Dolly DeLong Photography: A Summer Morning Photography Session with Grammy + The Grandkids in Bozeman, Montana in Bogert Park

In Proverbs 17:6(a) it states “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged” Glenda is a perfect Grammy to her 5 grandchildren, and like the verse in Proverbs, she adores her grandbabies like they are a ‘royal crown’ to her.  When I made plans of coming to Bozeman earlier this Fall, Glenda reached out to me to see if I could do a mini session featuring all of her beautiful grands. I was very excited about meeting them all because I have not been back to Bozeman since 2006, so it was great seeing them all grown up (and love on their Grammy). Plus, interesting fact about me, Glenda’s mom (Carol) helped raise me when my mom first came to America in 1984.  Carol stood in as my “Grandma” and for the longest time, I actually thought she was my REAL grandmother until someone told me she actually wasn’t (and of course, my mind was blown)! (I guess I would have eventually figured it out since my mom is Indian and I would have started questioning why my Grandma wasn’t Brown as well! LOL!) Also, since Glenda’s mother helped my mom out in raising me, that meant that Glenda was around as well (and she was actually present in the room when I was born in 1984) so Glenda knows me VERY well! (If Ty and I were to have a baby girl, we probably would name her after Carol, to be honest! So when I found out I was having a boy, I could not think of masculine names of Carol, so if God ever blesses us with another child, and it is a girl, I really want to honor one of the best people in my life by naming our daughter after her!) I love Glenda and her family so much and I have enjoyed watching her family grow through the years. I really believe that Glenda models being a Christ-like Grandparent (or Grammy) to her Grands very well. She has a very tender, compassionate and giving heart (just like her Mother) and I know she wants what is best for all of her loved ones. Glenda (and family) thank you again for allowing me to step into your lives for a brief moment while I was visiting Bozeman earlier this September! I love you and I hope we can continue to stay in touch! Thank you also for the delicious donuts you gifted me at the end of this session, it was a perfect treat! Hope you can enjoy these sweet pictures of your Grands!

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