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Creative Copy Writing Tips from Emily Writes Well

creative copy writing tips from Nashville copywriter Emily Writes Well

Having attention-grabbing copy is vital for your small business as you build your online presence. In this interview, I talk with Emily Writes Well (A Creative Copywriter based in Nashville, TN) about some basic tips and tools she encourages other business owners to utilize to best grow their own VOICE online.  


For the entire month of May, I am excited to announce that I am going to be highlighting different small businesses that help make a positive impact on various companies and other small businesses throughout the United States and even throughout the world. Being a business owner myself, I want to take a moment to shine a light on other businesses because I am hoping that they will point my readers and viewers to valuable resources that could potentially help move the needle to bigger goals and dreams! Today I am SO excited to introduce you all to MY copywriter, Emily Writes Well!


1. What is the official name of your business? And How long have you been in business?

Emily Writes Well, and I have been in business for under 1 year!


2. Who do you serve specifically?

I write for women entrepreneurs who are creative, purpose-driven, and brave enough to dream BIG. I serve women who know the value of their unique voice, even if they aren’t exactly sure how to use it.


3.  For your own business, what specific business tools do you enjoy using to help promote the growth of your business?

My favorite tools are Canva, Dubsado, and Trello! I love how easy-to-use Canva is for people (like me) who aren’t graphic designers by nature. And Dubsado makes it easy to keep everything organized and on schedule on the backend of my business. I’m obsessed with the simplicity of Trello. It doesn’t have all the options and extra things that other project management tools might have, but that’s what I like most about it. It’s clean and straightforward and helps me keep track of the 5,335,244 ideas, projects, and deadlines constantly floating around in my head!


4. Where is your business located? (do you serve a specific location OR are you available for others to work with you? online/digitally?)

I live in Nashville, TN, but I serve clients worldwide!


5.  What drives you to be the best in your industry or field?

So often I see business owners who have serious talent, skills, or motivations, but they just aren’t communicating their value clearly and effectively. It truly breaks my heart! I’m driven by a desire to help every single entrepreneur I work with shine their unique, dazzling light in the business world.  I’m obsessed with helping women tap into their true voices and use their personalities to help them connect with their audiences (despite the distance). I believe that being different is an asset, and I use my skill with words to help others embrace their true selves and show their dream clients exactly why they are the right person to help them!


6.  If you could give anyone a tangible (or actionable) tip that they could apply to their business TODAY what would your actionable step be? 

Reread everything you write before you post it! Captions, blog posts, emails, website copy… all of it. Read it slowly and out loud. Listen to see how the words flow. Are your sentences too choppy? Is it hard to follow your train of thought? If you have to puzzle through something you wrote yourself, it will be even more confusing for a stranger. Take time to edit for clarity and meaning. 
Ruthlessly cut the fluff from your website copy. Don’t use 6 words when 2 will do. Use more contractions. Tell people exactly what you want them to know and nothing more. The average website visitor only gives you 37 seconds of their time. Make the most of that time by getting straight to the point and being super clear. Take out all the superfluous “that”s and “very”s. 

7.  Where can people find you?



Growing your online presence depends on writing captivating copy that helps visitors become paying clients. You only have 37 seconds (on average) to grab the attention of your reader, so it’s super important to either invest in an excellent copywriter or learn to write engaging and effective copy! Use your 37 seconds wisely and hook your readers with killer copy! 

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creative copy writing tips from Emily Writes Well


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Dolly’s faith and love for her family motivate her to help other business owners find the joy and freedom she’s found in running a successful small business.

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