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but have no clue how to plan out the next 2-3 months to prime your audience?

do you have a big service or product you want to launch...

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It’s not just you. Five- and six-figure launches look easy… but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to make those possible.
Don’t worry – I’m here to be your launch BFF and strategist. 

Are You Overwhelmed By
ALL the Moving Pieces 
That Are Part of a
Successful Launch?

launching can be complicated...

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You’ve tried to figure this all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together.  It feels like you've tried everything...

The thing is, most business owners don’t even know what those puzzle pieces are (or mean) or have any idea how to make each piece work together. 

And there’s supposed to be a strategy connecting it all?! Too much!

That’s where I come in. As your Launch BFF + Strategist, I look at your end goal – to relaunch an existing offer or launch a new service or product – and work backwards to map out a clear, effective plan to get you exactly where you want to go. 

Every launch, big or small, is made up of hundreds of intentional puzzle pieces.
(and honestly it can feel overwhelming if you are navigating these waters all by yourself) 


Maybe you’ve launched an offer before, only to be met with lackluster sales or just crickets. 

It’s frustrating, disappointing, and you feel like a failure. 

This is just part of business! It’s not your offer. It’s not you. It’s your launch plan… or lack thereof. 

Instead of throwing something out there and crossing your fingers someone buys…

✓ A customized roadmap that shows you every step of your launch

✓ A one-stop-shop (we can connect you with tech and copy pros!) to take care of it all

✓ A clear, effective marketing strategy in place 

✓ Complete confidence that you’re working with a launch expert who is focused on your business and goals

I plan strategic, effective launches like it’s my job
(because it is) 

good news, creative entrepreneurs...


-Kristin Darling

I could never have gotten my sh*t-I mean act-together if it hadn't been for Dolly's genius!  She helped me create a workflow to launch my course that was creative and strategic yet straight forward and easy to execute. Dolly's mind works in mysterious ways seeming to always be several steps ahead of solving the puzzle of a workflow and funnel strategy. 

I could never have gotten my sh*t-I mean act-together if it hadn't been for Dolly's genius!

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That’s why  I  created  this easy-to-follow, step-by-step  vip experience -

I hear you.

there can be lots of questions and confusion when considering an investment & experience like this.

What if I do want to launch a product or service but it's not fully finished yet?

What if I have already launched a product or service and it totally failed...will this vip experience really help me out? 

Well, I've already invested in other resources & tools that have promised to help me with planning out a launch, what makes YOU different?

You might be asking yourself questions like...

This sounds like a dream, but you might be wondering if this will actually work for you?

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One Day, One Goal: A comprehensive road map to launch (or re-launch) your next offer, service, or product.

A Launch Planning Day

it's time for

Planning a successful launch takes a lot of forward-thinking and backwards-planning.
You’re the expert in your business, I’m an expert planner.
When we combine our superpowers, nothing is impossible. 

Get ready to have the best launch of your life! 

- rohana olson

Dolly is amazing! The 1:1 session I had with her helped me to map out what I needed to get done for my launch. The whole 90 day strategy was a game changer in my business and I was no longer looking at a blank screen trying to figure out what my STRATEGY was to optimize my offers. If you need to get your systems, workflows and strategies together of your offers, Dolly is your gal!

If you need to get your systems, workflows and strategies together of your offers, Dolly is your gal!

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So What Exactly Is a Launch Planning Day?

 ❌A tech setup day where I build out your funnel or tech stack

 ❌Copywriting for the included emails, social media captions, pillar content, or sales page

❌Offer creation or market research – you don’t have to have a finished product, but you do need to know what it will be and who you are selling to

❌Done for you. I actually will create the strategy with you

It is NOT...

 ✅Working backwards to YOUR specific goal

 ✅ A clear roadmap of how to put each piece of the launch puzzle into place

✅ Shows you everything that leads up to your launch

✅A custom blueprint that ensures each step happens in the right order

 ✅Your key to a successful, low-stress launch

It is...

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It Takes a Team to Launch Your Dream

Your Launch Planning Day includes a comprehensive blueprint for your launch.
If you want to add on additional services – for things like tech and copywriting – we can create a custom package for you that includes services and support from our in-house team! 

Want a pro to figure out your tech stack and connect all the pieces of your launch plan? We’ve got you! Our resident expert makes the whole process smooth as butter.


Need someone to write clear, compelling copy for your emails, sales page, and pillar content? Let our in-house copywriter take the words off your plate. 


Looking for some DIY help with putting your strategic launch plan into action? Check out the Systems and Workflow Magic Shop for everything you may need!



We’ll start with a 15-minute chat to make sure you have an offer in place or in mind and see if this service is a good fit for you and your business.
I will be asking you a lot of questions about your pillar content, your offers, and your business. Overall, I want to make sure that when you invest in this VIP day, you’re prepared to put in the time to do the work!

consultation call


Throw that confetti in the air! It’s time to get to work! After our consultation call, I will send over a contract for you to sign, we’ll discuss the date we will meet (via Zoom or in person), and you will pay your session fee for your Launch Planning Day. I will also be sending you homework your way to fill out (and yes, it must be completed by the time we meet).


book your launch planning day


This can be overwhelming, but that’s okay! I’m a seasoned pro and I’ll walk you through each step of the process. We will hit the ground running by going through your homework and mapping out your custom launch plan. This is my most favorite part of the process! By the end of our day together, you will have a roadmap of every puzzle piece that’s part of your launch. 

launch planning day is here!


Of course the planner inside of me knows that throwing you into the deep end with your newly created launch plan will feel a bit daunting, so I will do a follow up with you to make sure you are staying on track and to see how I can help support you! 

follow up meetings? yes!


Let's say after your VIP experience you realize you actually do WANT and NEED help with tech set up and/or you need help with copy for your landing pages, nurture sequences, etc. Then let me know so that I can have my in-house team serve you in those specific ways! We will make sure to get you those needed items in time for your launch (within reason of course) 

want to add on any additional services?


Awww, that's awesome you are interested in booking this type of VIP experience with me (I am honored)! So just so you know (in full transparency) I tend to book out 2-3 months at a time. So if you have a specific service or product that you want to launch, and it's at least 6 months down the line, let's chat! 

so...I want in!

What's included?

This is the work that’s happening behind the scenes of those “easy” and successful launches
you’re seeing people brag about on social media. 

Just because this process is hard does not mean it’s not worth doing.

➡️ it starts with you shifting your mindset about time and looking at it from a different perspective (esp if you have always struggled with meeting deadlines)

➡️ it starts with you prioritizing what is important to you in your business (aka you cannot literally do ALL.THE.THINGS.) 

➡️ it starts with you taking ownership by following through on your vision (that WILL take 2, 3, 4, even 5 months to fully flesh out and launch) (and sadly many business owners lack the long-term planning to stick with it because it feels "boring")

even though i know (and believe) that with strategic planning a launch can be "successful", it really starts with you...

My brain is incredible at creating smart systems and planning launches that work. And now you can borrow my brain and put it to work for your own business! Let's get started! 

Being strategic with my time, energy, and launching is my superpower.

I'm a solopreneur, just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to plan every move! 

I'm Dolly – and I believe in the magic of planning!

- grace paul photography

Dolly worked with me to map out a launch and I can not say enough good things about her! She is kind, professional, and extremely knowledgable. She took all of my hopes and dreams and gave me the ultimate roadmap to help get my offers out into the world and to the right people. I could never have done this launch without her encouragement and expertise. 

She took all of my hopes and dreams and gave me the ultimate roadmap to help get my offers out into the world and to the right people

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Woo-hoo! I'm so excited that you are interested in a strategic launch planning day with me! You can sign up HERE to fill out my contact form and then I will be in touch with you to work on your next steps (like setting up your VIP day, etc.) 

Great question! The Strategic Launch Planning VIP Experience is $1200 this includes: Consultation with Dolly, Half-Day Strategy + Mapping Session, Custom Launch Blueprint for You to Implement & Intentional Marketing Plan (This price does NOT include Copywriting & Tech Set up) 

Great question! If you decide after your VIP experience with me that you actually do want a copywriter to help you out with the copy pieces of your different puzzle pieces for your launch and/or you decide you actually need someone to help you out with the tech side of things (aka tech set up) you can work with my in-house team (The Systems RX and EmilyWritesWell)! I'm not just handing you off to someone random, these are industry pros!

I don't want you to show up to your VIP day with no game plan. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love mapping out a good strategy for a strategic launch. But I'll send over a full questionnaire asking you about this service (or digital product) launch you have in mind. Let's say you already have it in place (great) I still will have questions to ask you so that we don't waste time on the actual strategic planning day. I want to jump straight into planning with you on your VIP day so that we can cover a lot of groundwork! 

Yes, there are two payment plans. 1) pay in full 2) two payments 
Either way, a 50% deposit is required to save your VIP date

Awwww...aren't you cute!!!! I wish I could literally wave a magic wand over every launch I planned out, but there is literally no guarantee for anything in life. I do my best to help you plan ahead so that you can execute a good launch with ease, but there are so many factors to consider like: your audience size, your energy, the time you give yourself to launch (runway), your offers, your audience's wants/needs, your content, literally so many factors (but we go over all of those puzzle pieces for your VIP day)

So, even though you and I will be working together to map out your next launch for your service (or digital product) you actually will be the one doing the work of SEEING THIS THROUGH for the next 2 to 3 months. Yes, we are building out a launch runway/roadmap for you to use. Yes, this is intensive. Yes, there are a lot of moving puzzle pieces. Yes, this is going to be hard. And Yes, many business owner's have disco ball syndrome and their vision does fizzle out because there's no follow through. Please don't be that stat! You CAN do hard things and follow through with your launch plan.


- emily conley (emilywriteswell)

The seven million ideas that lived in my brain and constantly stressed me out are now written out, clearly connected, and worked into an overall strategy. 
I have never felt more purposeful and powerful! I really feel like I could take on the whole world at this point! 
One VIP half-day and BOOM! 

I have never felt more purposeful and powerful!

the reviews

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(please note: this service does book out 2-3 months in advance)

Consultation with Dolly
Half-Day Strategy + Mapping Session
Custom Launch Blueprint for You to Implement
Intentional Marketing Plan


We’ll discuss your specific needs and additional services based on your launch goals.

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The Launch Planning Day

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