Dolly DeLong Photography Wedding Recommendations: 5 Steps To Ensure You Have the Most Picture Perfect “First Look” With Your Groom

A lot of Brides debate whether or not they should do a first look to see their groom before the ceremony, or if they should stick with tradition and see their beloved as they walk down the aisle. Well, Elizabeth decided to do a first look with Kevin at their destination wedding in Lansing, West Virginia over Easter weekend, and it came with a twist! She wanted to follow the 5 steps that would ensure she had an amazing picture perfect first look with her love, Kevin. Are you interested in finding out what these “Picture Perfect 5 Steps” are? Well, it’s a good thing you’re here my friend, because I will share ALL the secrets with you!


  1. In order to ensure you have a picture perfect first look, make sure you have already said “YES” to an impeccable and gorgeous dress which will WOW your groom when he first lays eyes on you!


2. Backless wedding dresses add a soft romantic touch to your already picture-perfect day. Indulge yourself, ladies!



3. Your Groom has already waited for you to get ready for about 10 hours at this point, so why not whisper sweet nothings into his ear to prolong the first glance? What will your sweet whispers be?!?

4. To ensure the best entrance, always wear a mask as an element of surprise! It’s like a masquerade party specifically for you! 

5. Finally, it’s okay if the groom turns around and screams, it is all because you are radiating so much beauty he can’t even handle your breathtaking presence. As the band, Berlin so adequately puts it “Take My Breath Away”! 


Okay okay, so this wasn’t actually Kevin and Elizabeth’s first look, but Elizabeth had secretly planned this special and funny first look with one of her good friends, Brian, months in advance, and I learned that Brian lost 10 pounds to fit into this dress! (I’m married, and I didn’t even lose weight for my own wedding!)  Goodness, Brian DESERVES an award of true friendship for sure! This hysterical first look was one of the funniest moments I have ever helped capture at a wedding, and it just solidified the fact that Elizabeth and Kevin were the COOLEST bride and groom to work with!

If you are wondering, here is the REAL First Look (and Kevin was relieved to see it was actually his sweet Elizabeth)!

Thanks for reading! I’ll post Kevin and Elizabeth’s actual wedding in a blog post in the next week or so! If you are wondering where they had their wedding, check out Adventures on the Gorge!

Dolly DeLong is a wife to a super cute computer nerd, mama to a little drool machine, and a destination wedding and luxury family photographer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Even though she loves all things social media,  Dolly was born in the mid-80s, so she likes to stress to people she is not a Millennial, and she remembers dial-up internet from when she was in high school. Whenever she has a spare moment, she enjoys watching TV (i.e. Survivor), eating way too many sweets, and listening to podcasts while running or walking. To work on a collaboration with Dolly DeLong Photography, please email her at or fill out her contact form here.


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