How To Define Your Entry Points Using Dubsado | by Dubsado Educator & Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

If you are curious about how to better streamline the contact form process for your small business starting by defining your entry points (where a person can contact you) is a good place to start! In this blog post, I am going to walk you through 5 different examples of how I use various platforms to streamline ONE Dubsado Lead Capture Form!

how to define your entry points using dubsado

When I say entry points, I am simply talking about the different ways a person (viewer) can fill out your contact form (or a lead capture form) to get into your world (start the process of inquiring about your services). BUT this process should be super streamlined and organized so that no matter where a person finds you, it all is smooth for your brain + business so you feel less scattered.

Here are five (5) immediate ways you can start mapping out your entry points so that your lead generation starts to funnel more potential clients your way!

And when I mention the word “funnel” in this case I am stating that if you create a lead capture form link in Dubsado (make sure that you are using the SAME link on all your platforms that you are present on). Again if it’s the same lead capture form it can be more organized and streamlined for your brain!

But,  before we begin, a good starting point is to start here (learn how to create a contact page/Lead Capture form that WOWS)

Assuming that you watched the free tutorial on how to optimize your Lead Capture form in Dubsado, I am going to share 5 ways you can start mapping out your entry points now:

Use Pinterest To Optimize An Entry Point For Your Dubsado Lead Capture Form

Curious about what I am talking about? Well, I’m all about visuals for this specific blog post, so I am going to attach a picture below. You will notice that when you upload a fresh pin, where it states destination link, that is where you can put your form so that when a viewer clicks on your link it goes straight to the top of the funnel (in your case the top of the funnel would be your lead capture form)

Image of Pinterest to show an example of where to put the destination link if a person is uploading a fresh pin on Pinterest by Dolly DeLong Education

Use Instagram To Optimize An Entry Point For Your Dubsado Lead Capture Form

Okay, before I dig into this point with a visual, I am going to step on some toes with this statement I am about to make. If you use Linktree in your Instagram, you need to ditch it immediately (I told ya I would ruffle some feathers)

I created an entire blog post about it here (about the reasons why you’re hurting yourself in the long run with using Linktree and give it a read before you judge me completely)

But if you optimize your Instagram bio to have a landing page (which you have control over & one that reflects your business well) you can put your Dubsado lead capture form in one of those links! (again check out the image below to see what I am talking about)

Image of dolly delong education's instagram to show the viewer where to put link in bio to optimize their dubsado lead capture form

Use Your Facebook Page To Optimize An Entry Point For Your Dubsado Lead Capture Form

For those of you with a small business, I truly hope you are taking advantage of having a Facebook page to promote your business in some way (yes, your main audience may be on other platforms, but from my understanding in order to have a Facebook Ads account, you do need to have a Facebook business page set up!) So on your Facebook business page make sure you put your Dubsado Contact Form somewhere on your Facebook page where your audience can easily click on to work with you!

Screenshot of A Facebook Business Page to show the viewer where to put their dubsado lead capture form

Use Your Contact Form On Your Website As An Entry Point For Your Dubsado Lead Capture Form

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I am going to state it anyway: please don’t just depend on the generic lead capture form that your website provides and assume that you’ll be notified when someone fills out your contact form. Sometimes your website may tell you, and sometimes a glitch happens, and sometimes it’s all collected there and there’s no notification unless you do some digging (but who has time to intentionally dig when you are wearing all the hats, ya know?)

So my advice is this = embed your Lead Capture form on your contact page so that you will be notified via Dubsado AND in your personal inbox that someone has filled out your lead capture form! I promise you, it’s more streamlined that way!

a screen shot of Dolly DeLong Photography's contact page on her website to show a visual example of where to embed the lead capture form on dubsado

Use LinkedIn As An Entry Point For Your Dubsado Lead Capture Form

If you have a LinkedIn profile, another easy way to streamline your inquiry process is to set up your Dubsado Lead capture form somewhere in your LinkedIn profile!

a screenshot example of a linked in profile to visually show the viewer where they could potentially put in their dubsado lead capture form on their website so it is more streamlined


And if you need a deeper visual example of what the heck I am talking about concerning different entry points when using the same Lead Capture Form in Dubsado, I have created a graphic to break it down even further (And let me add, the possibilities are endless of where you can put your Lead Capture Form but I wanted to give you 5 basic examples) (Also let me add: I am not a graphic designer by any stretch of the matter, so this was the best design I could come up with to explain, in a way, how the process looks!) 🤣

A visual example of the different points of entry for a reader to visualize if they decide to use Dubsado links on various platforms they can see that it goes to the same workflow


The Dubsado Toolkit For Family Photographers

I know I could go on and on about ALL THE COOL features about Dubsado and how to apply it to your business, ESP to your family photography business, but I will reign myself in! I truly hope that this specific blog post gave you more context of WHERE you can begin putting your contact form link (or lead capture form link) so that you can better streamline & automate your small business in more optimized ways!

If you are a family photographer who wants to have a better grasp on how to use Dubsado for your business, I am creating a resource specifically for YOU that involves the systems and workflows of Dubsado for a Family Photography business, to join the waitlist, click HERE

Dubsado toolkit for family photographers by Dolly DeLong Education a blog banner with text

Or if you are a family photographer who wants to truly dig into your own systems & workflows of your new family photography business and you are motivated to better ELEVATE your business, I offer VIP mentoring days which you can read about HERE

1:1 VIP Days for Family Photographers

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how to define your entry points using dubsado

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