The simple funnel
mini-course was made with you in mind!

You're not alone! No one is explaining "funnels" in a simple, clear way... and creating one on your own feels like an impossible task.

So you end up feeling like you need to have a team in place or be hitting $10k months before you even think about tackling funnels. But that's not true, friend!

I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are. I know all about the tech confusion and overwhelm. I've stressed out and spent countless hours watching YouTube videos to try while yelling, "What the heck even is a funnel?!"

Don't worry – I eventually figured it out and got really good at all things automation. Now the only steps  you need to take is to watch this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build out your first digital funnel!

When people start talking about funnels and automation, I get stressed out and overwhelmed.

Is this you?

"What is a funnel? I don't even know what that means!"

"I understand the basics of a funnel, but I have no idea where to get started!"

"What if I put all the time into this funnel and then I don't get any results?"

"I know that there are Funnel VIP days, but I'm not at the point in my business to invest in a VIP day and I want to see if there is a DIY route I can take!" 

When it comes to automating systems in your business, the overwhelm, confusion, stress, and fear are real. And it's true, working through each piece of a funnel, writing all the copy, and putting the tech into place behind-the-scenes is a LOT of work.

Funnel Schunnel. What does it even mean?!

I have put my very own funnel VIP day experience into this mini-course so you can go at your own pace and tackle your first digital funnel!

More confidence that you're going to bring in the right people and grow your business with ease after consuming this mini-course

A complete resource library of tools that apply to each Module

Examples of what all of these puzzle pieces looked like so that you can apply it to your biz

A mini-course that laid out all the puzzle pieces of an easy-to-create digital funnel

WHAT IF you had:

Forget the stress and overwhelm. Ditch the hours of Googling and YouTubing and trying to figure this whole funnel thing out.

I'm here to make it clear, simple, and easy in this easy-to-digest and follow mini-course. You will walk away with a strategy and roadmap to create your first digital that when you're snoozing or enjoying time with your friends and family your business is still working for you! 

it's like your very own marauder's map!

good news, creative biz owner

Grow your audience and make more sales without spending any extra time in your business

Know exactly what a funnel is and have a step-by-step guide to creating your own

Feel confident in the future of your business because you have a roadmap to optimize your offers

Be more organized, intentional, and strategic with the supplemental materials with the mini-course

Feel the utter relief that comes from having a roadmap and explanation of what a digital funnel is


A Mini-Course With One Goal: A digital Roadmap to take one of your services from scattered to automated

sounds like FUn(nel)!

the simple funnel mini-course

Just click on this link to be taken to the mini-course!
- In this course you will dive into a strategy on how to optimize the offers of your business into a digital funnel
- In this course you will learn the foundational puzzle pieces you need to put into place for a simple funnel
- Map out how each piece of content will work together to bring in leads and make $$$
- This is a go-at-your-own-pace course so you don't feel overwhelmed
- In this course you will be given supplemental materials to help you dive deeper into digital funnel creation

Ready to understand all the moving puzzle pieces of your first
(of many) digital funnels?

this is the fun part!


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-I introduce the objectives of this mini-course

(yes there are tons of ways to optimize funnels) but let's avoid the overwhelm and the confusion especially if you are brand new to funnels and here is a simple funnel you can implement in our business this week!

I will also introduce my 4-D Funnel framework and how to apply it to each module of this mini-course

Module 1:
An Introduction 


After the overview of what to expect in the course & how to navigate the mini-course in Module 1, Module 2 will start at the END (or at the BOTTOM of the Funnel)

I do this strategy in person for my Funnel VIP days so I wanted to incorporate this into the mini-course as well!

Working with the end in mind will give you more clarity & direction of how you want your funnel to be optimized

Module 2:
The Bottom Of The Funnel (Working Backwards)


The Middle of the funnel = the longest part of the client journey

This is where your prospective clients are on the journey to continue to get to know you, your business & hopefully the product and/or service you are LEADING them to !

This module is the most content rich video in the mini-course and I am so excited to introduce the vital puzzle pieces you will need for your first digital funnel!

Module 3: 
The Middle Of The Funnel


The Top of The Funnel is one of the starting points your new prospective lead will come in as they enter your digital funnel

In this module we are going to be breaking down what the "Top Of The Funnel" means

In this module we will talk about what steps you can be doing in your business to optimize this part of the funnel with organic marketing

Module 4: 
The Top Of The Funnel


A quick recap and summary of what you learned in the past modules

You will be given access to action steps and homework in the form of a downloadable PDF + task management tool (a Trello board) so that you can put your very first optimized digital funnel together

You will be given a full resource library of tools to use for your funnel

Module 5: 
Summary & Next Steps


Next Module

a peek behind the simple funnel mini-course

the modules

I'm a solopreneur, just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to save time and automate as much as possible

Creating optimized funnels to take work off your plate and bring you more leads and more sales is my superpower. 

My brain is incredible at creating smart systems and crafting workflows that work. And now you can borrow my brain in the form of a mini-course and learn one of my strategies in creating a simple digital funnel!

I'm Dolly – and I believe in the magic of automation!

Meet your systems & automations wizard BFF!


frequently asked

Woo-hoo! I'm so excited that you are interested in the simple funnel mini-course! You can purchase the class here (it's housed in Thrivecart-my education platform)

(and it's only $57!)

$57 (and since this is a digital purchase, all sales are final)

Once you pay for the mini-course ($57), you'll get instant access to the course in Thrivecart Learn. You'll have access to over 5 different modules of my simple funnel strategy videos (broken down by the part of the funnel) and you'll also have instant access to the supplemental materials which accompanies this mini-course (A PDF workbook & a task management board-Trello) 

No. Even though I will teach you and show you all the tech and tools you will need to optimize the funnels of your offers but I cannot guarantee your success. Optimizing your funnels takes time. In the videos I share that I like to optimize my own funnels every 90-120 days, so there is a lot of work that goes into tweaking steps of a funnel. 

Ah, that is so awesome you are ready to take the next step in optimizing your funnels even more! I would love to work with you for a more personalized VIP Funnel day experience. To read about my Funnel VIP days, click here. 

Short answer, no! That's plagiarism! If you have been inspired and have grown in this area of your business, then by all means def use this material as inspiration but do not copy it! Your future students will thank you and appreciate you more if it's more authentically YOU. 

Great question! Since I am teaching a mini-course, I had to find a video-hosting platform which allowed me to upload my videos and resources all in one place and Podia is an incredible platform. 
Once you purchase the mini-course you'll get instant access to the course & you'll get a separate email with your login information. Save & bookmark that email!


-instant access to all the videos in Thrivecart (to go at your own pace)

-instant access to a task management tool (Trello) which will help you house all the funnel pieces

-a 34 page workbook to use when watching the mini-course

-and so much more! (my VIP days run for $750 so if you're looking for a more DIY version, here is a solution) 



The digital roadmap
(aka the mini-course)

Ready to Begin?

i cannot wait to give you a roadmap in learning how to optimize your first digital funnel!

best value!



Knowing I don't have to spend valuable time and energy trying to learn about funnels takes so much stress off my plate! FINALLY a resource with step-by-step instructions!

I'm ready to feel the sweet relief of automating my business