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You're not alone! No one is explaining "funnels" in a simple, clear way... and creating one on your own feels like an impossible task.

So you end up feeling like you need to have a team in place or be hitting $10k months before you even think about tackling funnels. But that's not true, friend!

I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are. I know all about the tech confusion and overwhelm. I've stressed out and spent countless hours watching YouTube videos to try while yelling, "What the heck even is a funnel?!"

Don't worry – I eventually figured it out and got really good at all things automation. Now you don't have to spend your precious time researching and trying to figure this out...

When people start talking about funnels and automation, I get stressed out and overwhelmed.

Is this you?

"What is a funnel? I don't even know what that means!"

"I understand the basics of a funnel, but I have no idea where to get started!"

"What if I put all the time into this funnel and then I don't get any results?"

When it comes to automating systems in your business, the overwhelm, confusion, stress, and fear are real. And it's true, working through each piece of a funnel, writing all the copy, and putting the tech into place behind-the-scenes is a LOT of work.

Funnel Schunnel. What does it even mean?!

That's why i'm putting my expert skills to work for you!

Complete confidence that you're bringing in the right people and growing your business with ease

Lead magnets, email sequences, and sales offers that worked together on their own

An expert working behind-the-scenes to tackle your tech and show you how to put it all together

A customized roadmap that showed you every single piece of the funnel you need 

WHAT IF you had:

Forget the stress and overwhelm. Ditch the hours of Googling and YouTubing and trying to figure this whole funnel thing out.

I'm here to make it clear, simple, and easy. With different levels of support to meet your needs and your budget, you can walk away with a well-oiled leads and sales machine that works for you... even while you're snoozing or enjoying time with your friends and family!

no team. no tears. just you & me creating magic.

good news, solopreneurs

-Kristin Darling

I could never have gotten my sh*t-I mean act-together if it hadn't been for Dolly's genius!  She helped me create a workflow to launch my course that was creative and strategic yet straight forward and easy to execute. Dolly's mind works in mysterious ways seeming to always be several steps ahead of solving the puzzle of a workflow and funnel strategy. 

I could never have gotten my sh*t-I mean act-together if it hadn't been for Dolly's genius!

the reviews

Work with an expert who will help you create a marketing plan that works – and doesn't take ages

Grow your audience and make more sales without spending any extra time in your business

Know exactly what a funnel is and have a step-by-step guide to creating your own

Feel confident in the future of your business because you have a roadmap to your goals

Be more organized, intentional, and strategic

Feel the utter relief that comes from having a clear plan and automations in place


Four hours, One goal: A 90-day Roadmap to take one of your services from scattered to automated


the funnel strategy session

We'll jump on a Zoom call and together, we will...
- Create a 90-day roadmap for one (or two) of your businesses offers 
- Choose the right lead magnets and offers for your funnel (of that offer)
- Map out how each piece of content will work together to bring in leads and make $$$
- Make sure all of your content is on-brand
- Get creative with repurposing & stretching out the content you already have to save you time 
- Outline the tech required so it's less stressful and easy to put together

Ready to automate?

this is the fun part!


Not Ready for a Strategy Session?

check out other offers in my shop & Podcast which can help you go from scattered to streamlined in various aspects of your business!

Choose from a number of my proven templates to help you create your own funnels, workflows and systems of various aspects of your business! BONUS also learn how to optimize your content!


Learn the power and magic behind automation, funnels, and systems in the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast. Shows release once a week! Subscribe here! (Coming December 2021)

Podcast 🎙

You don't need a team to be in control of your finances. Get access to the financial system I've used –and loved – for years!


The first step is for you to reach out to me and book a 15-minute consultation call to see if this is a good fit for you and your business. 
I will be asking you a lot of questions about your pillar content, what your offers you have, how long you have been in business, and overall, I want to make sure that if you are going to invest in this VIP day, you will put in the time to do the work!

Onboarding Call To See If This Is A Good Fit For You


After our initial 15-minute call, if you determine this is the best fit for your business I will send over a contract for you to sign, we will discuss the date we will meet (via Zoom or in person), and you will pay your session fee for the 1:1 Funnel Strategy day!
I will also be sending you homework your way to finish for your 1:1 VIP Funnel Strategy Day (and yes, it must be completed by the time we meet) 

Throw that confetti in the air! Let's book your 1:1 Funnel Strategy day!


I will be very intentional about coming to the meeting at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule so that we can have some small talk & just get our heads ready for the next 4 hours! 
We will hit the ground running by going through your homework and deciding which funnel of your offer/service in your business you want to optimize from top to bottom. This is my most favorite part and by the end you will have a roadmap of what steps to work on in the next 90 days to optimize not just this funnel but several other services! 

Your 1:1 Funnel Strategy Session Day is HERE & It's ALL Good!


NEXT step

A PEEK INTO THE 1:1 vip funnel strategy session

the process

- rohana olson

Dolly is amazing! The 1:1 session I had with her helped me to map out what I needed to get done for my launch. The whole 90 day strategy was a game changer in my business and I was no longer looking at a blank screen trying to figure out what my STRATEGY was to optimize my offers. If you need to get your systems, workflows and strategies together of your offers, Dolly is your gal!

If you need to get your systems, workflows and strategies together of your offers, Dolly is your gal!

the reviews

I'm a solopreneur, just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to save time and automate as much as possible

Creating optimized funnels to take work off your plate and bring you more leads and more sales is my superpower. 

My brain is incredible at creating smart systems and crafting workflows that work. And now you can borrow my brain and put it to work for your own business! Let's get started! 

I'm Dolly – and I believe in the magic of automation!

Meet your automations wizard


frequently asked

Woo-hoo! I'm so excited that you are interested in a strategic funnel session day with me! You can sign up HERE to fill out my contact form and then I will be in touch with you to work on your next steps (like setting up your VIP day, etc.) 

Great question! These VIP Days are $750, and you can either make a one time payment of $750 OR you can make two payments before your actual VIP Day of $380.

Once you sign your contract, pay your invoice and work on your VIP day homework, you will meet with me for a 4 hour in person (or ZOOM) meeting. We will go over ALLLLLLL of your offers/services within your business & then you will determine which service (offer) you want to optimize from top to bottom (so we will dissect your offer to see what parts need to be optimized, and which parts can be automated) (ideally I would love to do 2 offers for you, but we have 4 hours together) 

No. Yes, I will teach you and show you all the tech and tools you will need to optimize the funnels of your offers but I am not going to be your VA after your VIP day. Once we meet, our session ends at the end of the allotted time frame.  If you want to book me for another VIP day, you can! 

Short answer-hah no! Not, unless you're Beyonce! But in all seriousness, this is a strategy session which we are implementing in the next 90 days for your business. Marketing and Strategies are constantly evolving and changing, and no one is guaranteed overnight success. It takes patience, and time to grow a business. 

Short answer, no! That's plagiarism! If you have been inspired and have grown in this area of your business, then by all means def use this material as inspiration but do not copy it! Your future students will thank you and appreciate you more if it's more authentically YOU. 

Great question! Since we only have a limited amount of time together 
 (4 hours actually goes by super fast) I am going to send you a pre-VIP day questionnaire which you will fill out  that answers a lot of questions about your business & your offers you want to launch! Believe me, if you skip this part you are going to run out of time to optimize your funnels for the actual strategy day! 

- emily conley (emilywriteswell)

The seven million ideas that lived in my brain and constantly stressed me out are now written out, clearly connected, and worked into an overall strategy. 
I have never felt more purposeful and powerful! I really feel like I could take on the whole world at this point! 
One VIP half-day and BOOM! 

I have never felt more purposeful and powerful!

the reviews


If you are not yet at the point where you want to invest in a VIP day, but you still want to learn about funnels check out this go-at-your-pace
 mini course

DIY route



The simple funnel


Consultation with Dolly
4 hour strategy 1:1 VIP day session
Map out your launch (8 weeks out)
What Content Do you Need?
What email sequences will you need?
What Funnels Will Need To Be Created?
How & Where To Show Up
(A complete launch roadmap)




The roadmap session


Consultation with Dolly
4 hour strategy 1:1 VIP day session
-everything from the roadmap session with Dolly AND
-Angela Tan of the Systems RX will put together your funnels for you for this offer
-You will have a copywriter put your email sequences together for you




I want everything

Ready to Begin?

i cannot wait to work with you!

best value!

let's work together!

Knowing I don't have to spend valuable time and energy trying to learn about funnels takes so much stress off my plate!

I'm ready to feel the sweet relief of finally mapping out a strategic launch plan complete with the systems and funnels I need to put into place! Gimme that roadmap!