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If you are having trouble with Facebook group engagement and are looking for tangible ways to grow your business’s presence on the online social media platform of Facebook here are five ways you can increase engagement over time.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Groups For Your Small Business by Dolly DeLong Photography1. Be Consistent

(don’t just post and ghost) Post and interact with the members who are also interactive with you in your group. This may take some time, and don’t expect overnight success. Even if ONE person responds, take the time to interact with your audience.

Being consistent also means you should have a schedule, so don’t just post randomly. In the beginning stages of your group, think about some creative ways you can engage your audience consistently (one way I do this is by hosting a monthly Facebook LIVE on the first of every Wednesday. I lead up to the LIVE event with reminders and then I follow up with links and resources about what we talked about!) Sure, I know I am a little fish in a big pond, but I want to be consistent and engaged with my small (but mighty) audience!

2. Have Industry Guests On Your Facebook LIVES

Speaking of Facebook LIVES, invite guests who are industry experts within your specific business so that they can best serve your audience as well. If they are not in the group, aks them if you can do the Facebook LIVE on their page, and that way THEIR audience sees it, and then you can save it and replay it on your business group. This may drive some of their audience to want to join your group, and build more of a like-know-and trust with you.

3. Optimize Your Facebook Cover Photo

Optimize your Facebook Group’s cover photo that communicates what the group does (here is mine for example). I have my group name, what the group does, and “click here to join if you are a brand new business owner”. I try to have a clear call to action in the photo and under the photo.  I know the group is not for everyone, but for a specific niche, so I want to make that clear. Dolly DeLong Education Facebook Group Cover Photo

4. Optimize Your Profile Picture

Make sure your profile picture is of you (the group’s owner) looking and smiling at the camera. There is a psychology behind even the initial first impression photo, and if you are looking away, or not smiling that can not be as “inviting”.

5. Update the Group’s Information

Make sure the group’s information is up to date and it communicates exactly what your group is about. Make sure you make it clear to others how best to communicate with you. Maybe think about adding some group rules so that everyone is on the same page!


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5 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Groups For Your Small Business by Dolly DeLong Photography

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