their own, and whatever else your heart desires. 
And to all my mamas out there, here is the best part…one hour before our scheduled session, I’ll have a hair and makeup artist come to get you ready for our session together. That's right mom! No more running a curler through your hair and praying it holds up and no more doing your make up in the car because you ran out of time while trying to get everyone else ready. Included in this package is a professional who will come attend to you and lavish the same care on you that you continuously pour out on everyone else. We mom’s know we don't need much to feel our best, but when we have it, it goes a LONG way. And that, is Delightful!



Just when you thought The Delightful Package, couldn't get any better, I decided to take it a step further and include an album! We’ll have a relaxing three hours together to take photos of your loved ones, the comfort of a hair and makeup stylists to get mom ready for the shoot and the convenience of having a beautifully curated heirloom album delivered to your door. In a world that is increasingly becoming more digital, it can be too easy to leave your beautiful photos on your hard drive until you “have time” to get them printed. 
We all know that when kids enter the picture, time goes out the window. Which is why I’ll work with you to select your favorite images printed and shipped directly to you. You’ll immediately be able to display and cherish your beautiful family photos in the years to come!




 For some of you, the idea of hiring hair and makeup for yourself seems a little extravagant... It’s not. 

As a mom, I know all too well the time, effort, planning, troubleshooting and fire extinguishing that goes into everyday life…let alone family pictures. I’ve seen many family sessions where everyone is polished, happy, and ready to roll. Then I look up and see mom scrambling to slap on some makeup and desperately trying to fix her hair in the visor mirror.  

Imagine being able to nurse your little one while your hair is being gently styled. Or letting dad run point on the kids in the comfort of your own home, while someone is attending to YOU. What if you could show up to family photos relaxed, confident, and beaming? Not just “managing.”

This is why I want to serve mamas with the extra convenience of bringing in hair and makeup. It’s ok for someone to tend to you for a few minutes with the same love and intention you lavish on your family. 

Lady, you are already gorgeous, but I want to indulge you with a little self-care. I want to ensure that you are just as excited about being IN family photos, not just having family photos. While we're taking family photos, let's create an experience that EVERYONE in the family can delight in. 


What Families are Saying About the Dolly delong photography experience

The Benjamin Family

"Dolly is absolutely wonderful!! She did my maternity pictures and did a fabulous job!! I did not want to have maternity pictures taken since I have not been feeling like myself but I am so glad that I did! Dolly captured beautiful images that I will cherish forever! Dolly was so sweet and had so many amazing ideas for photos! She definitely made my husband and I feel very comfortable. She will 100% be our ONLY family photographer!"

What Families are Saying About the Dolly delong photography experience

"Dolly is the best. I am not the most photogenic person, but she was so encouraging the entire time and helped with poses so I didn’t have to worry that I was doing an awkward pose, etc. When I got the pictures back, I literally could not believe how good they were. Our family looks natural, the lighting was perfect, and I will absolutely cherish these photos forever. Not to mention, Dolly is honestly the sweetest person you will ever work with. So full of life and so loving to our two kids. Dolly, thank you for who you are and sharing your talents with our family. We love you!"

The Grady Family

What Families are Saying About the Dolly delong photography experience

"Dolly DeLong is amazing!!!! She captured my family and our personality perfectly! She was patient and was able to go with the flow of our kids. I will treasure our photos forever!!! I cannot recommend her enough."

The Millimaki Family

What Families are Saying About the Dolly delong photography experience

The burleson Family

"Dolly DeLong Photography has been our primary choice for family photographs since our first son came almost eight years ago... and we have been choosing her annually since. She has a realistic price point for actual families, and she makes it as relaxed and fun as possible for all ages. She has creative ideas of her own, and she works with our ideas too. She was our favorite choice at the beginning, and it has been amazing to see her talent progress even more through the years. I could chooses dozens of favorites from our various family Christmas photos, births, 10th wedding anniversary. I am so thankful we have these realistically beautiful relational memories. We will keep using Dolly's talents for years to come, we hope!"

Hello, I'm Dolly!

Hello, I'm Dolly and I am passionate about connecting with families to capture the magic of the season they are in. Preserving it in photos that can be treasured for years to come. Watching my own son change dramatically from day to day, I can testify how each photo of him holds precious memories. 
Lets perfectly capture your little ones smile, the big family bear hugs, the Dad jokes, and the felicity in purely being together as a family. 
There is something just so irresistible about an old family photo album. The pages filled with photos from across time. Each photo brimming with inside jokes, stories shared at the dinner table, the family car trip where someone accidentally got left behind. All of it and more comes flooding back when you look back on family photos. 
Every family deserves the luxury of quality family photos. And I would be so honored to get to work with you and your family! 

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These two are my heartbeat! As well as a constant source of inspiration and courage behind my business. As a mama, I bring the same passion and care to my client's photos as I do when I care for my family.  

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