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I help family photographers like you learn how to set up & elevate their Dubsado account so that they can scale their business with this powerful platform. Sign up for a Dubsado VIP Experience Today!

A 3 phase onboarding experience for ambitious family photographers who want to save time, elevate their client experience & streamline their business with Dubsado.

Dubsado Vip experience intensives for hard-working family photographers

A Dubsado family photography VIP Experience Intensive is a done-with-you (and done for you) strategy session that helps you set up an intentional & fully branded family photography workflow that is unique to YOUR family photography business. It is a no-fluff experience from start to finish. After two weeks, you will leave with your Dubsado account set up, one workflow set up, all of your necessary forms branded to your business, and most importantly a better understanding of how to use Dubsado so that you can use it in confidence as you continue to grow your own family photography business. 

would you agree if i told you that what you need is strategy in setting up a streamlined client journey from start to finish so that you can save time and serve more clients?

would you believe me if I said you already have the skills you need to grow your family photography business in mightier ways this year?

Strategic workflows & confidence with using dubsado (finally)!

you have your foundation set up in dubsado & you have more clarity in how to use it

purposeful & strategic time to focus on money making ACTIVITIES for your business

confusion & frustration with dubsado (you want to throw your hands in the air)

scattered with where to begin in dubsado

wasted & unfruitful time in your family photography business


Go from

being lost in a sea of inquiries (you feel behind because you cannot keep up in your inbox) 

being on top of mind to all of your leads (because of automation baby!!!) 

Emily Writes Well


•Your Dubsado VIP Set Up Experience will be broken into 3 phases and it will start with us meeting via Zoom (or in person) (Phase 1 to discuss your goals) 

We will have a pre-scheduled onboarding call to go over all the items I will need to create a fully branded & customized workflow experience for you (don't worry, I will have everything organized for ya!) (This will be Phase 2) 

• Once your pre-homework is complete I will put together your first workflow, brand your forms and set up your Dubsado! (This will be Phase 3) 

•Don't worry, I'll be recording all of my steps because I want you to walk away with confidence that you can repeat these same actions over and over...just in case you cannot book another VIP day!


• A done-with-you 3 phase session where you will learn how to use Dubsado for your family photography business (3 phases means, we will do an onboarding call, the 2nd phase will be creating your unique workflow, and the 3rd phase will include me putting it all together for you!)  

• Your family photography business will be fully integrated & onboarded into Dubsado 

• Your family photography business will have all of the necessary forms, emails, contracts & questionnaires uploaded, aligned + branded to fit your business

You will have one workflow set up and it will include a loom tutorial on how to apply this to other workflows in the event you decide to expand your offerings and services in the future

Dubsado Set Up Services Include:

behind the scenes of my teaching framework

 As stated, I will record the majority of my steps & processes so that you will walk away with a library of videos + resources to rewatch if you need to create another workflow

• You will receive the bonus video of my content creation Masterclass so that you can begin creating content that attracts the RIGHT clients your way (so that you can serve them with family photography) 

• You will receive branded Dubsado templates to use for your family photography business 

We will have a 1 month check in after you have implemented everything in your business (so that if we need to make any adjustments we can) 

• You will walk away with instructions on how to set up your own mini-session day just in case your family photography business focuses on mini-sessions!

additional resources:


You have more time back to concentrate on other areas of your family photography business...and guess what? You are actually making MORE money now & you have MORE time back! WHAT? 


You invest in a Dubsado VIP experience & over the course of 2 weeks Dolly does a done with you & done for you Dubsado experience that not only sets up your Dubsado but you have 2 main workflows set up! 


Holy Moly-Who's this Dolly DeLong and why is she such a wizard at Dubsado? Is it because she's a kind Hufflepuff? How can she help me? 


Again you feel like you're back at square one and everything feels scattered


You've heard about Dubsado and how much it streamlines & automates you buy it...but now what?


You are trying to DIY everything in your family photography business


You're having the best time building out your family photography business realize you are in over your head


You've started your family photography business (hobby to business) 

Your dubsado vip experience


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don't ya think it's time to streamline & automate your family photography business with dubsado so that you actually have real time back to work on other aspects of your business?

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